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The October 2017 BFP Thread

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    Image result for Welcome to octoberWelcome to a brand new month ladies and our new thread for this month. :heart: :heart: September 2017 was a great month. I’m sure some of you will agree with me :yes:   :yes: The showers of :bfp: :bfp:   were so real, unexpected but absolutely welcome.

    Well, we are in a new month and very hopeful that the showers will continue.


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    Good morning lovely ladies.

    It’s a Tuesday and the first Tuesday in the month of October. Of course,  we are fasting and praying concerning our TTC moms, our pregnant mamas and everyone else.  We ask for God’s perfection of all the good works He has started. All our innermost desires will come to manifestation in the name of Jesus. Amen!

    cc: @nicole @diamondsblings @mummyt @smiley @harrys-queen  @nekky @bally @noredia @mamaz @ldike @adaoraa  @thisyrismyyr @aadetoyin  @missirregularversion  @emaimo@diana @afolake @nicole @foodprefect @odum @holychick @bosa

    Have a beautiful day :heart:



    :heart: Amen and Amen sis @oluwakemine.






    Amen! May the Good Lord hear our prayers today and always!


    Eneyi Adebiyi

    Ameeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! :yes:



    Hey there, Eneyi  @missirregularversion gorgeous! How is you?   :friends:



    Eneyi @missirregularversion, Amen. How are you doing?



    Image result for motivation for infertile women today

    Hello ladies. Hope you had a beautiful weekend and your week is off to a great start.

    Welcome to our family Irene @irenej. Thanks for your offer of support. It makes a whole lot of difference in a TTC journey. :heart:   :heart:

    Anne @bebe, how is the 2WW going?

    Yimika @yimika, hope this cycle is going just great. Fingers crossed for  good news. Doing anything different this time around?

    Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen, it’s been a minute oh :hugs:

    Becca @smiley, how are you doing? It’s been a while :hugs:   :hugs:

    Eneyi @missirregularversion, hope your mind is in a good place today. Sending you loads of  :dust:   :hug: It will end in praise.

    Noredia @noredia, how are you doing?

    Victory @victory, welcome once more :heart:   :heart: How long have you been waiting?

    Mrs O @diamondsblings, Hope you are good. How’s the treatment coming along?

    Buyo Blooms @buyo, welcome to our community too :hugs:   :hugs:

    Tayo @thisyrismyyr  :hi: :hi:   Hope you are doing fine.

    Love to you @nicole  @mummyt   @nekky @bally @noredia @mamaz @ldike @adaoraa  @aadetoyin  @emaimo@diana



    Good morning, lovely ladies  :heart:   :heart:

    Sending you lots of  :dust:   :dust: in your 2ww Anne @bebe hun

    Much love to  Yimika @yimika,  Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen, Becca @smiley, Eneyi @missirregularversion, Noredia @noredia, Victory @victory, Mrs O @diamondsblings, Buyo Blooms @buyo, and Tayo @thisyrismyyr!!

    Wishing us a wonderful month of October, full of awesome  :bfp:   :bfp:   :bfp:



    Good morning ladies.  :heart:   :heart:   It’s Tuesday and we will be praying and fasting as we wait on the Lord for more miracles from His Mighty hand. My sisters, this our weekly waiting on the Lord is doing wonders, yes :yes:   :yes:   The Mighty Hand of the Lord does wondrous things. :angel:   :angel:

    The above scriptures is one of my best verses in the Bible…it’s a powerful and very comforting word of God. Today, I would like you to meditate on this Word.

    Do you know God’s plans for your life?

    Is your reality matching up with what God’s plans for your life are?

    Are you prospering or you feel overwhelmed by your reality?

    Whatever your answer is, it is time to bring to remembrance (more for our sake  than God’s because He never forgets), all the dreams in your hearts, the desires you feel and confess them. Use your words to recreate your world, to draw forth, what your heart desires.


    Today, I {insert your name} declare that only the plans of God for my life will stand.

    I frustrate every plan of the enemy to bring harm my way in the name of Jesus.

    The Word of God says, I will prosper, therefore,I prosper in the fruits of my body, in the fruits of my land,  in my storehouses in the name of Jesus. Amen

    Everything and everyone that is connected to me prospers for that is the will of God for my life.

    As a community, The Fertile Chick prospers, we break out to the left and to the right. As a beacon of light that this platform has been, it will shine and call forth men to its glory in the name of Jesus.

    We raise the standard against every enemy of the plans of the God for our lives and declare, they will come in one way and flee in seven ways.

    The will of Jeovah God stands in every area of our lives. We ask that Lord, you reign, rule and be exhalted in Jesus mighty name,we have prayed. Amen.


    Enjoy your day ladies. :heart:   :heart:

    cc: Nicole @nicole, Bos @bosa, Anne @bebe Emaimo @emaimo, Yimika @yimika,  Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen, Becca @smiley, Eneyi @missirregularversion, Noredia @noredia, Victory @victory, Mrs O @diamondsblings, Buyo Blooms @buyo, and Tayo @thisyrismyyr  Arike @mummyt   Nekky @nekky Bally @bally  Ama @mamaz  Linda @ldike Adaora @adaoraa Oyefunke @aadetoyin Diana @diana



    Hello ladies. How’s your day coming along? I have got something that might be of interest to you up there.

    cc: @thewinitiative2 @nicole @bebe @yimika @victory @diamondsbling @ldike @aadetoyin @mummyt @buyo @smiley @bosa @missirregularversion



    Good morning ladies. #IssaTuesday :yahoo:   We are fasting and praying today, asking God for perfection of all that concerns each and every lady, who is part of this community across our various channels.

    Image result for 2 Corinthians 12:9 And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness " Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

    I will like us to meditate on this verse today and take our prayer points from there:

    2 Corinthians 12:9: And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness ” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.”

    God always hears and answers our prayers. It might be sooner or later, in one form or another, however, it might not be as we wished or desired it but most surely in a way that will bring glory to His name.

    Apostle Paul’s request that Satan might immediately depart from him was not granted but he was assured of one thing;  a sufficiency of grace to support him under the exercise, no matter how long it last. So, it doesn’t matter how long we have to wait for the babies or any other miracle we are waiting on the Lord for, we have God’s grace to stay strong. :bodyb:   :bodyb:

    Prayer points:

    Almighty and loving Father, we thank you for sustaining and enabling us with the sufficiency of your grace. It makes all the difference.

    We acknowledge that as human we have limitations and often fall short but through it all, your strength is made manifest in our weaknesses, be it in our marriages, our TTC journeys, our careers and other areas of our life.

    When we are weak, your strength will make us perfect.

    Father, we ask that the good work which you have started in our lives, with the numerous testimonies you have given us, you will perfect in the name of Jesus.

    For our waiting sisters, we receive speedy answers to their heart cry in Jesus name. Amen.

    Have a perfect Tuesday. :heart:   :heart:

    cc:@nicole @bebe @yimika @victory @diamondsblings @ldike @aadetoyin @mummyt @buyo @smiley @bosa@missirregularversion @irenej



    Related image

    Hello ladies, how are you all doing? It’s a brand new week. How are your cycles going? Any new symptoms this time around?

    Deezah @deezah2000, welcome to our group. :hugs: Please tell us about yourself.

    Yimika @yimika, hope you are staying hopeful. Still keeping fingers crossed for good news.

    Mrs O @diamondsblings, hey mama :hi:   :hi:   Have you done any follow up tests to see how the medications are working out?

    Anne @bebe, how did your birthday celebration go?  :cake:   :cake:

    Victory @victory, hope you are good. Do you have an idea when you will be cycling?

    Buyo @buyo, how are you doing? Have you gotten any of your results back and what are the options? #staystrong #staypositive

    Eneyi @missirregularversion, it’s been a minute. How’s the vitex/maca combo going? Hope you’re still being consistent. Fingers crossed for the best :hugs:   :hugs:

    Becca @smiley, hey gorgeous mamas, where have you been hiding?  :hi:   :hi:

    Oyefunke @aadetoyin, sending loads of  :dust:   :dust:   your way.

    Arike @mummyt. how nau mama?

    cc: @nicole @bosa @ldike :heart:   :heart:



    Good morning ladies. It’s a sweet Tuesday morning and you know how it goes down on Tuesdays. Yes :yes:   we are praying and fasting today. Today, we will dwell on this Bible passage.

    Image result for bible verses about infertility

    This verse of the Bible is loaded and the portion quoted above is the latter part of the verse, which can provide comfort for us and buoy our spirits. So, we will go back just a little bit to the first part; “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. And let’s take note of these words, Appointed time” “hasten” and “goal”.

    A TTC journey can feel overwhelming and seem very noisy with almost everyone coming at a couple with different suggestions. It can feel as it, it is never going to happen, but there is a part of our heart, which knows, there is light somewhere at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, we lose sight of the light but it’s there.

    Like @bosa has shared several times, a wise doctor once asked her if she wanted to be pregnant or to have a baby? She answered that she wanted a baby and that is the “goal” We have our own timelines for achieving that goal but we really don’t have final say, God does.

    But it is comforting to know that, God has an appointed time for the manifestation of that goal, and He is hastening the process…even when it doesn’t look like it.

    In the end, it is about trusting God mindlessly and knowing, He will not let us see shame :angel:   :angel:

    Our prayer points:

    1. Dear Lord, we ask for the grace to wait patiently, just as your Word says in Jesus name. Amen

    2. And Lord, we are comforted on the inside by the assurance that you are working and making things for us in Jesus name. Amen

    cc:@nicole @bebe @yimika @victory @ldike @aadetoyin @mummyt @buyo @smiley @bosa@missirregularversion @diamondsblings @deezah2000 @peace


    Enjoy your days ladies. :heart:   :heart:

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