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The November 2017 BFP Thread

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    Yes, we did @bosa  :yes:  Where one or two pray, God listens.




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    Happy wedding anniversary to Nicole @nicole  and DH. :wedding:   :wedding:   God bless your marriage continuously.

    cc: @bosa @smiley @sholabomi



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    This is the last Tuesday of this month and as is our custom, we are fasting and praying but today, we will be giving thanks for the blessings, God has given us. And that is not just in this thread.

    Just yesterday, a lady shared her :bfp:   :bfp:   testimony in the comment section of one of our stories. She noted that she had gotten to a stage, where she just wanted to enjoy sex with her husband…no pressures. And she did. She didn’t see her period the first month but she didn’t test, as she didn’t want to be disappointed. When it happened again the second month, she peed on a stick and there it was. A blood test confirmed it and it’s all joy. :wohoo:   :wohoo:

    There is also the testimony of  one of our sisters here, Nene @neni, who not only got pregnant this month but is also carrying twins :blue:   :blue:   :pink:   :pink:

    For these testimonies and many more than I can share here, don’t you think, our God deserves some praise today? :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   I certainly think He does. His mighty hands does wondrous things and it is marvelous in our sight.

    If God’s mighty hands can do these miracles, then there is nothing that is impossible for Him to do. :yes:   :yes:   #It’syourturnforamiracle.

    Our sole prayer point today is “We thank You Lord for your mercies that endureth forever.” We just thank the Lord for His mercies over our children, (born and unborn), our husbands, the rest of our families, the works of our hands, our storehouses, (think your account), The Fertile Chick, our members, from this group to all other groups and everything else that concerns us.

    We thank you Lord.

    We will be giving thanks as a group between 12 noon and 12:30pm.

    May God delight in our praise. Amen.

    Enjoy your day.

    cc: @nicole @bosa @smiley @sholabomi @nonny10.



    Happy New Month, ladies  :rose:

    It’s that time of year  :yahoo: . Every Christmas, a few of us go to see a movie together. This year, it’s The Wedding Party 2  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . If you’d like to join us, drop a line to let us know  :yes:   :yes:

    @bosa @smiley @sholabomi @nonny10 @oluwakemine




    Hello All,

    Its been ages, who missed me? :wohoo:

    Been away for sometime, at first delibrately but later on i changed device and couldnt access the page again.  :wacko:

    Feels good to be back, still playing catch up. I see a whole lot has happened. I rejoice with everyone who has celebrated(  :bfp: , birthdays and wedding anniversaries) :yahoo:   :yahoo:




    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo: Jasmine @jasmine, it’s very nice to have you back here dear.

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