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The March 2018 BFP Thread

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    Very yummy :heart:

    February was a good month, but as the 1st quarter of 2018 draws to a close this month, we are even more hopeful for bigger blessings!

    Can somebody shout  :bfp:   :bfp: rain  :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:

    #WeAreExpectant  :heart:   :cloud9:

    cc: @wunmiabi @shenny@ritak@tkanoba@sholabomi@kattyholz@kolawolebeatrice @bosa @smile @oluwakemine



    Image result for welcome to march :bfp: :bfp:   :bfp:   :bfp: rain!!! :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Are you excited about the endless possibilities in this month ladies? Another chance at  :baby:   :baby:   May God bless us all.




    Good morning, lovely ladies!  :heart:

    I can’t believe I’m now this person that loves mornings. I used to be the original sleep champion  :haha: . But we gotta do what we gotta do. How early do you have to rise for your day?

    It’s Tuesday, and we are fasting today. I will post the prayer shortly.

    Mandy @mandykatynsk hun, wishing you all the very best on Thursday hun. We’re praying for you  :heart:   :heart:

    Welcome Bolanle @bolanle to our family  :friends: . We look forward to cheering you on to that  :bfp: . Please tell us about yourself.

    Ogee @workingword dear, how is your cycle going? Please tell us about yourself  :rose:

    Tosin @tkanoba, how is it going? How did it go with the OPKs?

    Becca @smiley we miss you here oooo  😥

    Bos  @bosa the boss lady, you have taken over from where I left off last year  :haha:. Hope you’re back in Lagos and more grounded now.

    Have a spectacular day ladies  :heart:   :heart:



    Hello everyone. Waiting for the prayer list, it’s almost  12:30.




    This day of our fast, our focus will be on fertility. Today, we will place our heart’s desires at the feet of our Lord, and ask HIM to bless us with the yearnings of our hearts.


    Prayer for Fertility

    Jesus, as we conclude today’s fast day, we ask that You take our efforts and multiply them for the glory of Your kingdom.

    Fill us with a spirit of gratitude and charity. We rejoice to draw closer to You in this fast
    and we recognize how much we need You. Lord, we are so weak, but You make us strong.
    Give us the grace to continue fasting from what is evil.

    We ask You to be with us now as we break the fast. Protect us from the spirit of gluttony and
    enlighten us to choose a food that will be healthy for my body.

    Dear God, thank You for the blessings You have given us. Thank You for these friends sitting around us and for the opportunities You have given us. Please do not let us take these things for granted.

    But please, Lord, restore our fertility to us. Nothing we do means anything unless You will it. Please make our ovaries swell and let potential life burst forth.

    We want to thank You, Lord, for giving us this learning opportunity. If You wish for us to wait longer, grant us patience. Grant us understanding and peace. Help us recognise and find whatever You wish to teach us.

    Please, Lord, help us through this emotional time. Bring us balance and restore our peace.

    In Jesus’ name we pray!


    @mandykatynsk @bolanle @workingword @tkanoba @smiley @bosa



    @nicole….Amen. Thanks.

    Yes oh i have taken over from you, went to PH every other week. Rebelled last week and they’ve been silent this week. I should go to conclude next week and bye bye to PH for hopefully years.



    LOL! Good luck with that, @bosa  :haha: . But I feel you though. It can get tiring  :wacko:

    I might even re-commence those waka about moves, as I might have to go to not only PH, but even our swamp assets  :argh:   :argh: . Fingers crossed!



    Tagging you in our thread  @teeade22 hun  :heart:

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