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    We thank God for healing, thanks so much  @harrys-queen hun  :heart: :hugs:

    My dear, I have read what you wrote and contemplated it for a bit. Sometimes, interpreting the Bible can be tricky. Obviously, in the time it was written, they hadn’t even begun to comprehend such things as assisted reproduction. But there were Physicians who did take care of the afflictions they had at the time. In Isaiah 38:21 it reads: Now Isaiah had said, “Let them take a cake of figs and apply it to the boil, that he may recover.”  An instruction from God. Also, Mark 5:25-29  makes reference to a doctors, i.e. A woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and had endured much at the hands of many physicians. Even in St. Paul’s letter to the Colossians (Colossians 4:14), he referenced Luke, the beloved physician, who sent his greetings.

    God is not against science or medicine. He created it. He blessed man with the intelligence and ability to develop it. Like @oluwakemine said, there is nowhere Panadol or painkillers are mentioned in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean taking them is a sin. So, in my opinion, there is nothing sinful or unfaithful about seeking medical intervention.

    As for sperm / egg donors, my personal preference is for anonymous donors. If I were to use a donor, that would be my preference. But people are different. My first cousin has just opted to go that route, and wants her younger sister to be her donor. Someone who used to be a member of our family, @ipheoma, was a surrogate for her aunt. So it’s all about preference really. For me, I just think it’s best to avoid any complicated relationships later on.

    But I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks. @pearl @bibi @ldike @adaoraa  @smiley @bosa @nekky @bally @noredia @dford @thisyrismyyr @bsquare @jumjumjum @aadetoyin @temotighoken @tumininu @muanya @mamaz @missirregularversion




    Hello ladies.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Congratulations @yettybella and missfafa</p>
    @harrys-queen I don’t think I can say it better than @@oluwakemine. Sometimes it boils down to what we believe. Going assisted in any form can be a tough choice when we put religion in the mix , I for one am Catholic and it took a lot to decide to go down that route. I would say pour out your heart to God, talk to Him and listen to His response perhaps in that still small voice.

    As for surrogacy, donors etc, I am with @nicole. I would prefer anonymous donors just to avoid complicated relationships in the future.

    Hugs hugs :heart:   :hug:




    This is like the second or third time this type of question is coming up this month I think; I love it… @nicole, @oluwakemine.

    @harrys-queen I must be sincere with you that your concerns are genuine however its all boils down to who you are, what you believe in and your worldview.

    Talking about how people who waited for 10-15years coped; like a cliche says ”different strokes for different folks” which still boils down to ”who you are, what you believe in and your worldview.”








    Good morning ladies :heart:   :heart:

    I hope we have been able to help you @harrys-queen in some ways. ART is a deeply personal choice, and you just have to do what’s in line with your beliefs and conviction about what God is saying to you about it. Pray, listen, once you’re at peace with whatever decision you make, you just know, you have got God’s backing for your step.

    It’s the second time this month @pearl and it shows, it needs answers. Hope you’re feeling stronger now.

    Linda @ldike, thank you for your thoughts. How are you doing?

    Nicole @nicole, you hit the nail right on the head with your observations.

    Enjoy your day :hugs:   :hugs:



    Doing very much better @oluwakemine. Thanks for the check. :heart:



    Thank you for the tag @nicole.

    @pearl is right. I asked this question this month.

    I wont share the answer i was given on the forum. Will just share something the Lord opened my ears to hear and my head to understand yesterday afternoon.

    We had just gotten back from Church and Pastor David Ibiyemi was on TV speaking on how as a Child of God, you are expected to go the extraordinary mile to get an extraordinary result.
    He said IF you keep doing something the same way and you DON’T get your desired result, you must dare to do things in an extraordinary way to get it else your time and effort will be wasted.

    Meditate on those words @harrys-queen and prayerfully take all responses given here to heart.



    Can I hug you @smiley? Thank you for this insight and thanks to the Holyspirit too for dropping those words in your heart. Let your steps be ordered of the Lord Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen



    :hug: @oluwakemine That is my speciality. Hugging :hugs:


    Mrs Cornerstone

    Thanks everyone for your input on this topic. I really appreciate all your individual contributions and I pray that whatever personal choices made would be in alignment with God’s will. Thanks @oluwakemine, @nicole, @pearl,@becca, @linda . Wishing everyone a beautiful new month with lots of goodness awaiting us. Its I and hubbys birth month so nothing will stop us from celebrating our existence. Cheers everyone :yahoo:



    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :cake:   :cake:   :cake: Couple birthdays. Happy birthday in advance and yes, it’s absolutely worth celebrating @harrys-queen. Amen to your prayers and have a beautiful month too. :hugs:   :hugs:



    Image result for welcome to august

    It’s the month of awesomeness ladies and it’s starting on such an auspicious day :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:  It finds us fasting and waiting on the Lord for perfection of all that concerns us. God is so ever mindful of us, working things out, in/for and with us. Thank you Jesus.


    Will be right back with our prayers points and meditation notes.

    cc: @nicole @bosa @harrrys-queen @smiley



    @smiley hun, you hit the nail right on the head! God bless you hun  :cloud9:

    @harrys-queen sending you hugs, as you wait to hear from God  :heart:   :hug:

    Ladies, it’s AUGUST  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Time to move to our new home  :plane:   :plane:



    @harrys-queen the ladies have said it all. It is truly a personal decision and should only be considered after getting to a state of peace in the Lord.

    For me, I think if 2 people become 1 and either party can contribute to the embryo then I would consider donor. I will consider adoption if none of our gamete was used to produce a zygote. However, my husband has always been Pro-adoption from day 1 so that option is also on the table. Am i there yet? I honestly can’t answer that yet. Some days i think i am, other days i am not sure. I am fine with the process but i worry about adoption as a second child, i just think it is more complicated unlike if the adopted child was the first child.

    This is the reason we haven’t taken that step yet as we need to be on the same page. We however are on the same page with regards to anonymous donor. As for surrogacy, i won’t mind knowing my surrogate, singing and praying to my baby, attending scans, generally bonding etc. but my Darl doesn’t think that is necessary and wise in this country, maybe abroad he thinks.

    So yea nobody can help you make this decision. Not even your husband, please be true to yourself and let the holy spirit guide you.

    Remain happy whilst in the waiting room, wishing you and your hubby a happy Birthday in advance…. :dust:   :dust:

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