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    Hello once more ladies. Here is something for us to ponder on, while we wait on the Lord for the perfection, which only He can bring into our lives. I found the text below on Stonginfaith

    From little annoyances to major life challenges, we all deal with obstacles in life. For many, infertility can be a demoralizing and frightening obstacle. In addition, some experience a deeply personal heartache due to miscarriage.

    Take comfort, you are not alone. Many of the greatest people in the Bible struggled with infertility issues. However, through God they overcame and gave birth to healthy children, and many of these children grew up to be powerfully influential people.

    God does not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly (Psalms 84:11). In the Bible, every instance of a person that sought God to conceive and birth children eventually had a child.

    Taking our prayer points for today, from the Bible verse above:

    1. Lord, honour your words in our lives and withhold no good thing (mention the good thing you seek) from us in Jesus name.

    2. Of our own works, we cannot claim to be upright but for Jesus, therefore Lord, we pray this day that you will hear our heartfelt cries, and move your mighty hand to arrange and re-arrange situations to favour us.

    3. Your word says, we will have life in abundance, not a half life, not one, where we succeed in one sphere of life and lack in others, what you wish for us is all round goodness, all round peace, all round joy, all round good health, children around our tables, plenty in our storehouses, our lands yielding increasingly. Lord, let it be unto us according to your word. Let us experience your abundance in every sphere of our lives in Jesus name.

    You asked that we bring you to the remembrance of your Word, your eternal covenant with us, we do so today and we expect that You will honour your word in our lives, because You never fail.

    4. We thank you specifically for the good health, which @nicole‘s daughter have received in Jesus name. Lord, you will use the doctors and nurses for her good. Keep her twin strong and strengthen Nicole too during this time, we ask in the name of Jesus.


    Have a blessed day.

    P.S: If there are more specific prayer points, you will like raise, kindly drop them and we will pray along with you.

    cc: @nicole @smiley @bosa @harrys-queen @mandykatynski



    Selah!! May the GOOD LORD hear all our wishes and grant us our heart’s desires.

    Thanks so much, @pearl and @oluwakemine  :heart:   :heart:



    Thank you Lord for the recovery  of our dear daughter Chizzy. @nicole I can imagine the stress of being in the hospital with a sick child. how are you and the girls?



    Thanks so much, my darling @bibi. It was quite stressful, but we praise GOD for His healing mercy! We’re all fine, thanks hun!  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Huge congratulations, dearest @yettybella  :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    So so happy for you! May the GOOD LORD bless you with a smooth and sweet pregnancy hun! Olowogbogboro has done it indeed  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    Image result for Congratulations

    Yayyyy!!! Congratulations Yetty Bella @yettybella. :yahoo: This is purely a dream come true :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: and we bless God for his faithfulness



    Related image

    It’s just getting better….

    Congratulations Fafa @missfafa on your  :bfp:   :bfp:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:

    cc: @nicole @yettybella, @bosa @pearl


    Mrs Cornerstone

    Thank God for the healing of Nicole’s baby girl and big congratulations to the ladies with BFPs. I pray that God who has caused his name to be praised in your lives will continue to do the miraculous. Have a beautiful weekend and  :hug: to everyone



    Amen @harrys-queen.  These :bfp: :bfp:  just shows, God doesn’t forget anyone. How have you been?


    Mrs Cornerstone

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I am doing great @oluwakemine. Just trying to stay positive despite some negative doctors report and thinking of the way forward. All the same the Controller of the universe does not slumber nor sleep so I can only pray that my case file with God be given special treatment asap lolz. Faith and Hope are the things that keeps me going. I don’t want to over think this matter but I just keep wondering how people who spent 10-15 years in the waiting room coped with their situation. I have also been thinking what does the scripture say concerning surrogacy, sperm/egg donation are all these part of God’s will and options  for people in God’s waiting room? Are they regarded as sinful or against God’s will especially when one has to pay heavily for these options. I have searched online but cannot find a convincing article as regards these options. I would like your very good opinions on this matter.</p>



    serious questions that I never thought of Mrs cornerstone :munch:



    Oh wow ladies we are on a roll…. @harrys-queen @missfafa @yettybella  :bfp:   :headspin:   :yahoo: Great stuff!!

    Ladies this shows that we would rejoice soon so yes let’s keep praying  :hug:   :dust:



    This is what I call #Fundamentaltruths. Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen, it’s all a matter of whose report you will believe? The dire reports of the doctors or the Word of God, which says, the childless woman would have children sit round her table or the one about there being no barren woman in the land.

    It all boils down to our choices really. Do we see God’s hand in everything or feel like certain things are too worldly to be godly? When we think like that, we only shortchange ourselves, because the truth is, there is nothing in existence today that exists without the knowledge of God; yes, the good and bad. There’s so much of God’s power at work on this earth, that it scares the rulers of this world; how God is able to turn around for His children, for good, what was meant for evil.

    If we talk about surrogacy, well it’s in the Bible, in fact it was the traditional kind of surrogacy that the wives of Jacob, Leah and Rachel used to birth (via their maidservants) some of their twelves sons, who are the 12 tribes of Isreal and down the centuries  were all linked to our Lord Jesus by blood. Was it in God’s plan? Absolutely, so it didn’t matter by whom, the sons were born. All that mattered was that they were born to Jacob, the one He loved. Why? It’s all about purpose and plan. What is God’s purpose for your life? Where do the children factor in? Remind God of His purpose for you Mrs Cornerstone. And let Him lead you to how it will be achieved.

    Now, whether it’s by surrogacy, sperm/egg donation, adoption or any other means, let God lead you to the path, He has chosen for the fulfilment of His purpose in your life. I know it’s hard but you need to let go of religion and connect with your spirituality. Listen more.

    All of these procedures are modern medical innovations God gave man to help him, to make his life better and one way we can say thank you is by using them, without necessarily worrying that we are sinning against God by using these life-saving and enhancing procedures.

    There was nowhere painkillers were mentioned in the Bible but do we all use them? Yes…else some of us will be in so much pain, we will be strongly tempted to curse God without those painkillers. God gave man brains, creative powers and He loves it when we use it to make our lives better.

    I rambled a bit, but I hope the Holy spirit will help me pass along the message. It is not what goes into the body that makes man unclean, but what comes out of a man’s heart.



    Mrs Cornerstone

    Very profound and we’ll thought out note I would say @oluwakemine. Thank you so much for this deep explanation. In fact your reference to women in the bible also reminded me of Sarah as well who recommended Haggai for Abraham and funny enough I have a favourite prayer I always say whenever I get impatient from Sarah’s story and that is “Father help me not to push for Ishmael when I can wait for Isaac”. The examples you gave are classical examples of surrogacy in the bible without a doubt especially that of Sarah

    Anyways for the sperm/ egg donor aspect, what should be the best practice? I know it’s a decision a couple has to make prayerfully. Is it okay to ask someone you know may be a relative to help out or should it be a blind purchase where you don’t know the owners of the donnors. This is a very sensitive issue and someone told me instead of going that route it is better to adopt a child especially when one does not know the genetic situations of the donors. Is adoption not the same situation as sperm/ egg donor? Since one also does not know the genetic situations of the adopted child. My beautiful ladies in the house I will need your input on this topic

    Lets keep the house busy  :yahoo: lolz



    Huge congratulations dearest  @missfafa  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    God bless you and the little one  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:

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