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The January 2018 BFP Thread

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    Mandy  @mandykatynski hun, glad to read you’re staying positive. 2018 has got to be a great year  :hugs:   :hugs: . Any plans for this year, with respect to treatment and the like?



    Hello @jasmine, how has this trimester been thus far.

    Wishing you and baby a stress free pregnancy journey. :heart:   :rose:

    cc@ Oluwakemine, @nicole.



    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Hey @pearl, thanks darl for asking and for the good wishes  :heart:</p>
    So far, its been good, the cramps on my legs at night though, the constant need to visit the bathroom at night, the crave for food not made by me and occassional throwing up immediately after eating :wacko: . Save for all these, we are good to go B-)

    I am already counting down to D-day.



    Maude L. Katynski

    Hi @pearl dear.

    Happy new year to you too! (It’s never too late haha). It’s good to hear from you too again, I’m glad you take the time to mind me  :cloud9:  . I thank you for that.

    I’d say I’ve been good. Last year ending and this one so far has been a roller coaster amidst medicines, treatments, doctor’s appointments… Though I always try to remain positive, and that’s what I feel it has helped me the most. For what it’s worth I’m happy  🙂 .

    Blessings to all your close ones too!  :hugs:




    So happy to hear that you are happy Mandy @mandykatynski. With that mentality, you can take on the whole world without stress. :hugs:   :heart:


    Maude L. Katynski

    Each year ought to us to make it wonderful 🙂 .  @nicole

    Well, since this year started my husband and I have begun to take our steps more seriously at this stage of our lives; before this eggs gets rotten -Jokes apart haha-. We know this year it’s going to be tough among my condition because it’s has worsened, and doctors say it must be because of my age. One of the solutions is to begin the surgical interventions to remove the tissue, and this, as I’ve said, could reduce my chances to have a baby. That’s why we’re worried.

    Logically because of the treatments we had set a little apart from our project to be parents. Now we’re thinking about it again, as this moment is crucial to make it. So we’re taking business in the matter again.

    Between us, it has grown the possibility to undergo a fertility treatment. Obviously after the surgeries that needed to be done for the endometriosis. It’s not our first choice, but it could be a window.

    We have even considered the option of renting a womb. I’ve heard that here in Ukraine there’re certain fertility clinics that offer those services. All legal of course.

    What would u advice me about it?. I’d like to hear your opinion. :pink:



    Since you and your husband are prepared to give it all it takes now Mandy @mandykatynski, go for it and fingers crossed for a  :bfp:   :bfp:

    What percentage of adhesions are we talking about here? If your symptoms have worsened, then surgery is probably the next best thing for you to do but then again, it only provides temporary relief in most cases.

    Sending loads of  :dust:   :dust:   :dust:   your way.



    sending you @mandykatynski lots of kisses and hugs.. :heart:   :rose:   :friends:   :hug:


    Maude L. Katynski

    Thanks sweetie @oluwakemi ! haha

    I’m all about good vibes now 😉


    Maude L. Katynski

    @oluwakemi Jk apart…. :heart:

    We’re trying a lot more right now. I don’t even know how we find the time sometimes haha.. But we have scheduled our activities a lot more, so we have more time to put attention into it. We have even shortened our spare time to learn more about suitable ways and methods. I’m still waiting for my :bfp:   :cloud9: , but I feel we’re doing the things that needs to be done in this moment. Everything else that I can’t reach I’m leaving it to God.

    I’m actually having my operation this Thursday, so surprise! haha. Your question comes very timely :).

    The doctor that’s doing the procedure say the chances are very low as they will be working only on my Uterus. Despite of the hardship, the current tissue hasn’t expanded yet to other organs and that’s good… We aren’t worrying much about adhesions :yes


    I must say I’m a little nervous right now haha. Although, I’ll be updating you of how everything goes. :hugs:

    Thank you again for always being so thoughtful and kind with me :hugs: . ILY sweetheart. :dust:


    Maude L. Katynski

    Thank you @bosa , you’re always very kind with me! :hugs:

    I send mines to you too! :heart:   :rose:   :hug:


    ps: Sorry for my late reply :blush:




    Mandy @mandykatynski, so glad to find out that you are putting in more efforts into this TTC business. That’s a great attitude.

    Good luck to you as you go in for your procedure later this week. :plane:   :plane: Will be looking forward to your updates.

    cc: @nicole



    Sending you loads of  :hug:  Mandy @mandykatynski. Lots of hugs and well wishes as you prepare for surgery. We’ll be praying for you hun!

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