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    DAY 22

    Prayer for Unborn Children


    Almighty God, our Father, You who have given us life and intended us to have it forever, grant us your blessings. Enlighten our minds to an awareness and to a renewed conviction that all human life is sacred because it is created in Your image and likeness.  Help us to teach by word and the example of our lives that life occupies the first place, that human life is precious because it is Your gift, and Your love is infinite.


    Give us the strength to defend human life against every influence or action that threatens or weakens it, as well as the strength to make every life more human in all its aspects.
    Give us the grace…When the sacredness of life before birth is attacked, to stand up and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life.
    When a child is described as a burden or is looked upon only as a means to satisfy an emotional need, to stand up
    and insist that every child is a unique and unrepeatable gift of God, a gift of God with a right to a loving and united family.

    When the institution of marriage is abandoned to human selfishness or reduced to a temporary conditional arrangement
    that can easily be terminated, to stand up and affirm the indissolubility of the marriage bond.

    When the value of the family is threatened because of social and economic pressure, to stand up and reaffirm
    that the family is necessary not only for the private good of every person, but also for the common good of every society,
    nation and state.

    When freedom is used to dominate the weak, to squander natural resources and energy, to deny basic necessities to people, to stand up and affirm the demands of justice and social love.

    Almighty Father, give us courage to proclaim the supreme dignity of all human life and to demand that society itself give its protection.
    We ask this in Your name, through the redemptive act of Your Son and in the Holy Spirit.



    cc:  @blessedb  @ikechukwungozi  @tolabolanle  @milola @bosa @temotighoken @nadia @beebee @misi @mzm4 @oluwakemine @nekkyg @lizzy @iphii  @oyinforever @oyinpd @harrys-queen @lizzy @adeola @ladylorrie @naaadzane @missfafa @uwaye @ritty @nkay @elle @edojaprecious @jasmine queen @abbyigold @exaltedmom1  @akosua  @olugod   @chinwendu




    What a thoughtful post there Ruby @temotighoken :heart:   :heart:




    Image result for a motivational piece for TTC ladies

    Just a reminder of how awesome and strong all our TTC mommas are :heart:   :heart:  It doesn’t matter that the storm is raging or that the doctor has just issued a damning verdict; all that matters is our reaction and the unshakeable belief that regardless of all that, baby(ies) will come.

    Stay strong mamas and know that you have got Heaven’s backing. :heart:   :heart:

    cc:  @blessedb  @ikechukwungozi  @tolabolanle  @milola @bosa @temotighoken @nadia @beebee @misi @mzm4 @oluwakemine @nekkyg @lizzy @iphii  @oyinforever @oyinpd @harrys-queen @lizzy @adeola @ladylorrie @naaadzane @missfafa @uwaye @ritty @nkay @elle @edojaprecious @jasmine queen @abbyigold @exaltedmom1  @akosua  @olugod   @chinwendu @nicole



    It is well




    DAY 23

    Prayer for Inner Peace



    Oh Lord, sometimes our insides feel like a battle zone, where missiles are falling too close to home. Other times we are caught in an endless storm, with thoughts flying out of control. Confusion reigns, and defeat creeps in to steal our joy. We need Your peace—the deep-down-in-your-heart kind that stays with us day and night and speaks confidently into the wind. Calm our anxious spirits, Lord; all the attacking “if-onlys” and “what-ifs” fill us with needless worry.


    We know that trust is a big part of experiencing peace and that fear has no place in our lives. Most of the things we worry about or dread don’t even happen. So we are declaring our trust in You. We are releasing the reins of our lives again and asking You to take control. We need more of You, Lord, and less of us.


    We surrender and admit that we can’t control people, plans, or even all our circumstances, but we can yield those things to You, and focus on Your goodness. Thank You today for every good gift You’ve given, every blessing You’ve sent, all the forgiveness we did not deserve, and, yes, for every trial You’ve allowed into our lives. You bring good out of every circumstance if we’ll only let go and believe You. We know that when we pray and give thanks instead of worrying, You have promised that we can experience the kind of peace that passes all understanding. That’s Your kind of peace, Lord. And it’s the kind we crave.


    Whenever we are stressed, anxious, or afraid, help us remember to run to You. You’re the only one that can calm our fears and end our fretful behaviors. Whether in trivial or heavy matters, we know You will not only give us peace; Lord, You will be our peace. And when we draw close to you—in prayer, in reading Your Word, in helping another, in taking our minds off ourselves — You will be there, up close and personal.


    We can’t handle these times alone, Lord. Will You speak peace and calm our storms, or hold our hands, the hands of  cc:  @blessedb  @ikechukwungozi  @tolabolanle  @milola @bosa @temotighoken @nadia @beebee @misi @mzm4 @oluwakemine @nekkyg @lizzy @iphii  @oyinforever @oyinpd @harrys-queen @lizzy @adeola @ladylorrie @naaadzane @missfafa @uwaye @ritty @nkay @elle @edojaprecious @jasmine queen @abbyigold @exaltedmom1  @akosua  @olugod   @chinwendu, while we walk through them together? Will You bring the reassuring wisdom of those who have come through similar times into our lives? Thank you, Lord. We are trusting You.

    In the name of the One who makes the wind and the waves stand still, Amen!







    DAY 24

    Prayer for Peace in Our Hearts


    Lord, bring us peace in our hearts. At times, our lives seem clouded with doubt and anxiety. So many paths, which one to choose?


    And yet, the choices must be made and the path must be walked if we are not to stay still.
    Allow us to be brave, Lord. Allow us to be open to all the possibilties in our lives. Allow us to walk the road that radiates with most joy and happiness.
    When our minds are clouded, bring us into the sunshine and remove our worries. Allow us to see the path that is right for us and walk it with courage and integrity.
    Bring us peace in our hearts, knowing that Your love is with us always, and this is the only truth that needs to be understood.
    Hold us in the palm of Your hand, and carry us, @blessedb  @ikechukwungozi  @tolabolanle  @milola @bosa @temotighoken @nadia @beebee @misi @mzm4 @oluwakemine @nekkyg @lizzy @iphii  @oyinforever @oyinpd @harrys-queen @lizzy @adeola @ladylorrie @naaadzane @missfafa @uwaye @ritty @nkay @elle @edojaprecious @jasmine queen @abbyigold @exaltedmom1  @akosua  @olugod   @chinwendu, on our individual  journeys, to a place of peace and tranquility.

    In Jesus’ name we pray! Amen!





    Halloooo my lovies! That heart is just to let you know how sorry I am for being irregular with these posts. It’s been something else…combining the various aspects of my life…but we thank God for His good grace!

    How’s everyone doing?   :heart:

    Nadia, dearest @nadia, how are you hun? Your post really, really left an impact on me, and I am determined to do better with being grateful for what God has done in my life. How’s it going? Has it clicked with the other job yet? Have you reengaged with the clinic?

    Biola dear,  @blessedb, how are you hun? Did you get to chat with the herbal doctor in the end?

    Ngozi dear, @ikechukwungozi, how is it going? Did the herbal doctor answer the question you asked about low sperm and motility? How’s the TTC coming along hun?

    Tolabolanle dear,  @tolabolanle, you’ve been very quiet  :heart:. You said you’ve been TTC for 3 years? Tell us about yourself hun. We’re all sisters, supporting each other   :hugs:   :hugs:

    Lola hun,  @milola, how are you feeling now? I hope you’re in much better spirits  :heart:. Don’t ever forget that God has something wonderful planned for you. By HIS grace, the next time you try, it will be success and victory all the way   :heart:   :heart:

    Ruby love,  @temotighoken, you remain in my prayers hun. I know GOD will come through for you. Thanks so much for the wonderful piece you shared. It will surely end in praise!   :heart:   :heart:

    Bosa @bosa and Misi @misi sweeties, how are you ladies doing? Something tells me that you both will have some supernatural testimonies this year! I can just feel it in my bones   :heart:    :heart: . Bosa, I hope those your office peepo have stopped overworking you ooooo. And Misi, I hope you saved my birthday cake oooo. I won’t take sorry!  😉

    MZM4 @mzm4 sweets, did you eventually go to Georges? Did you see Dr. Faye? How did it go?   :heart:

    Mrs.. Cornerstone dearie,  @harrys-queen, how have you been? How has this cycle been treating you? Blowing you loads of sticky   :dust:   :dust: hun   :heart:   :heart:

    Tinuke love,  @lizzy, we are in countdown mode oooh! You know this cycle’s ovulation day was on a very special day   :wedding:  :sex:. I pray you get that rainbow baby   :bfp:   :bfp:   :heart:   :heart:

    Adeola dearie,  @adeola, how are you? Were you satisfied with Dr. Simi’s explanation about the Metformin in pregnancy? Where in your cycle are you at the moment?   :rose:

    Ladylorrie hun,  @ladylorrie. You’ve been on my mind. Did you run the test eventually? My love, even if it wasn’t a  :bfp:, make sure you don’t lose hope. You already have a plan, so let’s keep our eyes and focus on that. Rooting for you hun   :hugs:   :hugs:   :hugs:

    Yvonne sweets,  @naaadzane , how are you hun? How is that leg? I hope all better   :rose: . My darling, how are you getting ready for that 2017   :bfp: ? Because you know that   :bfp: is coming, right?   :heart:    :heart:

    Fafa love,  @missfafa, how are you hun? Are your periods still irregular from the Depo? Sending you huge   :hugs:   :hugs:

    Uwaye…my dear sister @uwaye , I don’t know how any of us missed your post: Goodmorning everyone, may the good Lord answer our prayers this year. Prior to the birth of my daughter, we tried for oover a year and were successful the second yearfollowing treatment on my hubby’s part but a year after that he was involved in a gas explosionwhich affected his torso, handsand thighs. We have unconciously not tried because i changed jobs and wasdoing my masters but i am done with that. Bottom line is hubby has oligospermia,thats what the tests revealed. Oh my goodness, that must have been so traumatic! But we thank God for life! Oligospermia is still better than azoospermia, so let us not lose hope my sister. We’re praying along with you hun. What treatment plan does your doctor have for you? Are you seeing a good Urologist?

    Ritty dearie  @ritty. How are you doing, and how are you enjoying married life  :wedding:. You never gave us the complete gist of that Ijaw lady oooh. You just left us in suspense like that   :wacko:

    Nkay hun, @nkay, how are you doing this cycle? I hope you’re feeling better and more encouraged now. How is the PCOS management coming along? I started the KETO diet this month, and it has really been helping my PCOS symptoms. Is it something you’d like to try?

    Elle dear  @elle, how are you today? Blowing loads of   :kiss:   :kiss: to you!

    Fruitful love @edojaprecious, you’ve been scarce oooh  :cry:. How have you been? How has this cycle been treating you?

    Jasmine dear @jasmine, how you dey? Did you join us in the end  :haha:? Hope you’re feeling much, much better now. How has this cycle been so far?

    Abigail dear @abbyigold, how are you? How is the PCOS management coming along? Are you still progressing with the lifestyle changes? Did you change hospitals in the end? My dear, with these things, I’ve learnt one should just go with their heart! That’s the only way. Hoping you make the right decision hun. As for the diet, I just started the KETO diet, and it’s really helping my PCOS symptoms   :good:   :yes:

    Nkem dearie, @exaltedmom1, how are you today? Did you get your hands on the herbs Kemi recommended? Praying along with you for a wonderful   :bfp: soon. What hospital do you use? Are you in Lagos?   :hug:

    Akosua dear, @akosua, how are you? I’m sure you’re back on your feet and fully healed after the myomectomy! To God be the glory  :heart:. Have you jumped right back into the TTC train? We’re expecting you   :heart:   :heart:

    OluGod hun, @olugod, how are you love? Did you take another test? Don’t worry, even if it didn’t happen this cycle, it will happen very soon  :dust:. Did you see your doctor as you planned?

    Chinwendu hun, @chinwendu, sending lots of :kiss: :kiss: your way! Have you and DH made a decision yet?

    Nneka love, @nekkyg, how are you hun? How have you been this cycle? We haven’t really caught up since the time you had that scan last year. How have you been hun? Thinking about you   :hug:

    Iphii dearie, @iphii, you’ve been really quiet. How have you been hun? How has this cycle been for you? What’s up with you?   :heart:   :heart:

    Oyinlola love, @oyinpd, how have you been? How has this cycle been for you? Praying for a lovely   :bfp:   :bfp: this cycle   :yahoo:

    Oyindamola hun, @oyinforever, with that ovulation spotting, I hope you and Oga have been getting busy   :sex:  :sex:. There has to be enough  :spermy: to take care of the egg/eggs that have popped this cycle oooo. Good luck dear. And meanwhile, you never gave me the   :good: or   :negative: on my KETO moves   :haha:

    Ijeoma love,  @dabrenzy, I hope you’re not too disappointed that the HSG couldn’t happen this cycle. As we prepare for next cycle, I’m really hoping you get a pleasant surprise this one   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    Tigho babe, @tighocharles,  how are you hun? You just pop in and out…not fair ooo  :kiss:. We miss you loads! Especially all that awesome fashion  B-)

    Machy darling, @machylicious, how are you hun? How are you this cycle? Rooting for you   :yahoo:    :yahoo:

    Akins love, @beebee, I hope you’re not feeling bloated or anything. Honey, please stay hydrated and make sure you see your doctor a.s.a.p. We’re praying with you hun :hugs: :hugs:

    Ayokuleyin hun @ayokuleyin, how have you been? How far have you gone with resolving the hormonal disorder hun? Are you on any prenatals like Pregnacare, that help with the regulation of some of these hormones? Also, were you able to lay your hands on the Preseed? Blowing you lots of  :dust: :dust: hun

    Shoutout to our other gorgeous sisters, and blowing plenty   :dust:    :dust:  your way! We miss you   :heart:    :heart: . Please drop a line to let us know how you’re doing   :cloud9:    :cloud9:

    @oluwakemine @emaimo @chyfaith @wemi @eby @olayinka @fifi  @ange   @missamerley @eka @oluwaseun  @neny @dinma14 @cisca32 @babispice22 @mrslafiaji @chevvy3  @bukkiearegbe @oluwakemi79  @tynah@bronxy@beautilicious n @chineme @mercysaidno @kikecollins @opath@ije200   @janet@glowing@bensonakintobigmail-com @topsy @clara @abimbola86 @sapphire @oyinforever  @lara @tweety @eseture@bukky@foltemk @eguns @abeemah @akomoh @able @adajoy @lily @ebi-42 @wonuola@adaobi

    As for me, hmmmm! What are your thoughts about CCTV cameras being in the office? My management just had them installed, and I feel so irritated by them…so distasteful. Feels like I’m acting my own Big Brother for their viewing pleasure. And with the camera behind my table, the Operator might as well be working on my laptop   :wacko: . So, so annoying though. Or what do you think?



    @nicole Darling, you are forgiven okay. We all are equally busy too and we do understand.

    My leg is totally healed and I’ve even started work. Thanks for checking up on me :hugs:   :hugs:



    Image result for hello animated gif

    Hello mamas… :hi:   :hi:

    Uwaye @uwaye, so sorry to have missed your post. As @nicole has said, it is not the end of the world. What treatment is you doctor suggesting? God will show up for you soon.

    CCTV behind your desk @nicole? Haba! Very irritating. Na real BBN be that oh. It will be stifling at first but you will get used to it with time.

    Ladies, I dey hail oh. :heart:   :heart:

    cc: @bosa  @misi @ladylorrie @chinwendu @ritty @tinuke @ayokuleyin @beebee @dabrenzy @tighocharles @temotighoken @oyinpd @oyinforever @iphii @nekkyg @machylicious @olugod @akosua @exaltedmom @edojaprecious @elle abbygold @jasmine @adeola @missfafa @mzm4 @harrys-queen @ikechukwungozi @tolabolanle @naaadzane @blessedb @milola  @emaimo @chyfaith @wemi @eby @olayinka @fifi  @ange   @missamerley @eka @oluwaseun  @neny @dinma14 @cisca32 @babispice22 @mrslafiaji @chevvy3  @bukkiearegbe @oluwakemi79  @tynah @bronxy @beautilicious @chineme @mercysaidno @kikecollins @opath@ije200   @janet @glowing @bensonakintobigmail-com @topsy @clara @abimbola86 @sapphire @oyinforever  @lara @tweety @eseture@bukky@foltemk @eguns @abeemah @akomoh @able @adajo y @lily @ebi-42 @wonuola @adaobi @nicole




    Wow!!!! This is good news, d year truly started well here. Congratulations @dsquared, d Heavens have smiled on u. Enjoy d pregnancy journey darl, we r right behind you.

    @nicole, u r forgiven, we hold no grudge. U ladies r doing a fabulous job here. Yes I did join d prayers from d 11th. May God harken to our prayers n grant us our desires.

    Meanwhile @nicole n @oluwakemine, kindly walk me thru using d emoticons/Smiley’s, bin trying to use it to no avail.



    Thanks so much Yvonne ( @naaadzane ). So glad to hear your leg is better :heart:


    Thanks @jasmine love. And so glad you were able to join us :heart:



    Yes oh :yes: , your testimony is next @jasmine.

    Regarding the smileys,all you do is click on the one, you want to use, when you want to use it and it appear, when you have entered your comment. That was what I did, with this text you are seeing. If not working, kindly refresh the page. :hugs:



    HUGE CONGRATS,  @dsquared love!



    So happy for you hun. May you be blessed with a happy and healthy 8+ months  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    @nicole, trusting God for d continuing n finishing grace.

    Amen @oluwakemine.

    @oluwakemine, its kinda tacky reason being, wen i select an emoticon/smiley, it displays d ‘worded meaning’ rather than d icon. I’m wondering y so. Refreshed my page severally.

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