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The August 2017 BFP Thread

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    Yes oooo, August! No forming o! No pretending! We are asking nicely! Beeee good to us!

    Welcome to a new month, ladies!  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    One of the reasons we start a fresh thread every new month is to signify new beginnings. Granted, a lot of us would have started fresh cycles before the start of the month, but it is symbolic almost. New start, new beginnings, new possibilities!

    I think it’s especially symbolic that the new month begins on a Tuesday, our day of fasting and prayer. As we offer up our sacrifices to God today, I lift up all the desires and intentions of everyone on this thread! May the GOOD LORD bless and surprise us beyond our comprehension!


    @harrys-queen @bosa @nekky @bally @noredia @mamaz @ldike @adaoraa  @thisyrismyyr @aadetoyin @missirregularversion  @oluwakemine


    • “The righteous (we are the righteous courtesy of Jesus) shall flourish like a palm tree. He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.”
    • They shall still bear fruit in old age, they shall be fresh and flourishing, to declare that the Lord is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him. Psalm 92:12-15.
    • The Bible says, “If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.” Romans 8:11. I love love this scripture. :heart:   :heart:
    • God says you are like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season. Whose leaf also shall not wither. This means your eggs cannot fail. Your reproductive organs cannot become outdated.
    • And whatever you do shall prosper. Psalm 1:3. This is your season to prosper, because Gods Word says so.
    • God says, He will satisfy your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. Those good thing include having your baby at the age in which you are now.
    • We pray for The Fertile Chick, that the seeds, we have sown (and are sowing) will grow and our harvest shall be bountiful in Jesus mighty name.

    Be expectant sisters, God is still in the business of doing miracles. :cloud9:   :cloud9:




    This is just to say a big THANK YOU to our dearest @osi4jc

    She knows why.

    God bless you plenty hun  :heart:



    Good morning lovely ladies!

    How are we all today?  :heart:

    It’s another Tuesday, and another day for us to fast and pray together, towards our common goal. May the GOOD LORD meet us all at our points of need!

    Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen dear, how have you been? Have you come to some peace about next steps? Praying with you for wisdom  :hug:

    Nekky @nekky dear, how have you been? Hope all’s well with you  :friends:

    Hi Bally @bally hun, long time no hear. How did last cycle turn out? Blowing you loads and loads of :dust:

    Jane @ebere hun, how have you been? How is this cycle coming along? I hope your fibroids aren’t causing much discomfort. Have you decided if you want to proceed with trying again? Sending lots of  :hug: your way!

    Ama @mamaz hun, we miss you plenty  😥 . Hope you’re doing great hun!


    Sending lots of  :hugs: your way, Maude  @mandykatynski. I know the diagnosis might be a blow, but fear not hun. Just discuss a treatment plan with your doctor and pray. There’s nothing God can’t do!  :hug:

    Pacy @pacy dear, how are you today? Did you get in touch with South Shore? Blowing you lots of  :hug:

    Bosa @bosa mama, how you dey? Hope your week is going great so far.  :rose:

    Sending lots of  :hugs: to Emaimo @emaimo, Diana @diana, Patience @patiencee and Lola @dearlar. We miss you! Please drop by and let us know how you’re doing  :heart:   :hug:

    Oluwakemi  @oluwakemine, looking forward to another wonderful day of prayer and intercession  :cloud9:

    As for me, it’s another day in Las Gidi life! Enjoying the extra hours of sleep I get with the kids on holiday :sleep: .



    Good morning ladies.  :flasher:   :flasher:

    Yes oh, it’s another Tuesday and we are fasting and interceding for each other. Will be right back with our word for today. :plane:

    Missing these our sisters for real. Hope you’re good, Emaimo @emaimo, Diana @diana, Patience @patiencee and Lola @dearlar. :heart:

    Nicole @nicole, enjoy the extra hours of sleep joor. Enjoy your day too, Lasgidi drama and all. :heart:



    Good morning again ladies.

    Hope your day is just going great. Like is our custom, here’s a Word for us to meditate on and pray from today. The testimonies, we have had on this platform is pure gold and tangible proofs that God answers prayers. It might not be in our time…but God hears, listens and answers.

    Here we go:

    Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.”

    If you read Psalm 37 it’s all about delighting in the Lord and when a couple delights in the Lord He may grant them their greatest desire as it says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).

    To delight in the Lord means that we take great pleasure in living lives of obedience to God and that we delight in doing what He says in His Word.  This is not a promise to give us every desire we would ever have but it is a promise that God grants us the deepest desires of our heart when our delight is in Him.  To delight in the Lord does not mean delighting in things that we want over what He wants but letting Him make our hearts right with him, that we begin to desire His will for our lives.

    It tough to get to this level of acceptance of the will of God but it is not impossible for us.

    Our prayer points:

    Almighty God, we commit our ways — our hearts, our hopes, our lives, our dreams, our abilities, our wealth, our families to you, faithful God and in return, we know that,you will do great and mighty things in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

    Your words says those who are burdened will find rest in you, so Jesus today, we lay our TTC burdens at your feet. We place our TTC moms in your outstretched arms and we have peace. We know with you, our lives are safe.

    As we have laid our burdens at your feet, we ask according to your word, that you make our heart desires come to pass in Jesus name. We ask that you show up for us before shame comes. Amen!

    We thank you and bless you for The Fertile Chick, for all of our members, for your blessings, :bfp: :bfp: :baby: :baby: Wow!!! You indeed show up mightily for your beloved. We thank you and love you Lord. :heart:

    We also thank you for our coast that is enlarged in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

    cc: @harrys-queen @bosa @nekky @bally @noredia @mamaz @ldike @adaoraa  @thisyrismyyr @aadetoyin@missirregularversion  @emaimo@diana@patiencee @dearlar.  @nicole



    Mrs Cornerstone


    Thanks ladies for your wise words. Coincidentally I listened to Joyce Meyers message this morning on trusting God and she mentioned Psalm 37:5. I won’t lie some days negative voices just keep making their useless noise in my head  and some days I find myself at peace with waiting and trusting on God. I am making a deliberate effort to shut those negative voices off completely and trust God. I am at peace with the option of Surrogacy but not at peace with the option of donnors. I did my research and found out that 80% of the anonymous donors in the part of the world I live in are gays and lesbians and I will not want my child to have such a link especially when there are codes attached to every donnor and successful recipients and the option of a donnor parent revealing himself to the child when the child turns 18. The complexities surrounding it are just too much that I have decided not to consider that as an option for now. My husband mentioned adoption but like @Bos said, I am not there yet. I am even yet to wrap my head around a lot of things. Until I come to a place of acceptance and peace within myself before I can consider that as an option. Until then I still trust in God and His ways. God is never too late to do that which He has promised to do. Happy fasting my friends. :hug:



    Mrs Cornerstone @harrys-queen, sending  :hugs:   :hugs: your way. The spirit of God is one.  The same God, who has brought you thus far will take you to that quiet place, where only His will for you will resonate in your heart.

    Now, your hesitance regarding donors makes sense to me. If I were in your shoes too, I would have second thoughts about that procedure. Have you thought about doing it back here?

    Whatever you decide to do, surrogacy, adoption, donor, let it be at the Lord’s leading, because even in that environment, there is still nothing that is impossible.






    Maude L. Katynski

    Thank you dear @nicole, Your support makes me feel better.  :cloud9:



    @harrys-queen: You mentioned something that caught my attention. If you don’t mind me asking where in the part of the world do you reside and is homosexuality legalized there. If you do not want to be specific can you please give a clue of the continent. Hoping to read from you soonest. Thanks in Advance.



    Mrs. Cornerstone  @harrys-queen hun, I pondered over what you wrote, and I think I understand what you apprehension is. Even regardless of the homosexuality thing, if your spirit isn’t feeling it, then my dear listen to it. God speaks through that still, small voice. Just keep praying and follow His lead.

    LOL, @pearl why the interest na? :haha:

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