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OCTOBER 2016 BFP Thread!

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    Hi lovely ladies   :heart:


    October Graduates  :yahoo:   :yahoo:  

    @roxy  :bfp:

    @salamigirl3k  :bfp:

    @iyawodiipo   :bfp:

    @oluwakemi :bfp:

    @lizzy :bfp:   :angel:


    How is everyone doing?


    I thought about creating a special group for those of us in various parts of our cycle. As we enter the month of October, I think we should cheer each other along, as we hope and pray for a lovely  :bfp: in the gorgeous new month ahead. This won’t only be for October though. Month after month, we will cheer everyone until we can all graduate to the Pregnancy Group!  :yes:   :yes:


    They say you can’t do the same thing and expect different results. So, let’s try to do something different this month! There are so many things we could do to enhance fertility, but here are my three suggestions for this month:


    1. 31 days of prayer (from October 1 to 31)
    2. Lose at least 2kg
    3. Pregnacare Conception
    4. Moringa Tea


    Those are my suggestions. I think we should start with getting our bodies in good shape, before we proceed to other things. What do you ladies think?


    We can also share our symptoms together in the Two Week Wait Group…as we count down to our :bfp:   :yahoo:


    If you’re interested in being a part of this thread, please holler  :bye:   :bye:


    Looking forward to hearing from you Nadia (@nadia), Grace (@iyawodiipo), Ebere (@eby), Bee (@fruitfulvine), Biodun (@biodun), Tina (@tynah), Oyinlola (@oyinpd), Akosua (@akosua), Goldie10 (@goldie10), Emaimo (@emaimo), Kemi (@oluwakemi), Traci (@salamigirl3k), Olayinka (@olayinka), Angel (@angel), Dzifa (@bronxy), Angela (@ange), lovingmythreeangels (@kenechukwu), Geraldine (@geraldine), Elle (@elle), Voke (@beautilicious), Tee (@roxy), Yvonne (@naaadzane), Tinuke (@lizzy), Reggie (@reggie), Oreoluwa (@oregold), Lynda (@deralyna), Bookie (@bookie), Oladoyin (@oladoyin), Ritty (@ritty), Anita (@drkome), Amazing Grace (@ucee), Nubia (@nubia), Tigho (@tighocharles)…and of course Kemi baby  B-) (@oluwakemin)



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m interested!!!!</p>



    Awesome, @ange hun! Let’s count down to that :bfp:

    Where are you in your cycle hun? And would you also want to lose the 2kg?




    Wow! that’s good. will so much love to participate. But don’t know how I ca get moringa tea. also can I use prenacare conception with folic acid. Have been on folic acid for a while now. it will also be nice to have prayer guide lines so that we all pray with one voice.




    I’m in day 19 of 27 day cycle, in the 2ww. I’m in my perfect weight. Up for the 31 day prayer and taking pregnacare conception.



    Am in too!  :good:



    Day 11 of 28 days cycle am currently taking Folic Acid & Vitamin E & am trying to loose weight my goal is to loose 1kg a week



    @nicole why did you forget me? I’m in, i don’t mind losing 2kg oh i gained 13kg from March till date – 55kg to 68kg so i want to go back to my 65kg weight abeg before i will be knocking on 70kg.

    There is a book (pregnancy miracle) i would like to share with the house, how can that be done? i can send it via email to @nicole @oluwakemine

    :dust: :dust:



    I’m in @nicole :good:



    I’m interested



    Hi @nicole I am interested. I am in perfect shape already. I don’t mind trying the moringa tea and 31 day prayers. I used pregnacare conception last year and I noticed it elongated my cycle length so I stopped.

    I am currently on CD 14.



    YAAAY! So so happy we’ll be cheering each other along as a team!


    @ange hun, it’s awesome you’re in your ideal weight (I’m so jealous :haha:). Do you want to try the moringa tea?

    Yay, @olayinka! So happy you’re on board  :heart:. I just brew the leaves really. As for the folic acid, you have your RDA in Pregnacare, so you don’t have to take it in addition  :yes:

    Welcome, @ange hun!  :hugs:

    Yay, @akosua! So glad to have you here  :heart:. 1kg a week is awesome, but I know how hard achieving even that has been for me :wacko:. I have gained about 6kg in the past year alone. I will weigh myself next week and share it :dohh:

    @bosa my love, how can I forget you. I was going to tag you in the new IVF thread  :friends:. My dear, I am so jealous of you! 68kg…I am like 10kg heavier than you :ohh:. But I feel you hun. Your ideal weight is your ideal weight. Let’s do this  :yahoo:

    Awww, so glad @naaadzane hun  :friends:   :friends:. Really missed you :heart:

    @goldie10, if Pregnacare didn’t work for you, please don’t take it hun. We’ll just do the moringa tea…and see how that works  :yes:

    Yay, @nekkyg! So glad to have you here hun!  :hugs:   :hugs:

    So ladies, as for the tea…what I do is get the dried moringa leaves, which look something like this:


    Then I brew them in pot, and drink like tea…it looks like this.

    No milk or sugar ohhhh! Not even honey!

    This is an internet picture, but I’ll take a live one when I have my evening tea tonight  :yes:

    cc: @oluwakemine



    @nicole forgot about me. I’m in prefect shape already and I can only do the 31days of prayer. .

    My dear @oluchi , are you interested in this thread? You should be  :good:



    Am interested too but can I take pregnacare conception with vitex



    @misi and @oluchi, you know you ladies are special. I am creating a new IVF thread, and you two were at the very top of my list.  :heart:   :heart:


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