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November 2016 BFP Thread!

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    @mrsciw  :bfp:

    @eniola  :bfp:

    @elsiano :bfp:

    @chixavier :bfp:

    @kenechukwu :bfp:



    Hellloooooo November!!!

    I can’t believe it’s November already. This year went by zippity fast  :plane:   :plane: . But I do love the month of November though. I started dating my hubby in November, we were married exactly a year after that (November), and my girls came in November…so you can see why it’s a special month for me  :heart:   :heart:

    I pray that this new month brings us all phenomenal blessings  :heart:   :heart:


    @ritty hun, our prayers are with you and hubby in this difficult time. It is well hun. May your Mother-in-law’s soul rest in perfect peace! And even though your court wedding will be smaller than you’d planned, we wish you and your DH all the best hun  :hug:   :hug:   :wedding:


    @akosua dear, hope you are in better spirits today. Good luck in this 2ww hun  :hugs:


    @wemi, how are you dear? Any luck with getting another appointment with your doctor? Where are you in your cycle? Blowing you lots of  :dust:


    @oyinpd, how are you dear? And how is our wonderful, supportive hubby doing  :wedding: ? Good luck this 2ww hun  :hugs:


    @olayinka hun, how are you today? Still keeping the faith I hope  :heart: . Counting down to your ovulation in a few days  :yahoo:


    @ange dear. It’s been a minute. We missed those awesome prayers of yours  :rose: . Good luck as you approach the end of your cycle hun. Hope you get that awesome :bfp:


    @nadia babe, this is our month oh  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Joining you in prayers this very special month hun. May this be our month of rejoicing, in Jesus’ name  :hugs:


    @tighocharles, how now my babe  B-) . Hope you’re having a great week hun! How far with those maternity styles? Abeg share them with us na, so we all go dey plan together  😉 . Blowing you lots of  :kiss: hun!


    @chixavier hun, how are you today? Counting down to your ovulation date  :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    @missamerley, how are you dear? Thanks for an AWESOME article yesterday! People just couldn’t get enough of it. It was so succinct and on point! Thanks hun  :hugs: . Good luck this cycle babe!


    @naaadzane hun, how are you doing today? Sending you truckloads of :hug: hun! Praying for success this cycle. Will you be testing today?


    @mrsciw hun, how are you today? Have you made a decision yet? Thankfully now, there are other people who have tried the place, so we’re in a better position to judge  :yes:


    @frutiful hun, how are you? We’ve missed you here. How is your cycle coming along? Baby dust to you hun  :dust:


    @nekkyg hun, how are you today? Have you started coping better with the metformin? Good luck this cycle hun  :hugs: :hugs:


    @edojaprecious, long time no hear hun! How are you this cycle? Blowing you lots of :dust: hun


    @elle dear, how are you hun? Good luck this cycle dear. Counting down to ovulation now  :yahoo:


    @goldie10, how have you been hun? It’s been a minute  :hugs: . Good luck in your 2ww hun! Praying for a lovely November :bfp:


    @rabeeyat, how are you hun? How are you preparing for surgery? It’s this month, right? We’re all praying along with you  :hugs:   :hugs:


    @bronxy dear, how have you been? It’s been a while? Counting down with you to the end of your cycle hun! 2 more days  :yahoo:


    @ibukun dear, how are you doing? How is it coming along with the weight loss? Good luck this cycle hun  :heart:


    @eka hun, how the go dey go? You must be in your 2ww now. Wishing you all the very best of luck hun  :bfp:   :dust:   :hugs:


    @chyfaith, sending you lots of  :hugs:   :hugs: hun! It’s always darkest before morning. Be rest assured that morning is on its way :hug:


    @emaimo hun, how are you dear? You’ve been so quiet  😥 . Good luck this cycle babe. Ovulation is just a few days away  :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    @yettybella, counting down with you for good news hun  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    @jasmine, how are you hun? Did you just start a new cycle? Sending you lots of  :hugs:   :hugs: hun…and best wishes for this new one  :dust:


    @adeyinka, @yetundeaare, @victoriaezeigbo, good luck as you approach your ovulation dates my darlings  :dust:   :dust:


    @oluwaseun, @biodun, @eby, @tynah, good luck as we wait for test date! May we get some lovely :bfp: at the end of it all  :heart:   :heart:


    Huge congrats to our October graduates, @roxy, @iyawodiipo, @salamigirl3k, @lizzy, @oluwakemi  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . What a wonderful blessing!!! Good luck with your pregnancies ladies! Please prepare the Pregnancy Forum for all the November graduates…who will be very many indeed :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo:


    The plan for this month? I would like to suggest the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (S.M.E.P), for those of us still in the first part of our cycle. I’ll post an update on how it works shortly. I’ll also be sharing daily TTC tips, just to help us along the way. If you’re interested, just holler. I don’t want to tag anyone who doesn’t want to be included (no need to spam your inbox  :haha: ).


    Really excited about this new month. It’s going to be EPIC  :plane:   :plane:




    Emaimo Omoregie

    @nicole, I would have cried for you if I didn’t see my name. November, please be good to us all more especially Nicole. Lots of love all.



    Hi @nicole…I’m very interested o…happy New month ladies….it will indeed be a November to remember for us all…I join my faith with yours…The heavens will open up to receive our prayers and open up again to pour down answers…we shall celebrate.



    Good day everyone, testing??? :nope: , saw some blood yesterday and I thought :witch: is showing up but no sign this morning. I don’t want any broken heart.

    Count me in oooo @nicole, this November is going to be awesome with lots of :bfp:   :bfp:   :bfp: , :dust:   :dust:   :dust:   :dust:   to us all.

    @oluwakemine, @nicole



    @nicole,thanks so much my darling is doing just great and he sent his regards to you and  Oluwakemine and all the glorious ladies,this month is our month ijn amen….Amen and amen. :whistle:   :hug: was so happy when I saw my name dancing :yahoo:



    God bless you@nicole



    Hi @nicole, am in aswell….Yes, I was able to see a doctor which was quite expensive anyway but it’s okay inasmuch as I can get what i want so she said everything is fine as usual but we will try to use clomid this month to bring the 39 dayz length back and see what happens so waiting for AF by next week and then will book an appointment to get the drugs and start. Keeping my fingers crossed for all the positivities of November already. Definitely am graduating :yahoo: sending  :hug: to all the members in this thread



    Thanks so much @nicole dear. I was able to survive the 5days 😃. I’m believing God for a glorious rain of  :bfp: for all of us this November.

    I’m in for November.



    This excitement is infectious this morning :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: . Honestly, i just smell Christmas. Happy new month ladies and  congratulations to the ladies, that will be getting their  :bfp:   :bfp:  this month. I celebrate your victory :plane:   :plane:

    Shout to your husband @oyinpd,we wouldn’t mind him joining us here o. :haha:

    Emaimo @emaimo darling, @chyfaith, @chixavier:heart:   :heart:

    Nicole @nicole, happy new month and a celebratory one at that for you. :rose:   :rose:



    Amen ooo, @ the bfp, I’m imtrested in the November thread. HWA to u Nicole i advance.



    @nicole vim no dey oooo but God dey … happy new month fam more  :bfp:   : this month… pls add me to the November thread



    @nicole Please add me to the November thread ooo am very interested



    Wow thanks darling  Nicooooo! Well hopefully  we will make up our mind this week lol,anyway it’s DH birthday tomorrow,I am sure it’s November  to remember.please add me to this month thread I am in. Happy new month beautiful  strong ladies :dust:   :hug:



    Hello @nicole Looking forward to  :bfp:   :bfp: this November. Trying to be a bit more proactive. DH and i went to a hospital last week and did some tests…scheduled for a scan next week.

    Good Luck to us all. November will be filled with great testimonies.

    I am interested in the November Thread…Thanks



    November my month of My expected end!!! :yahoo:   :yahoo:

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