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Getting over your Ex

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    Before I met THE ONE, I had quite a few heartbreaks in my time. Here are some of the ways I was able to get over them.


    1. Going Cold Turkey

    Whenever I tried to adopt the “staying friends” attitude, it always backfired and left me worse off. So, I decided to completely cut off the guy after a breakup….in those days, it was simply deleting his phone number…but in today’s world, it would be unfriending and unfollowing him on the various social media platforms. Trust me, you really don’t need a graphic assault of his his activities after you break up.


    2. Get a Hobby

    Find something NEW to engage you. By NEW, it means something you didn’t share with your ex. You need an activity you can enjoy without the risk of running into him when you are still raw.


    3. Take some time for you

    Yes, it might be fun to throw on your glad rags and hit the clubs with your girlfriends every weekend, but you very importantly need some alone time as well. You need time to reflect, meditate, and regroup in order to heal properly.


    4. Be careful of the rebound

    Some people will advice that the best way to get over a guy is to get under one. This is one of the very worst pieces of advice ever!!! Rebounding with the wrong person almost always reopens the wound of your failed relationship, making you think of your ex with unnecessary longing and melancholy, especially if the new guy is horrible. Please save dating for such a time as when your ex is not on your mind 24/7


    5. Never keep up-to-date with your Ex’s activities

    Who your ex is dating, where he is working, what he is doing, is not your business anymore. Keeping a permanent tab on your ex will just keep unnecessarily engraved in your heart and mind. If you make the effort not to care about what he is up to, very soon you really won’t.

    More tips are welcome 🙂

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