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    Okay ladies, whoelse has menstrual cramps that can wreck one for days??? The past two days of my life have been very painful, physically and emotionally?

    What do you do to get better?

    I really need help!

    😥 😥  😥  😥  😥  😥



    @kenechukwu dear , so so sorry about the terrible  cramps.   :dohh:   :dohh:   :hug:  Have you taken any medications???Is this the 1st  time you are having bad cramps? A lot of people i know take anagelsics like piroxicam or diclofenac or ibuprofen or cataflam and sometimes combine it with paracetamol.


    They also say that avoiding sweet things esp sweet drinks can help. Please , be fine hun. Maybe you can discuss it with your doctor?


    Please , anyone with personal experience should tell us how they cope


    Cc@ipheoma , @oluwakemine , @mabel , @pearl , @adaoraa , @ldike , @princess , @iyawodiipo , @reggy @mrs -al , @mrsd , @hephziba @all


    Thanks ladies :rose:   :heart:



    Thanks for tagging me dear Isi @mimibabe.  HEY love @kenechukwu I used to have bad ass cramps too, so I know what you are passing through. If you can manage a bit of exercise, then sits up would help but please take panadol or felvin or ibuprofen, but not in excess please,  two pills should be enough. Then put hot water in a plastic bottle and place it on your abdomen. These should help. So sorry darling  :hugs:



    Pele @kenechukwu. Those cramps can be really bad.I used to take these blue pills( can’t recall the name now) back then, when I was not a mother o and tried Felvin too but there are side effects to these drugs. And sugary drinks days to my period bring on a lot of pain even now. So, I try to avoid it.

    Maybe you should talk to your doctor about it, they should have a better way to manage this situation. :hugs:   :hugs:   I can’t just imagine you for the last two days. Don’t cry please. You will be fine.

    Cc@ipheoma , @mabel , @pearl , @adaoraa , @ldike , @princess , @iyawodiipo , @reggy @mrs-al , @mrsd , @hephziba @sommie, @mabel @tifemummy @marikasmum @all



    @kenechukwu so sorry about the cramps. Have you taken any meds? I used to drink hot tea and lie down on my tummy or kneel over a bed and put a pillow under my stomach I hope you feel better soon



    @mimibabe I went for uterus scan when I was younger, did hysteroscopy as prep for ICSI and the rest. I have had these cramps since I started my periods  :cry: I wish it would just stop. I use to be on anegelsic until it was banned in Nigeria. I started taking felvin until one doctor said it disturbs fertility treatment  :dohh:

    @oluwakemi you know!! I work with men (rig) so I get the side eye like a woman shd nt be here look. I hear it will go away when I bear children….Hmmmm

    @ipheoma another doctor said I should stay away from abs exercises and which exercise will I have mind to do when I am in pains…couldn’t even move  :growlmad:

    @linda I am at work. I can’t kneel down here. these men do not understand oo  :gun:
    :witch: leave me alone


    Oh love, really so sorry. At this rate, a doctor has to prescribe something for you that would work, but wouldn’t tamper with your fertility oh.  Really sorry for all the pain you have had to endure  :hugs:   So sorry dear @kenechukwu :hugs:



    Sorry hun, You really need to see the doctor and don’t bother about the men. They can side eye from now till thy kingdom come. They cannot bear the pain, you are going through and still get some work done. :hugs:   :hugs:



    @kenechukwu hope the cramps are better now?

    wishing all the ladies a beautifully blessed week ahead @oluwakemine @ipheoma @nicole @mrs-al @adaoraa @mabel @reggy @eggy @mimibabe @sommie @myde @mrsd @chybaby



    pele @kenechukwu. Looks like we have the same kind of cramps. I always make sure i have cataflam with me because my cramps can be very bad.



    @kenechukwu hun…so so sorry about the cramps  :hugs:. I hope they have eased up now. I used to have them very very bad before. Like you, I also got addicted to the likes of Felvin and co., but had to stop. Like @ldike suggested, avoiding sweet things, especially around the end of your cycle, usually helps…and a hot water bottle also works magic too.

    Chai, I know how you must feel. I used to work in an engineering firm, and I know how being in a male dominated place can be. Little or no understanding of our women’s issues. Pele hun. Will it be possible to schedule your time off to coincide with your monthly cycle?

    Sending you much love hun :hug:



    Please spare a prayer for my dear dear friend, Chioma Nnoli, who lost her battle with breast cancer this week.

    It really hit me hard. We were very close friends towards the end of Unilag days, but we drifted apart after school. We would run into each other now and then, and always made promises to catch up. But alas, death stole her before we ever got the chance.

    Please tell someone you love them today.

    Chioma hun, funny clown, may your beautiful soul rest in peace!

    :angel: :angel:   :angel:


    Funny Girl

    May her beautiful soul rest in peace. Sorry @nicole

    <script src=”″ type=”text/javascript”></script>



    Amen!! Thanks, @reggy hun :hugs:

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