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    Goodbye, Prince¬† ūüė•

    Good night to one of my childhood icons, and greatest entertainers that ever lived! We love you, Prince. Thank you for the music!



    This was done by @pearl. Isn’t it amazing!!!!¬† :heart: ¬† :heart: ¬† :heart: ¬† :heart:






    Hi ladies! It’s been a while since we sounded off here!

    I have been deep sighing all day long. NA WAAAA OH!

    Please, let’s sound off on this Trump victory oh! Because my spirit dey do me one kin!

    To be honest, I kind of expected it. After Brexit, I was ready for any outcome. And especially as Hilary’s lead in the polls was never really wide, at least not as wide as one would have thought with all the #IAmWithHer noise.

    But meeeeehn! In the light of day, even with my apprehension, this Trump win no be here oh!


    @pearl @adaoraa @ldike @bosa @mrs-al @nadia @fifi @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @ddo @tighocharles @mimibabe @reggie , let’s talk oh! What do you think of this turn of events?! End time tins oh!

    @oluwakemine, please help me tag any of the ladies that might want to talk about this  :headspin:   :headspin:



    <span style=”font-size: 100%;”>Abegi @nicole this is sound ON.</span>

    I am extremely happy with the outcome; I predicted he will win and he did won. In fact, last week two friends unfollowed me on Twitter because of my support for him and guess what I am happy because they are now regretting. :yahoo:

    And to crown it up I made fried rice and grilled chicken sauce to celebrate **sips cola**  :yahoo:

    Note: I dont live in America but I and DH are having presidential treat at the moment. :wine:   :drunk:




    Pearl @pearl :haha:   :haha:  fried rice and Chicken to celebrate. O ga o.

    Honestly, I’m not happy. I just feel sad and down. I so wanted a female US president. My being craved it. This is beyond Hillary. This is about womanhood.

    I remember sometime this year, when ¬†a 15 year old boy, told my four year old daughter, she couldn’t be a president, because women cannot be presidents. I was so angry that day, that whenever, I remembered those words, I told the boy, never EVER say that to my girls again.

    I remember telling my children about the women, who were presidents, from Africa to South America, to Europe. Even Pakistan abi na Iran had a female president, before she was murdered.

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for hope. That it is not always about the other room, the living room, or the kitchen, like our president chauvinistically put it.

    Too bad, it didn’t end as I hoped. So moving on.¬† :muaha:

    Ladies, what do you think about this Trump card o?

    cc: @missamerley, @akosua @mrsciw @ange @emaimo @olayinka @wemi



    Hmmmm you aren’t alone o with the sighing. To be fair it was like choosing between the devil(Trump) and deep blue sea(Clinton) for me. Oh well… can’t wait to see how this drama ends.¬† :whistle:



    @pearl, fried rice and chicken sha :haha:. My dear, please explain why you love the man, because I truly want to understand the mindset of so many Americans. Looking at the poll numbers, it was obvious that this was no fluke. The man won fair and square…and decisively too. Americans voted for the man. I won’t even say just white Americans. Looking at the poll stats, even Latinos (yes, Latinos oh!) voted for him. So I really want to understand the appeal.


    @adaoraa, I know exactly what you mean. Hilary didn’t do it for me at all. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I actually wish Sanders had won the Democrat ticket instead. But as bad as she was, Trump winning didnt seem like a remote possibility oh. I never hessperretit!


    @oluwakemine, tell me about that glass ceiling! It was unfortunate as I was rather looking forward to girls running the world. But alas, America showed us that minorities (gender and¬†race-wise) can go sit down somewhere. They showed the world minorities don’t count. If with all the #IAmWithHer and the likes of Jay Z/Beyonce rallying the blacks, Trump still won overwhelmingly, ah…it’s a message oh!


    I just wonder what this means for the world. For American citizens both in and out country. For parents of American citizens. For immigration. For world trade. For global alliances. Yes, we can all make guesses but what does it really, truly mean?



    @oluwakemine; How is voting Hillary a hope? :unsure:

    And quoting you ”…it is not always about the other room, the living room, or the kitchen, like our president chauvinistically put it.”

    Honestly, statements like this breaks my heart ūüė• Asides from reading what Aisha Buhari said on BBC, I would say what her husband told her which you quoted serves her fantastically right. Like the saying goes **give them a yard they take a mile**

    Infact, I am so sorry for her that she in my opinon disappointed her husband and I will not be surprise she is already facing the consequences but I hope he will not send her packing. :yes:

    **Back to your daughter**

    The boy who said that women ”cannot be president” is just naive and I dont blame him in anyway rather I blame its on education, enlightment and media.

    You my dear Kemi, you should have called the boy and your girl together and tell them he is getting it wrong while sighting examples of female president around the world. Also, letting them know they can achieve thier dreams, desires and aspirations if they do what is right, been persistent and been patient.




    @nicole They have laws, rules, regulations; all those needs to be implemented and asserted. Trump cant change anything much rather he will make sure laws are implemented…Last last may be a review of laws/constitution can happen and modifications will be made where necessary.

    Most Foreigners especially Nigerians that are illegal are afraid of deportation. I keep saying if you dont commit crime or live beyond your means you will be just fine. Look countries around the world need foreigners and I an yet to see any country without foreigners or illegals…**discourse for another day**

    About world trade, global alliances, etc its is what will fit the system, suit them, and gain from they will bargain for…no more pokenosing or testing the waters. A typical prototype is Nigeria with Buhari **Its no longer business as usual**…Another example is Russia(Putin), Turkey(Erdogan), China(Xi Jinping, India(Modi)… I can go on and on.

    Personally, Hillary is just a recycled version of the old system with no desire to make America great again. I am not saying Trump is the perfect one but with my understanding of politics he cant be bought.






    hmmm, reading these arguments and all i can say is hmmm.

    the coming days will tell really, i do believe he can’t do half of what he rambled on about during his campaign, however for me it is the message of discord he has successfully sown in the hearts of many racist, chauvinistic (list goes on) american people that i do not appreciate, so while he sits pretty in the white house or trump towers or wherever, who is going to protect the lady wearing her hijab from being harrassed? who is going to protect the lil helpless minorities in kindergarten from being harassed because of their skin color. We have seen these kind of scenarios already at play. For the American people it certainly won’t be business as usual, but more importantly people are always deserving of the leader they get per time.@nicole @pearl @oluwakemine @adaoraa




    :good: :good: ¬† :good: Linda @ldike, God bless you plenty for your thoughts. The US presidency is a huge responsibility and shouldn’t be entrusted to a blabbermouth of a president but the choice has been made and the consequences will follow…good or bad.

    Talking of seeds of discord, already, I read one piece where an Arab woman warned her daughter not to wear the Hijab again, the same piece of clothing, she had made compulsory. I guess, better to have a living child than a dead one.

    It really doesn’t matter anymore.


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