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Nicole @ 40!!!

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    Hello ladies and the gentlemen in the house. Got exciting news :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    So, sometime this week, Nicole hits the big four O, (40). :wohoo: Awesome right?? :yes:   :yes:

    This thread is specifically for our members here to drop your thoughts on how Nicole has impacted you; in big or small ways, just share your thoughts about Nicole and what she means to you :flasher: . And if you just want to drop your birthday wishes? Feel free.

    What ever you do, let’s celebrate this superwoman #ourtfceverydaywomancrush #WCE

    cc:  @jasmossam,@flakesbaby,@rubie,@lieez,@spearl,@bugz@mssanchez,@kikianaswagger,@ajike,@emaimo,@neeky,@tina_g,@georgesmedical,@bola,@layefa11,@cutestcee,@tee,@iyawodiipo,@sisiseyi,@biodun@emilymoore682,@feyikemi,@olayemi,@sodiqbalogun123,@angel,@funyi,@jewel510,@adaezewrites,@sallian14,@ollie,@ama,@gold,@mavis_brown,@daisyhyelni,@temilola,@tinc,@etiosag,@dameemeey,@bigmummy,@roxy,@naablema33,@cynthia027,@bibi @ldike@nicole@sassymom@feyikemi@rabeeyat@alexa@fruitfulvine@diamond1@elle  @mabel  @princess@ehby @bosa @beautilicious@tumininu @salamigirl3k, @akosua. @eniola @nadia@geraldine @jasmine @eka @goldie10@oluwaseun @babispice22 @chevvy3@mrslafiaji@wemi@osato @mrssho @teeade22 @yinca

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    Happy birthday Nichole, the best years a of your life has began. GOD bless u real good


    Funny Girl

    Happy birthday Nicole Darling. From my makeover to giving me strength after my failed cycle to my positive cycle.

    Thanks for been that shoulder I can lean on. God bless you.



    Thank you @rabeeyat and @reggy :heart:   :heart:



    Happy birthday in advance @nicole , where do I start from? Super woman, cares about the littlest things, supportive, fashionista, my inspiration that I can be all that and more. Thank you for being you. God bless you plenty. :kiss:



    I recently joined this forum, however I must say I am really glad I did as I have received much needed support and information all thanks to Nicole who made it all possible. As you enter Chapter 4.0 may God who brought you this far keep you. May laughter, joy and peace reign supreme in your life, and may you accomplish all you set to do. God bless you Nicole, happy birthday!



    From Lomski @uloma,

    Happy Birthday dearest Nicole @nicole. I’m an avid reader of Bellanaija, that was where I first read your article on infertility, and I became a silent fan. Then when I decided to go the ART route, I googled for best hospitals and came across the comparison you did which helped me narrow my choice. You are a very beautiful and selfless woman who has given practical and God fearing insight on this issue, it was a no brainer for me joining this group, and I must say it’s been worth it. May God bless you beyond your reasoning, empower you beyond your ability. Have a very fruitful year ahead! :hug:   :cake:



    Oh my goodness. I am beyond overwhelmed! Gosh…I’m so emotional.

    @rabeeyat, thank you so very much hun. I really appreciate it. God bless you hun  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    @reggy darling, thank you so much! Love you plenty. Thanks hun  :heart: :heart:

    @ldike, my one and only fine babe. Thank you so much for this hun. You are a special one! Love you hun  :heart: :heart: :heart:

    @daddysgirl, GOD bless you mightily hun. This really touched me! Amen to all your wonderful prayers. God bless you mightily my darling  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    @uloma sweetie, you just brought tears to my eyes. God bless you over and over again. Reading your message just reminded me of why all this is worth it. So very grateful hun.  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    @oluwakemine, I don’t even know what to say. I will save my words for Friday. You’re a special one  :hugs:   :hugs:



    Where does one start from? The beginning? :haha: I recall reading the fertile chick article on bellanaija, I hurriedly copied and pasted the details onto my browser and behold I saw a Nigerian fertility community!!!!! I was in awe, Infertility is something strangely I was passionate about even before I got married. I would pray and stand in the gap for those close to me suffering infertility, call up some and ask “have you considered IVF?” The more I read on TFC, the more I knew I had done more harm than good in some instances. I thought I knew it all but TFC literally opened my eyes to a different world of infertility.

    I loved how warm and open @nicole was so finally one day I sent her an email. Her swift response was the beginning of my journey to obtaining a big sister. Finding out she is a fellow Bini and May girl like me further sealed it.

    @nicole you have been much more than an elder sis I didn’t have, your words of encouragement have been golden. A true fashionista!! How you constantly remember at what stage of their cycle each fertile chick is, is beyond me. This is currently being combined with work and family, girl you are a real trouper. Words fail me; I will stop here and pray the Lord keeps you for us all. Let’s do this in another 40 years from now with you I trust, ever still so fashionable.

    My Prayer for you is that the Lord will prosper the works of your hands, as you have given to others, he will raise you helpers. You will live long to see your children’s children and may he bless your heart’s desires in Jesus name, Amen. Isaiah 65:21-23 shall be your portion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!! :heart:   :rose:   :wohoo:   :wine:   :cake:



    After my failed cycle, I was so alone cos I felt no one understood me. I started searching for IVF forums online. Then I stumbled on @nicole story, I could so relate cos she mentioned places in Nigeria I knew. I  immediately signed up, read other Nigerian women’s story and found out I wasn’t alone. I instantly got healed. Thanks @nicole:hug: :hug: you have been my cheerleader, always rooting for me in TTC journey, my nail art inspo (though I’ve not posted a pic yet), she believes in me more than I do in myself, my movie buddy, fashionista toh badt, I could go on and on.

    Banky be saying his susu is the best, I forgive him cos he hasn’t seen my susu. Happy birthday Hun, do have a stellar 40th . You know I love you, right? :cake:



    @nicole, Where do I start even start from, :scratch: , Like they say Experience is the best teacher, your experiences with infertility has helped you to impact many lives including mine. Alot of people won’t share their experiences but you did that with ease.

    You have healed a lot of broken hearts and comforted many because you have walked in their shows. God has not started with you yet oooo, your latter days are going to be glorious. May God bless your new age with dumbfounding testimonies. Age with grace my dear @nicole. Abi you know the love is deep. :friends:   :friends:



    So, here are some of my Nicole @nicole moments. I met Nicole in middle of 2015. It was the year, I was to turn 30. That was a make or break it year as far as I was concerned. My heart cry to God that was simple- that I found my field of influence, that space where I was purposed to work in. I was done with living randomly.

    I made moves, God orchestrated my steps to meet Nicole. I got on TFC and I was in awe of what was going on…still in awe. After that time, I have never ceased to be amazed at some of the sacrifices Nicole has made, keeps making to ensure TTC women always have a safe place to come to. Too many to count ladies.


    Nicole has this uncanny foresight that somethings would happen. Several times, things have happened and I’m like “Nicole has said, that was how it was going to turn out.”  So, I have it at the back of my mind that, she just knows some things.


    More so, er warmth is so welcoming. She can make someone, she doesn’t know feel like she has been their friends forever. Nicole is just awesome. Fashionista toh badt,  :yes:   :yes:  she’s got plenty swag…

    Personally for me, Nicole is an answered prayer. God bless you Nicole real good this new year, this new decade of your life.  :cake:   :cake:

    Happy birthday!!!



    I am literally in tears as I type this! Where do I start from my beautiful amazing Nicole @nicole .  I became a member of TFC in 2015 when my journey seemed too lonely and then I got to know one of the most beautiful and existing women in the world. Nicole held my hands through this journey as though I was the ONLY member of TFC and she did it for everyone of us. Fast forward to 2016 when I had my failed IVF cycle and I felt it was over and in such inexplicable pain,  I clearly remember Nicole being with me every step of the way. I called you the day I got my :bfn: , u were unavailable,  I left you a voice note and you called me right back! You prodded me gently, understanding when I went into hiding and never ceasing to check up on me. Nicole,  you are the reason I didn’t give up;  how can I forget how you constantly and gently told me that some of us have to try more than once. I am a ttc survivor because God gave me the gift of Nicole! You didn’t allow me throw in the towel even when I really wanted to.

    Today, from the deepest part of my heart, I pray for you. You will call one, millions will answer, this new decade will bring you unending blessings till you lose count. God will keep you in Good health and reward you immensely for all you do for us.
    <p style=”text-align: right;”>You are one of the persons I love most in the world. Happy birthday my woman crush everyday. I love you beyond words :heart:   :heart:   :rose:</p>



    Happy belated birthday Nicole. Don’t know much about you but the comments here say it all. May God continually bless and grant your heart desires. Amen.



    I am beyond speechless…thankful…grateful! You ladies have made a 40 year old woman cry  😥

    First of all, I need to apologize that this is coming so late. After all the buildup to my birthday, I went down like a pack of cards a couple of days after, and spent all of last week literally under my blanket. But coming up to these awesome messages has literally sprinkled gold dust in my heart!

    Bos (@bosa), Isi (@mimibabe), Bibi (@bibi), Yvonne (@naaadzane) …you ladies will never know how each of you has impacted my life. Knowing you has been a blessing to me, an opportunity I do not take for granted. I am blessed that you chose me…chose TFC…as the partner to walk with you in this journey, and I am more than overjoyed over having made such beautiful and wonderful new friends. I love you so very much! Thanks for sticking with me  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    Kemi (@oluwakemine), thank you so much for this hun! Love you plenty!


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