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    @nicole, it will be so cool to see you :good: . Keeping our fingers crossed. :wohoo:  :wohoo:



    @nicole, it will be so cool to see you :good: . Keeping our fingers crossed. :wohoo:   :wohoo:


    Hopefully, I can fit into your carry on luggage when you are about going to Accra @nicole since I am on some serious weight-loss journey. hehe :rose:  :yahoo:



    @ipheoma, you better pray I take a box and not a traveling bag oh…or else your weight loss no go be for here :haha:


    Ok, :baby: Please go with a box, I promise to snuggle tight @nicole. I can’t bear to miss out on The Accra Get Together!!! :nope:  :nope:  :nope:


    MRS. AL

    cc: @nicole @ldike @reggy @eggy @oluwakemine @ipheoma @pearl @hephziba @olufola @maiyaram @mimibabe @adaoraa
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    Hello my TFC family! I am so so sorrryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I have been MIA for a while. I have this crazy training going on which started this week and into next week so I havent been able to communicate with you all on any thing.

    Abeg make una no vex with me. I call it, #TheRealLifeOfaCareerWoman. But that aside a few things:

    1. I hope to be at the spa place this Saturday morning, I have been too busy to take care of that (please someone hold me accountable for that, nai make i don talk am early oh)

    2. I will also be visiting our lunch venue (also hold be accountable for this too so that I can bring back report)

    3. I need someone who can get us discount on our movie tickets for the group (for now we are about 9/10 ladies) at te Palms, Lekki.

    4. Location for every na Island, Lekki axis

    5. The spa opens at 9am on saturdays and since we will be more than 6 ladies then we will have to go in 2 groups and morning session cos that is when they can accommodate group, I shall update further after Saturday visit.

    6. The list of interested ladies so far are: @nicole @ldike @oluwateetee @mabel @ipheoma @princess @chybaby @reggy and myself. Please if you are interested leave a message here. If you are on this list and can not make it anymore let us know so that we know the number we are dealing with for every aspect of this outing.

    I love you ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!! and please refer to previous messages from Nicole and I to get full gist of all the details you missed if you are just joining us.

    Off to my books, till Saturday!


    Thanks darling for keeping us posted. Hope the training is going great! We would do well to keep you accountable on saturday, hopefully, you can find time in your schedule to fulfill all outstanding @mrsal God speed! :hugs:



    I am interested



    @mrs AL,i am in :wohoo:  :wohoo:



    Awesome, Grace (@iyawodiipo), Oluwakemi (@oluwakemine) and Chimamanda (@sommie)  :yahoo:

    cc: @mrs-al



    Which Saturday are we looking at?



    @Bos, @mrs al mentioned the first weekend in September, so every one would have collected all the collectables :haha: and have funds for the days out, which she estimated to be between, 7000 and 8000 naira per head, for a spa visit, lunch and movies, not to mention finally meeting  members of the TFC family. :good:  :good:  :good:


    Funny Girl

    Thanks @mrs-al,  great job. More strength.



    Hi Mrs-Al @mrs-al. Hope you are good.

    So, how did the trip to the spa and lunch venue went today?

    You mentioned you were going there today to check it out.

    :heart: :hugs:





    Hi @mrs-al hunnie, I didn’t have any luck with Genesis Deluxe cinema today. Or maybe the lady I met was just plain rude. I’ll speak to someone who might know someone…

    But I was wondering…after the spa date, should we just have an extended lunch date…wherein we can just eat and giiiiiist? We might not be able to gist like that if we see a movie. Or what do you think?


    cc:  @ldike @oluwateetee @mabel @ipheoma@princess @chybaby @reggy @sommie @iyawodiipo @bosa

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