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    This is really going to be fun, but some of us can’t be there, I wish I can fly over to Lagos. Have fun Dearies :hugs:  :hugs:  :hugs:


    MRS. AL

    @ipheoma thanks!!! :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo: excited about it too!

    @ang @eggy I am so sorry you gals are out of town but be sure we are holding down for all our out of town sisters too! We are going to miss you all too as the stories won’t be complete without you!!!!

    :hugs: :hugs:  :hugs:  :hugs:



    team no drama!! :wohoo: right behind ya @ipheoma @mrs-al



    @mrs-al, where can I send your kiss too  :kiss:  :kiss:  :kiss: . I’m ALL FOR no drama hun!!! But I trust our ladies. They’re too cool for drama  B-)

    @naaadzane, @eggy, and @ang, we’ll miss you guys. Hopefully we’ll be able to share some pictures…  😉



    right behind you @linda  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo: I cant wait yo. Sorry to our sisters who cant attend. You will see pictures…. I guess  :hugs:  :hugs: Well done @mrs-al . So what date are we looking at? :hug:



    Welldone @Mrs. al. I am in :yahoo:


    MRS. AL

    @mabel Thank you, me too!!! The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

    @naaadzane I am so sorry hun. The more out of town sisters response I read, it makes me sad that we all can’t participate but let’s keep the encouragement going after all that’s why mama Nicole has this support group set up.

    @ldike heheheheheheh!!!!!! babe-est! noted!

    @nicole I know! I had to throw in the anti-drama line especially because we are going to be accommodating women with varying differences (culturally, professionally, educationally, maritally etc etc) but like you said I trust the gals to come and make this even more furn than it was planned to be!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are too cool for drama jare!

    No worry make I finish with everything and the kisses will come. lol!!!

    @oluwateetee thanks for the encouragement at least my ginger has increased to another level and the date we are working with for now is 5th September. At least by that time we have collected salaries and upkeep monies so that we are prepared and don’t have to stretch ourselves for this outing.



    Awwwwww,its such a pity that am not in naija but u ladies shd have fun for mee but hope to cee ur pictures and sending u all  :rose:  :rose:  and :hug:  :hug:



    Really great job  @mrs-al . Thanks for all the effort  :hugs:  :kiss:   :kiss: . Well done babeeee  :good:   :hug:


    Funny Girl

    Ha noooooo @ipheoma I am number 3 jo.

    Weldone @mrs-al,  what time are we meeting please?


    MRS. AL

    @sherry, we will miss you and will be grooving for you too hun!

    @mimibabe thanks dear!!!!!

    @reggy I will communicate once I confirm the time, my diva extraordinaire!



    Hallo lovely ladies…especially my dear Ghanaian sisters! This meet up got me thinking. I know I’m going to really love meeting our lovely Lagos ladies, but it would definitely be nice to meet you too. Hopefully, before the end of the year, I’ll be in Accra and we can have our own meet-up  :good:

    cc: @naaadzane, @eaglebabe, @adoma, @boateng, @sherry



    Shabi am number 1? 😉 am innnnnnnnnnn hope it’s gonna be fun? Skelewu Skelewu Skelelelewu :wohoo:  :wohoo:



    Skelewu, shoki, shakitibobo….all join :haha: @chybaby



    That will be awesome @nicole :hug:

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