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When Celebrities Get Real About Their Parenting Journey

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    From snapping back to shape, weeks after childbirth, to going on dates soon after giving birth, and even raising seemingly smarter children, celebrity parents have it altogether…or at least, they make it look like they do. But hey, they are just normal parents like you and I.

    They go through the same frustration as regular parents. They wonder if they are doing a good job at being a parent, whether their children have got the right values, whether they are not over exposing them and such…the only difference is, they have a retinue of staff and a support system that they can take advantage of, hence they can go on dates a week after giving birth, or even attend weddings the next day.

    Here are a few parents, who got very real about their parenting journey.

    Uche Jombo

    This Nollywood actress and mother of one soon caught up to the fact that, it is no beans to juggle being a mother and working, either as an employee or a boss. It takes some balancing act. Her Instagram post says it all.

    “My Most challenging role yet…MOTHER!! S/O to all the working mothers here….God bless you all….call your mother and tell her you love her. I LOVE YOU #MyAfricanQueen


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