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Top Celebrity Maternity Photoshoots

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    Recently, American singer, Ciara, released some awesome maternity photos and the glow (even though I knew the photos had been airbrushed) that came through was unmistakeable. Ciara is obviously enjoying her second pregnancy, and it showed through in the photos.

    Honestly, Ciara’s bump got me all wired, but it left me with a bad case of pregnancy craving. Thank God I’m full to overflowing, and the twins have again done a good job of snapping me out of it with their antics, that see me nearly pulling off my protective styling…story for another day.

    Now, its onto our celebrities with their awesome maternity shoots:


    Of course, Mama beji-to-be, Beyoncé, will be on this list. Not with those stunning images she released to announce the impending arrival of her patters of tiny feet.  From the nudes, to the one she shared the spotlight with her five year old daughter, Blue Ivy, to the underwater images; they were all breath-taking.

    And somehow, the images brought about discussions of the symbolism of the images and the link to some female legends.

    Anyway, you look at it, Bey is still queen.


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