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New Generation Nollywood Actresses Who Are Becoming Mommas

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    The desire in both their eyes was so evident, it must have taken a lot of self-control for them to rein it in. But even that didn’t stop them from responding to the magnetic pull that was the desire between them.

    Very soon, they locked heads, their noses touched and then their lips connected briefly before common sense entered, and she moved her lips away. The control she was exerting, showed in the spasm of muscles that clenched along her jawline.
    Wordlessly, they drifted apart…

    Now, you wonder whose story am I narrating here? Well, it’s none other than a scene from a movie O.C Ukeje and Damilola Adegbite Attoh acted in, which she posted on Instagram, recently. I think it’s the perfect start to an article on new generation Nollywood actresses, who are becoming mommas.

    Thanks to Instagram and their willingness to share, and the unending buzz their fans, and their stalkers like me, can catch a feel of their lives and how some of them , whom have become mommas are taking so well to the role and making mommas everywhere proud. Here’s are the newest mommas on the bloc.


    Click here for more of the story.

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