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Mixed Bag: Funny And Real Celebrity Birth Stories

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    It is so easy to believe that celebrities live a charmed life; a life that is far removed from the current realities of the average man but one of the areas that’s a great leveller of class is childbirth.

    When it comes to bringing children to the world, we are all the same, celebrity or not, and today, we will be focusing on some of the at-times funny but so real birth stories from our celebrities.

    First on my list is:

    Omoni Oboli

    This mother of three boys shared how she had been expecting a girl, when she had gotten pregnant the third time. She and her husband had picked out a girl name too, Adanna, only for her last son to show up and the funny comment by her first son, “Mommy, this is not Adanna oh” just melts hearts.

    She posted the caption below, when she celebrated her last son’ Chizi’s birthday recently:

    “10 years ago, in far away England, a Prince came into this world! My 3rd son Chizi made a grand entrance a few days past his due date. I was tired and anxious and I couldn’t wait to push him out! I remember the midwife saying if labour and delivery was that easy, she would have had 12 kids! Even though I was tired, I was excited! I had prayed for a girl, but the all knowing God gave me a boy. We even had a girl name (Adanna) so when my son came, we had to quickly think of a new name. So we named him Chizi (God sent). His oldest brother Tobe pictured above looking at him said ‘mommy, this is not Adanna’ I love Chizi with all my heart and I am so glad God sent him to us. He tugs at my heart in ways I cannot explain! In recent times, I have become somewhat broody, thinking about another child. I started and finished child bearing very early in life and not sure if I can pick it up again after 10 years but…anyway Happy birthday my Chibubu! You already know mommy loves you! May God bless and continue to make you a blessing to your generation. May you remain in good health and may God give you wisdom beyond your years in Jesus name…”


    Click here for the rest of the story

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