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How The Celebs Celebrated Valentine’s Day

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    Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the feeling is still in the air, with loads of couples eager to go the whole hog over the weekend on the things they couldn’t do on Lovers’ day itself, as it was a work day.

    However, some set of people didn’t allow the work day cramp their styles at all. They are the celebs. From indulging in couple-y moments, to showering praises on their loved ones on social media, more so for the men than the women, who used the day as an opportunity to wish their fans a great Valentine’s Day experience, of course, with a picture of themselves and their better-half.

    What did they do? You’re about to catch up on it below.

    First on the list is Mercy Johnson –Okojie

    She belled the cat, as she posted the first video on Instagram, (at least that I know of) about Valentine’s Day. She shared a video of herself and her husband on a swimming date. The laughter, the connection between Mercy and her husband made it clear that they are still very much in love, even after three children.

    See the caption she wrote: “Happy Vals Day, Everyone! Love yourself enough and value the smallest things. Lol! Even when I let him go first, he still cheats. Awesome God.”



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