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Celebrities with Adopted Children

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    Babies come into our lives in many different ways, and the homes of your favourite celebs are no different.

    Some are born vaginally, some gulp in their first whoosh of air from the operating table, and some are born to one mother only to find a home with another.

    And some celebs have travelled the world in search of babies to call their own. Some have adopted from their home country, some have adopted within their race and some couldn’t be bothered about the colour of the skin, as they have adopted children from practically every known race.

    Which is why I think the best people to push an idea or take an issue from the periphery of society to the mainstream are the thought leaders, the celebrities. Their persuading power is enormous, if they try to wield it for greater good of the society.

    That is the issue with infertility, with adoption, with surrogacy and other ways that motherhood can come to TTC moms nowadays.

    Given the fact that some of these celebs have been open with the stories of their journey to motherhood, gradually, it is becoming no longer a taboo to talk about these issues that affect more people than are accounted for.

    In fact, taking some of these less than conventional routes to motherhood no longer leads to total social annihilation.  We are not where we want to be regarding issues of infertility but we’re not where we used to be either, so it a gradual process.

    Today, it’s all about the celebs who are blazing the trail, when it comes to adoption. I know, we practice adoption here, but more often than not, it is a loose arrangement of richer family members helping the poorer folks raise their children, but there are usually no legal binds and such. Let’s just say, we practice our adoption with our own cultural colourings.


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