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Celebrities Who Love Twinning With Their Kids

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    My girls have gotten to a stage where they actually want to wear what I wear. Honestly, I thought it should have been the other way around, and if I’m being truthful, I must confess I had cornered some pieces of my older daughter’s in recent times.

    Recently, we got some hair pieces and my daughters wanted us to have only the same colour, so, “mom doesn’t use their own”, and we can twin. As the one who makes it happen, of course I vetoed that suggestion. Why do we have to have three hair pieces of the same colour in the same house, when we can have three different colours and use as we like? I had my way, and we still twin, when we all use our hair piece at once.

    Away from regular folks like my girls and I, celebrities are wholeheartedly embracing the twinning trend. It may seem awkward for the children and awww-evoking for celebrity fans, but it’s nonetheless a beautiful sight to behold.

    Today’s article will focus on the celebrities who love twinning with their kids:


    Annie Idibia

    The dark skinned actress and wife of singer, Tuface, who is also a mother of two girls, loves twinning with her daughters, Isabel and Olivia.

    Sometimes, Annie and the girls keep their twinning game to casuals; a white Tee and shorts, and sometimes, they take it up a notch by wearing similar styled Ankara outfits.


    Click here for the rest of the story

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