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Celebrities Who Have Been Open About Their Infertility Struggles

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    We live in a society that is so secretive about some things and so blasé about others. Issues like infertility, be it male factor or not, are never discussed. It is simply termed women’s matter and such matters are hardly ever discussed openly.

    Imagine the pressure a regular woman going through infertility will feel, how much more when you have to go through infertility with everyone poring over your business. When every time you step out, someone is wondering, “Is that a baby bump?” or “Did she just eat too much food?”

    Well that is the reality of life for the celebs that we highlight today, and the best part is that these women, rather than remain close mouthed about their infertility, have gone open, discussing it; the struggles, the pain. This reminds us, in a powerful way, that they are humans too and deserve to be treated better, regardless of the fact that they are celebs.

    While some are our own celebs here, more are from the international scene, obviously due to the fact that infertility is often a behind-the-scene chat in our Nigerian society.


    Nike Oshinowo


    This mama of twins has always been in the news for a long time, from when she was crowned beauty queen to much celebrated love life, and her struggles with endometriosis were also quite popularly documented.

    She’s talked about her condition at different foras, organised walks to raise awareness about the condition. Presently, she is the global ambassador of the Endometriosis Support Group Nigeria.

    At a fund raising gala the group organised recently, the former beauty queen said, “No doctor has told me why I suffer so much because of endometriosis. Why me, I keep asking. I turned 50 recently and I’m looking forward to menopause. However, in spite of endometriosis, I have had an amazing life,”


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