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Celebrities and Risqué Pregnancy Images

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    The first time a pregnant celebrity appeared nude on the cover of a magazine was on the August 1991 issue of Vanity Fair. It was the pregnant American actress, Demi Moore.

    It was a scandalous cover, so much that it was reported that some regular stores, which usually carried the magazine, refused to carry that particular edition.

    Twenty six years later, Tennis Champion, Serena Williams posed nude, albeit with nude underwear and a belly chain, for the same Vanity Fair magazine, and the backlash has been just as bad, with many using words like “disgusting” and “trashy” thus contributing to a disappointing trend of body-shaming pregnant woman who publicly display their pregnant form.

    The fact is pregnancy is intricately related to sex (and I’m saying that, knowing fully well that assisted reproductive technique exists) and the naked female body. So, why are women being shamed for connecting to their natural sexy nature and showing off their bare bellies?

    Hmmm, I really don’t want to talk about body shaming of pregnant women, because I suffered quite a few of those myself. Is it about the women who nicknamed me “old woman” because I was pregnant, or the ones who screamed blue murder, if I dared to wear a form-fitting dress or blouse displaying my bump. But I thank God, things are really changing.

    Back to the celebs, between the time Demi Moore showed off her bump and Serena Williams’ current cover, there have been tons of women who have graced the covers of magazines in the nude.

    There have been some Nigerian celebs who also showed off their bumps, but we are yet to see these on the cover of any magazine…I guess, we are not ready for that yet.

    So today, we will do a roll call of celebs who have posed naked, whether on the cover of a magazine or just a photoshoot.

    Serena Williams:

    I can almost bet that half of the people who termed her nude cover disgusting and trashy, did not read the accompanying interview. That would have been too much task for their minds.

    For her August 2017 issue of Vanity Fair cover, the 35-year-old tennis champion, who is expecting her first child with fiancé and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, wears only a flesh coloured thong and belly chain.

    Williams, who found out she was expecting right before the Australian Open in January 2017, was shocked by the baby news after taking six pregnancy tests, which were all positive.

    Newly pregnant, she competed in — and won! — the Australian Open anyway, at seven to eight weeks pregnant, once her doctor signed off.

    Click here for the rest of the story

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