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    To start a new topic, you have to join the Group first.

    After you do, the “Create New Topic” text box will be visible to you, in the Forum section.

    Type in your title, and write what you want in the text box.

    Voila! Topic created!



    The Joy of our Pains



    Is that the title you want to use for your thread @egobaby?



    Woah! I wish I had started this earlier. Women!!! We are really strong n we get called the weaker vessel all the time… but God dey sha. Thank God for this opportunity n I hope I would do it right. I am already 30 weeks gone n counting down to EDD.

    I have moved on from weighing 68kg to 76kg. My diet have changed over time from craving jollof rice n beans at the early stage to anything that has excess pepper. Fruit juice to  Lucozade to Ribena n now strictly water. At a time i started craving stout👎🏿. I took in a few glasses before I cautioned myself. In pregnancy we eat for two… yes but moderation is the key. I remembered in my early stages when I craved cold water. It was so bad that I was chewing ice block n ice cream 🍦. A day came when I could barely get out of bed cos of the pain on my calf and the first question the nurses asked at the hospital was do you take cold water n my reply was yes. They advised I stop which I felt would be difficult. One of them told me that each time I craved cold water I should remember the pain omo na so that craving take die.

    I thank God for the journey thus far n pray for strength in this last weeks.  :hug:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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