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Happy New Month!!!

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    Huge congratulations Chinyere Gold @gold. I know she’s almost six months old, but we just learnt, she’s here :plane:   :plane:   :plane: Stay blessed mama.

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    Congratulations to Xavier @chixavier, who is now a momma. :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:  She welcomed her son yesterday. :blue:   :blue:   :blue:

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    cc: @gold @mavis_brown @alexa@demmie@funyi @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @crystal @oladoyin  @moshal @jay201 @goldie10  @nicole



    Huge congrats on your baby boy, Xavier @chixavier

    :cloud9: :cloud9:   :blue:



    Happy wedding anniversary Wemi @wemi :wedding: :wedding: This is a special wedding anniversary oh :cloud9:

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    Good morning, lovely preggo mommas  :heart:   :heart:

    Isi @mimibabe sweetie, how are you feeling hun? You know I love you. Sending you lots of :hugs:

    Pearl @pearl momma, I know you’ll complain, but I’m tagging you in this thread anyway :haha: :hugs: . How can I not tag my darling preggo momma  😉

    Bibi @bibi , tagging you here too. All you hide and seek mommas. How are you doing today love?  :cloud9:

    Ruby @temotighoken hun, biko no vex hun. It wasn’t intentional at all  :heart: :hugs: . Because of work, I’m not on here as often as I should, but I’ll do better. We love you loads, and care for you plenty. And we’ll keep checking on you from now on, even if you don’t answer  :hug: :hug:

    Chinwendu  @chinwendu hun, so so happy your pregnancy is progressing great hun  :hug: :hug: :hug: . And don’t worry about the weight. As long as you’re healthy, that’s what matters. Abi, darling @pearl ?

    Princess @princess dear, how are you doing today? How are you coping with the pregnancy and our little Prince? I’m sure you’re great hun. Sending you lots of  :hugs:

    Hotmaama  @hotmaama dearie, how are you today? Was the information helpful? I hope it was hun  :rose:

    Blessing @bsquare love, how have you been? So sorry I haven’t checked on you in a bit. How is it going with your travel plans? Blowing you lots of  :kiss:

    Deedee @deedee sweetie, our preggo momma and Iya Beji in the making. How are you hun? How are you feeling?  :cloud9:

    Tumininu @tumininu hun, how are you doing? Counting down now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Chimuanya @muanya love, our new preggo momma  :heart: . How have you been?

    Mrs A @naanxiee love, how are you doing? I hope the constipation has packed its suitcases and left ooo! Have you started with the ori yet? I found some awesome scented packaged ori, in case you’re worried about the smell  :yes:   :hugs:

    Bims @bimbo hun, how’s your appetite now? Hope no more pap and kilishi o  :haha: . Sending you plenty  :hugs:  hun

    Sending lots of :hugs: :hugs:  to our other preggo mommas! How are you ladies doing? @ayaba, @goldie10 @jennifer @egobaby @dabrenzy @missfafa @lovenny  :hug:   :hug:

    cc: @oluwakemine





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    Sending our lovely preggie mamas a big hug.

    :haha: :haha:  @hide and seek mamas   😉   @pearl and @bibi

    Ruby @temotighoken, no vex mama

    Chinwendu @chinwendu, it was really nice to hear from you. Last lap now… :plane:   :plane:   :plane:

    Nicole @nicole :heart:   :heart:

    Love to you ladies @hotmaama @bsquare @naanxiee @bimbo @tumininu @deedee @mimibabe @princess @ayaba@goldie10 @jennifer@egobaby @dabrenzy @missfafa @lovenny 



    Hello ladies, I trust everyone is doing great. Thank God for all the mamas in the house. We will all carry our babies to full term and have healthy babies by God’s special grace.

    This pregnancy journey really does come with its own challenges though. We are approaching 10 weeks now and baby is going fine. I’ve had several bleeding episodes and keep passing large clots. For the past three weeks. Sometimes the clots come twice a week. It can all be so scary. But my clinic (ark) have been so fantastic with monitoring my scans and checking on the baby’s progress. I still passed a huge clot tonight and bleeding but my next scan is on Friday so I’m trusting that all is well. I always just plead the blood of Jesus on all the clots and staying off my feet. Apparently I have something called chorionic hematoma but I am believing it is not for me sha. And the baby will be fine.

    Other than that, pregnancy symptoms have really set in o. Always nauseous, bloated, heartburn, loss of appetite. No cooking is allowed in my house if I’m home. The smell is intolerable. The smell and sight of stew literally makes me gag! Imagine. So I haven’t tasted stew in almost 3 weeks now. Me that I was the queen of sweet tooth. I have had a Salt lagos cake sitting in my kitchen for 2 days. Absolutely no interest in it! Unbelievable.

    I can only tolerate things like yam and plain eggs, dry beans, fruits and plain foods.

    Anyway, it shall all end in praise!!


    @oluwakemine @nicole



    DeeDee @deedee, this baby do you strong tinz oh.Imagine, all that food and no interest. So, when do the people in your house now eat or they have joined your plain diet trend? :munch:

    Sorry dear about all the bleeding shenanigans but fingers crossed that everything will be fine. You and baby have come really far. :plane:   :plane:

    We will keep pleading the blood of the lamb on your behalf and everything will be fine.

    So, this  chorionic hematoma whatever is the likely cause of the bleeding…first trimester will soon be over and it will go away.  :flasher:   :flasher:



    @deedee so sorry to read this, pregnancy does come with its own ups and down but hang on to God’s word, it will surely end in praise. Sending hugs your way :hug:



    @deedee, God is most surely in control with you hun! I also had intermittent bleeding in the beginning. Just make sure you REST!!! Abeg, I can’t stress that enough. REST please!!! And I had the exact aversion to sweet things, even though I have a chronic sweet tooth. You have a Salt Lagos cake and haven’t been able to eat it? Now that’s what I call an aversion  :haha: . Don’t worry hun, God willing, by 2nd tri it will all be a thing of the past  :heart:



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    Happy birthday Alexa @alexa:cake:   :cake:   :cake:   :cake:  Hope you have a beautiful day :flasher:   :wine:   :icecream:   :drunk:


    cc: @chinwendu @temotighoken @pearl @bibi @hotmaama @bsquare @naanxiee @bimbo @tumininu @deedee @mimibabe@princess @ayaba@goldie10 @jennifer@egobaby @dabrenzy @missfafa @lovenny



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    Welcome to the group and congratulations Gold @joyfulmun. So happy for you dear.  Gold has been on the site for almost a year but decided to come out to share her good news with us now. :heart: :heart: Have a blissful experience ahead

    If you will drop your LMP,  I will add you to the tickers.

    cc: @chinwendu @temotighoken @pearl @bibi@hotmaama @bsquare @naanxiee @bimbo @tumininu @deedee @mimibabe@princess @ayaba@goldie10 @jennifer@egobaby @dabrenzy



    Huge congrats, Gold @joyfulmun  :hugs:

    Welcome to the Pregnancy Group  :friends:



    Hello ladies!!! Just saying hiii :hi:  I’ve been a bit mia the past few weeks just taking everything with this pregnancy in stride.

    Thank God we have officially crossed the 12 week mark  :yahoo: ! Feeling so relieved. And definitely beginning to grow a visible bump.  🙂

    The not so great part is that I’m still bleeding  :growlmad:  Its been 6 weeks now of bleeding/spotting. But I’ve been scanning every week and baby is doing just fine so it’s all good. Thanks to the fabulous doctors at the clinic. And making sure I get plenty rest too.  Also the gas, nausea and this nasty taste in my mouth persists.

    Praying that it all subsides this 2nd trimester. All in all, it really hasn’t been such a bad first trimester. It really could have been worse so I thank God.

    Hope everyone one here is doing good. And congratulations to the new mamas in the house  :hugs:

    @nicole @oluwakemine



    Awww, @deedee so glad to read from you :hugs:

    HUGE CONGRATS on crossing 12 weeks  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . To God be the glory and praise! So sorry about all the 1st trimester drama. God willing, it will all pass by 2nd trimester  :cloud9:

    Are you considering getting a cerclage?

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