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Happy New Month!!!

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    Hey mamas!!! It’s Nicole @nicole‘s 40th birthday :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :yahoo:   :cake:   :cake:   :drunk:   :wine:   :icecream:

    See sexy mama :heart:   :heart:  #WCE. You have mastered the art of empathy, providing uncanny insights at times of stress. You’re just a beautiful soul, and everyday, we thank God for your life, that you are living purpose. As you celebrate today, celebration will not cease in your life, your home and over everything and everyone that is precious to you.Amen!

    cc: @gold @mavis_brown @alexa@demmie@funyi@roxy @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @crystal @oladoyin  @moshal @jay201 @goldie10 @mrsciw@chixavier  @nicole @damochic @tumininu @eby @dabrenzy @egobaby @dooshima @adeolu @sena @lovenny



    Happy Birthday darling @nicole  :hug:   :cake:   :cake:   :cake:   :cake:   :cake:  As you have hit this milestone, I pray that the Lord’s continued grace and favour be with you IJN! You’re inspiring and have touched a lot of our dear hearts even without knowing us all personally. This indeed is greatly appreciated and only God can reward you for your labour and genuine interest in other people. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Have a splendid day KingWoman! :icecream:   :cake: Make sure you indulge!!!!!!




    Thank you, my darling sisters! I really appreciate you all!  :heart:   :heart:

    @oluwakemine and @goldie10, thank you soooo much! I’m so sorry for responding late. Ill health didn’t want to allow me be great! God bless you over and over!

    Goldie hun, I see you, all bumping along and all. So so happy, you can’t even understand  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Oh, for this, I can’t keep still!!!  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Huge congrats to @ddo on the arrival of her Prince! Welcome, little man! We’ve been waiting on you  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    cc: @gold @mavis_brown @alexa@demmie@funyi@roxy @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @crystal @oladoyin  @moshal @jay201 @goldie10 @mrsciw@chixavier  @nicole @damochic @tumininu @eby @dabrenzy @egobaby @adeolu @lovenny @oluwakemine





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    :yahoo: :yahoo: Congratulations Dooshima @ddo :yahoo:  Yayy!!! God bless you baby. When was he born, so, I can add him to our blessings hall of fame oh?



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    Congratulations Traci @salamigirl3k on the arrival of your princess. I’m sure, all the discomfort was worth it in the end :plane:   :plane:

    cc: @gold @mavis_brown @alexa@demmie@funyi@roxy @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @crystal @oladoyin  @moshal @jay201 @goldie10 @mrsciw@chixavier  @nicole @damochic @tumininu @eby @dabrenzy @egobaby@adeolu @lovenny



    Super Great News!!!!! Congratulations @salamigirl3k !!!! God bless your lil princess abundantly!



    HAPPY NEW MONTH, dear preggo mamas  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:


    How are you all doing?


    Lomski @uloma hun, how are you doing? I hope 1st tri hasn’t been too hard  :heart:


    Darlynn  @darlynnn how are you, dear? How has it been going?


    Chinwendu @chinwendu love, mama bomboy  :blue:   :heart: . How are you hun? How is the baby shopping coming along? Are you back from your baby moon?


    Ruby @temotighoken hun, how are you feeling? I’m sure you’re still walking on cloud 9  :cloud9:   :cloud9: . Have you made a decision about the cerclage?


    Tumininu @tumininu hun, how are you doing? Almost in the home stretch now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: . How do you feel? Just about 11 weeks left!


    Isi love @mimibabe, how are you hun? I hope you’re feeling much better now. By God’s grace, the 2nd tri will be easier hun  :cloud9:   :hug:


    Jango @jango love, so glad to have you here  :hugs: . Did you see my post about the clinic in Surulere? Parkland is the one I would recommend. It’s off Adeniran Ogunsanya, and we’re told the Ob/Gyn is very good  :good:


    Victoria (@mrsciw) dear, I can’t believe you only have 3 weeks to go! WOW!!! Counting down now, mama  :cloud9:   :baby:


    Xavier (@chixavier) how are you hun? 35 weeks already! Just look at that! Just like yesterday! So happy for you momma, and counting down too!  :heart:


    Wemi (@wemi) dear. How are you getting ready for the LO? Sending lots of  :hugs: your way!


    Goldie (@goldie10) dearie, how are you bumping along? Counting down now  :yahoo:


    Princess (@princess) momma, how has it been with this pregnancy? Easier than the first? So happy for you hun. Sending plenty  :hugs:  to you and my little boy!


    Jennifer (@jennifer) how are you dear? How are you finding 3rd tri? Almost there now  :rose:


    Egobaby (@egobaby), hope all is well with you dear! Sending you lots of  :hug:


    Ijeoma (@dabrenzy), how are you bumping along momma?  :heart:   :heart:


    Love (@lovenny), finally 2nd trimester  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Such a relief, right? Sending you lots of  :hugs:   :hugs:


    Ladies, we are still waiting for your success stories ooo! To encourage our other TTC mommas! Please share them in the Success Stories group when you feel up to it! Our ladies need your support!


    Love you mucho…and I just might join you next year   😉  #oldagemommy  :haha:





    Related imageI don’t see any old age mama oh @nicole. It’s all in your mind, you look nothing like it.

    Mamas and our precious cargoes have a beautiful July. :heart:




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    Congratulations to Tee @roxy on the arrival of her princess. God bless you baby :baby:   :baby:  and welcome to motherhood Tee.

    cc: @gold @mavis_brown @alexa@demmie@funyi @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @crystal @oladoyin  @moshal @jay201 @goldie10 @mrsciw@chixavier  @nicole @damochic @tumininu @eby @dabrenzy @egobaby@adeolu @lovenny @temotighoken @uloma @dearlar



    Huge congratulations, @roxy dear  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:



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    Congratulations Victoria @mrsciw  :plane:   :plane:   :plane:  Baby has landed oh :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    cc: @gold @mavis_brown @alexa@demmie@funyi @salamigirl3k @iyawodiipo @crystal @oladoyin  @moshal @jay201 @goldie10 @mrsciw@chixavier  @nicole @damochic @tumininu @eby @dabrenzy @egobaby@adeolu @lovenny @temotighoken @uloma @dearlar @hotmaama @bsquare



    Okay…so where do I start from….soooooooo much I’ve missed, Iv missed you all jare….it has been an interesting journey even though the time seems so slow I know we will all get there…Kemi darling @oluwakemine thank you for always checking up on me…you really make this platform a family to belong to…God bless you, you will hear the good news soon….to all our beautiful ttc ladies, God will surprise you with your heart desires very soon and to all expectant mothers, May God give us the strength and grace to hold on to the end …we shall all share our testimonies no matter how long it seems…God bless you all…Have a beautiful July. :hug:



    Amen and amen in Jesus name. Xavier @chixavier, so happy to read from you. No mind the waiting biko, it’s supposed to help you prepare well for our precious’ one’s arrival.  :hugs:   :plane:   :plane:

    Looking forward to when baby is here and remember to take care of yourself…yes oh, before your lifetime employer arrives :haha:   :haha:

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