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    Osafile Oladotun

    Hello Ladies,

    How is everybody doing? Happy New Month.

    So I have a bit of a worry right now. I am 26 weeks along and between December 27th 2017 and today I have had Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) twice.

    Anybody with the same experience at any point in their pregnancy? The first one was a serious kidney Infection but this one is milder. My husband and I are really worried because we are scared it might affect the baby.

    Any advice?



    Hello Oladotun @mofeyintola, a happy new month to you. UTI is somewhat common during pregnancy due to changes in the body. As long as you are getting treated for it, you and baby should be fine.

    You may also consider drinking more water even though, you risk going to the restroom more frequent than you already are.

    Rest easy mama. :heart:   :heart:



    So sorry about the UTI, Oladotun @mofeyintola hun. I had a recurrent one in my own third trimester, mostly as a result of my cerclage. Just make sure your doctor is aware, you are on the right treatment, and also that you drink lots and lots of water. Sorry momma. You’re almost there  :heart:



    Hallooooo, my gorgeous preggo mommas  :heart:   :heart: . How’s everyone doing?

    Jasmine @jasmine, Elsie @elsie, Chimuanya @muanya, Glory @gloryu, Mrs A @naanxiee, Oladotun @mofeyintola how are you all doing? You’re in the home stretch now!   :cloud9: :cloud9:

    Jasmine @jasmine hun, how are those cravings coming along? If you can find some hot pepper, that could help ‘Africanise’ or ‘bukarise’ your food  😉 . Sending you  :hugs:   :hugs:

    Oladotun @mofeyintola how are you hun? Were you able to see your doctor about this UTI? Make sure you stay hydrated hun  :hugs:

    Chimuanya (@muanya), Mrs A ( @naanxiee) and Glory (@gloryu), you’re in the home stretch now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:

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    Sending a special shout out to our 3rd trimester mommies  :heart: . We’re counting down now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    How have you ladies been feeling? Oye (@oye1), Tommy (@tommies), Yimika (@yimika), Nnenna ( @nina ), Seun (@oluwaseun), and our latest 3rd trimester mommy, Falil ( @falil )  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Hi gorgeous 3rd trimester mommas. If you feel anything like I felt when I was having the girls, you’re probably feeling this way now  :haha: . But never mind. We’re in countdown mode now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    How are you lovely ladies doing? Are the hospital bags all packed? Nurseries all done? What have you been up to? Oye (@oye1), Tommy (@tommies), Yimika (@yimika), Nnenna ( @nina ), Seun (@oluwaseun),  Falil ( @falil ) and Xite ( @emeka )



    Baby arrived naturally on the very day he was 38 weeks!!! September 24th 2018

    We are doing great :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Thanks dear @nicole and everyone.



    Awww HUGE CONGRATS Tommy (@tommies), :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Another baby boy  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :blue:

    Welcome little Prince! May the Good Lord bless you all of your days! So happy for you hun  :heart:

    Oye (@oye1), Yimika (@yimika), Nnenna ( @nina ), Seun (@oluwaseun),  Falil ( @falil ) and Xite ( @emeka )



    Awwwwwww congratulations dearie



    Thank you!!!

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