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    Congratulations @funyi! We praise God for these awesome blessings :heart: :heart:



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    Hello mamas :hi:  How’s this trimester working out for you and your precious cargoes?I know some of you can’t wait to get it over and done with,aka meet baby but wait, it’s just a little while longer and baby would be here. :plane:   :plane:

    Alexa @alexa, how are you doing and I hope you have not gone complete dark, courtesy of baby. :baby:

    Pearl @osedblessed, I’m almost certain that by now, baby would have been here. Just checking in with you.  :hugs:

    Fadekemi @fadekemi, it’s been a while, how is the last trimester going?

    Crystal @crystal, how are you doing?

    Demilade @demmie :hi:   :hi:

    Moshal @moshal long time no hear from you. How are you and baby doing?

    Funmilayo @funyi, still dancing mentally, when the thoughts of your twin boys come to mind #AwesomeGod

    Nicole @nicole, hope you are doing great today.



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    Like play, like play, you mamas are in the third trimester :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: God is indeed great. You are all proofs that there are no impossibilities with our God. How are you preparing for the arrival of baby? Hope maternity leave, travel plans and such have been sorted. I trust you mamas.

    Demilade @demmie, I know you have most likely given birth by now. How about you just drop us a note dear?

    Inez @inez, you are just about to breast the tape :wohoo:  Receive strength for D-Day :bodyb:

    Elsie @elsiano, glad to hear from you. And babes, you are one lucky woman, losing weight while pregnant, you need to share your secrets oh. :mail: Waiting oh

    Tee @roxy, hope you are doing great and our baby or is it babies? :blue:   :pink:   :yellow:

    Traci @salamigirl3k, how are you doing these days? I hope you are now definitely in love with your changing body. 😉

    Grace @iyawodiipo, you are now in the third trimester :yahoo:   :yahoo: I can’t keep calm oh. God is great. Count down to greatness :yahoo:

    Victoria @mrsciw, how  are you doing and preparing for baby’s arrival? :flasher:

    Xavier @chixavier, beautiful one, how are you doing? I missed you dear.  :heart:

    Nicole @nicole, how’s it work and in full countdown mode I guess? :cake:   :cake:



    @oluwakemine @nicole

    Hi ladies!!!! Longest time! I’ve been busy relocating from our old tiny apartment in Manhattan and trying to settle into a much needed larger space. I thank God for helping me get this far in pregnancy without any mishaps. Baby is growing just fine. Hubby still has his sanity despite my crazy hormones and baby shopping wahala lol. Since We just moved to our new home, I’m in full nesting mode trying to get the nursery ready even though I know the baby will not actually sleep there for a while and putting the rest of the house together little by little. I go on maternity leave soon so I thank God for that too. I am so anxious to meet my baby now!

    I had ONE high blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago and it sent my doctor into a frenzy. The reading was actually not so high but just elevated over the norm. So with that, they scheduled me for weekly scans and intend to induce my labor one week before my EDD. I have no history of HBP, diabetes/gestational diabetes, hypertension, and no signs of Pre-eclampsia. I honestly think these people just want to bill, bill, bill but I stopped stressing over it and just enjoyed seeing the baby every week. It is well!

    I hope pray everyone in this group is moving along just fine too. We’re almost there ladies!  :yahoo:



    :haha: :haha:   @”I honestly think these people just want to bill, bill, bill.” Glad that you are no longer stressing over it. You are fine, just lots more opportunity to see baby.

    And stop stressing Daddy-to-be oh B-) . Happy bumping :plane:   :plane:   :plane:



    Traci @salamigirl3k, so glad to hear you’re doing well hun…and also that you’ve moved successfully. Having a larger space is much more convenient and better, isn’t it  :heart:   :heart: . Good luck putting your nursery together. I actually loved that part!

    As for the BP, sweetie I totally understand why they are fussing. They don’t want to take any chances. I know it’s an inconvenience but just indulge them. Besides, it means we get to meet the LO a week earlier  :heart:   :heart: . Counting down now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    :hug: Hey Ladies!!!! I can’t keep calm. On June 5th at 1:58pm I became a mom to beautiful baby girl. I am filled with love and happiness for this day. We thank God for everything.

    I did not want to waste time saying thanks to each and every lady on this blog who has supported me, laughed, and comforted me when I was TTC and praying to cross this line. This site gave me hope that things could and would indeed turn out in my favor. Thanks to @nicole and @oluwakemine for giving their time, attention, and support to so many women like myself.  :hug:




    Awww, Traci is a mom  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our beloved  @salamigirl3k  :yahoo: :yahoo:. We’re so honored to have shared this journey with you! Awwww, she must be so gorgeous! I’m sure your hubby is extremely proud!

    Congrats my darling!  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    @oluwakemine isn’t this the best news ever!!!!!  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:




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    :wohoo: :wohoo:   :wohoo:  Congratulations newest mama @salamigirl3k :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Welcome baby girl, we have been dreaming about you and here you are. :yahoo:   :yahoo: It’s such a pleasure to walk this path with you Traci :heart:   :heart:

    Nicole @nicole, you can say that again.

    Wishing our other mamas safe deliveries.

    cc: @roxy @chixavier and @mrsciw



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    Hello mamas, I can almost be you can’t wait to meet your precious bundles by now. I get you but not too sorry, the end is in sight already.

    Wemi @wemi, I’m fairly certain, baby is here already. Congratulations are in order then  :hugs:   :hugs:

    Ayaba @ayaba, how’s the waiting going? :heart:

    Goldie @goldie10 mama. How have you been? Hope you are set for the arrival of the lil one :blue:   :pink:   :yellow:

    Jennifer @jennifer, hello mama. It’s been a minute. Hope you’re doing great.

    Chinwendu @chinwendu. How are you preparing for your one year mat leave :yahoo:  Don’t mind me, I can’t still get over it :headspin:

    Tumininu @tumininu, hey slay mama. What’s been happening with you? Getting there oh :plane:   :plane:

    Ego @egobaby sweet mama, how’s carrying yourself around these days? Enjoy the attention…just enjoy it. Na work you dey do joor :heart: :heart: .

    Ijeoma @dabrenzy, Wow, see how far the weeks have gone :wohoo:  How are you preparing?

    Fafa @missfafa:yahoo:   :yahoo:  I bet you are set for D-Day by now. God’s strength all the way. :plane:

    Nicole @nicole, it’s about to rain babies in here oh :blue:   :pink:   :yellow:



    Hiya, my gorgeous 3rd trimester mommas! It’s tick tock now! Countdown mode  :yahoo:

    Ayaba @ayaba, Goldie @goldie10, Jennifer @jennifer, Chinwendu @chinwendu, Tumininu @tumininu, Ego @egobaby, Ijeoma @dabrenzy, Fafa @missfafa sending you all lots of love as you prepare to receive your packages from heaven!  :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    @oluwakemine, I’m soooo looking forward to it  :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    @oluwakemine @nicole…hmmmm I am so sorry ooo. In fact I am tired of me. I have changed password a million times. I keep forgetting…lol. And then for some reason I don’t get the notifications. I don’t know why but it all comes in at a time after a long while. I am doing great…feeling pumped!!! Thanks for always checking on all of us. Congratulations mamas…its the final stretch!!! We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. All the best…and congratulations on all the babies that have arrived… :heart:   :heart:   :rose:   :hug:   :wohoo:



    Is that a case of pregnancy brain or what @jay201 :haha: :haha: ?  Not too worry dear. Just wanted to know how you’re doing.  :yahoo:   :yahoo:  For feeling great and pumped to meet baby :baby:   :baby:

    Amen :hugs:   :hugs:



    Jennifer @jay201 sweets, yes ooooo! We’re in the home stretch now  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Are you ready for baby? Nursery done? Shopping complete?  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Chinwendu @chinwendu, here’s where you can upload pictures. Just click on the last icon up there and upload your pictures. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. :plane:   :plane:

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