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    Sorry dear, four months sounds like a whole lot but be rest assured, you will soon be there Blessed @blessedheart. If you don’t have help, maybe, you should consider getting one.

    As for that bigger bump, there is a theory that the second pregnancies are bigger, because the uterus becomes bigger due to the first pregnancy, so when second baby enters, it just blows it out of proportion. Anyways, four more months and it will be history.

    cc: @nicole



    Thanks @oluwakemine I have a nanny but she leaves when I get home. I’ve been thinking of getting a live-in help but quite sceptical about it. Good enough, grandma stays close so anytime I feel especially tired, I send my daughter over there. And then, I begin to feel like a bad mother *sigh*

    As for the stomach ehn, I kuku know what they say. Doesn’t make it easy carrying a big tummy around. I can bet people will soon start asking when I’m due.

    Don’t mind me jare, this is just an opportunity for me to express all my complaints. I am very grateful for this blessing.



    Biko, feel free to vent oh Blessed @blessedheart.And stop feeling bad about sending your daughter to her grandma’s, it’s not easy chasing an active child with a big bump. Just chill and be thankful.

    Why are you being sceptical about getting a live-in help? It might just be the thing you need.

    cc: @bosa



    Blessed @blessedheart hun, pregnancy is tougher when you also have kids to take care of, lest of all a toddler. Sending you hugs hun. I can understand the apprehension about getting a live-in help. I didn’t have one for the first 3 years of my marriage, but when the babies came, I had to give in…and I’m glad I did. My dear, you need to think about your health. Having someone who lives with you might just take most of the stress of you hun.

    As for the big belle, never mind hun. The months will soon fly right by. Sending you loads of  :hug:   :hug:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:




    I didn’t know about this 2nd trimester group. So so glad to be in this phase. No more bleeding. Thanks for everything @nicole and @oluwakemine



    Awww, so glad to hear that, Fruity @fruityfruity  :hugs: . How are you feeling in general? Is your bump getting more pronounced?  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Fruity @fruityfruity, welcome to the thread. Honestly, you should be here. If you share your EDD or LMP, I can add you to the tickers and tag you in the thread. What says you?



    Hi here, 2nd tri- mommas  :heart:   :heart: . I hope you’re still enjoying this awesome stage of pregnancy!

    Blessed @blessedheart, were you able to resolve the nanny situaton? I hope you aren’t too stressed.  :hugs:

    Nene @neni, how are you and the bump coming along :cloud9: ? I’m glad you no longer have to be stressed with work. Just relax and enjoy this time hun. Do you plan to return to 9-5 after the baby?

    Adaora @adaoraa, how are you dear? I hope you’re doing much better this trimester. Kisses to my boy  :kiss:   :kiss:

    Fruity @fruityfruity hun, how are you feeling this wonderful 2nd trimester? Hope it’s going swimmingly well  :cloud9:   :cloud9:

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    Hallo ladies! How’s everyone doing? I found a list of some very interesting tips for this trimester and thought it would e good to share:


    1. Buy Some New Shoes. 

    Have your feet swelled along with your belly? They may go up a whole shoe size. Slip them into a pair of comfortable, low-heeled slip-ons in a larger size.


    2. Get Rid of Unwanted Hair. 

    You wanted to grow a baby, not a beard! It’s safe to wax or tweeze unwelcome hairs. But skip professional hair removal until after the baby is born.


    3. Get a Massage. 

    A massage can melt away pregnancy aches and pains. It may also help you relax and sleep better. See a therapist experienced in pregnancy massage.


    4. Make Time for a “Babymoon.” 

    Talk to your partner about taking a short trip this trimester, when you’re feeling best. It’s a chance to relax and reconnect before the baby comes.


    Culled from:



    Hi there lovely ladies! So happy to finally be able to join you here :rose: . That’s my gorgeous bubba as of yesterday  :cloud9:

    I turned 14 weeks yesterday, and depending on whom you talk to, I either joined you last week…or yesterday. What matters is that I’m here :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    I’m really hopeful 2nd trimester is as FANTASTIC as it was for me with my last pregnancy. How has it been for you ladies so far? Ayotunde (@ayobad), Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ) Dawn ( @dawnm )  :friends:



    Hello Ladies, good to be here.


    @nicole…resting fine. Nausea is finally fading, no bump per say lol. I can say we are getting on fine.

    Hopefully my appetite will start coming back soon, because i only ate maybe 3 or 4 types of food in the last qtr.



    Dawn ( @dawnm ), it sounds like you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t put on weight in pregnancy. Lucky you!

    I guess it was because of your lack of appetite in 1st trimester. My own appetite seems to be diminishing, funnily enough! But not early enough to stop me from blowing up like a house :haha:



    I was a size 8 and now a 10. The whole thing is just a surprise everyday.

    You will snatch once baby gets here so just enjoy. You are an MVP already on this journey.



    Dawn ( @dawnm ), you’re a supermodel na! I started off a 12 and am now a 14…if not 16 :haha:

    But YES OOO! That snatch back gotta happen. Operation Size 10  :bodyb:   :bodyb:

    As for MVP, I don’t know about that o  :haha:


    Ameera M.

    @nicole you bubba already looks like a big boy, crossing his leg and watching TV…LOLL i am overjoyed for your blessing and i pray we all continue to wax in good health till the very end. @dawnm lucky you i am still 8 weeks and already approaching size 14 from a size 10.

    I can’t wait to officially join the 2nd trimester train, i hear things are much easier in this phase.

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