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    Hello mamas, how the second trimester working out? I hope you are chopping the life of your head :haha:   :haha:

    Blessing @bsquare, how are you doing? And the kicks ūüėČ

    Hotmaama @hotmaama, You have disappeared oh. Hope you’re doing just great and taking care of yourself. :friends:

    Isi mama @mimibabe, sweet one. Hope you are regaining your strength and enjoying this phase :cloud9: . And how’s the new job working out?

    Lovenny @lovenny, Hope this second trimester has been great to you. :heart:   :heart:

    Princess @princess, how’s the second trimester coming along?

    Bims @bimbo, hope your appetite has improved and you’re trying some other flavour now :munch: ¬† :munch:

    Nicole @nicole, see the mamas, who are enjoying the second trimester.

    Amma just tag you ladies too, @pearl and @bibi and run away :plane:   :plane:



    Hallloooo gorgeous 2nd tri mamas! We’re getting there¬† :heart: ¬† :heart: ¬† :heart:

    Blessing @bsquare, Hotmaama @hotmaama, Isi @mimibabe, Lovenny @lovenny, Princess @princess, Bims @bimbo, how are you lovely ladies enjoying this awesome trimester? Honestly, remembering the 2nd tri makes me almost want to get pregnant again  :cloud9:

    Pearl¬†@pearl and Bibi¬†@bibi, I’m glad @oluwakemine tagged you. Running away from our preggo group ¬† :yellowcard: ¬† :haha: . In fact, tickers are even in order.

    Sending all you preggo mamas mucho mucho love  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:




    Experiencing ups and downs this second trimester but most importantly I thank God for the gift of life. Thanks for the check. :rose:

    @oluwakemine, @nicole




    @pearl  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:



    :flasher: :flasher:  @pearl  Thank God indeed for the gift of life.



    :haha:@nicole am not running away o! second trimester has been awesome. just praying and hoping the third will be this great or better. @oluwakemine



    Well, I’m not going to raise your hopes by assuring you third trimester is going to be awesome but you are going to be fine Bibi @bibi. For this second trimester, we bless God. :hugs: ¬† :hugs:




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    Hello enjoyment ladies. How’s the second trimester working out for you ladies? Hope it’s all smooth sailing.

    Princess @princess, how are you doing? It’s been a minute and our lil man?

    Bims @bimbo, hope you are still enjoying the ride. :plane:   :plane:   :plane:   Still getting some maternity wears?

    Dee Dee @deedee, I hope all the symptoms have disappeared now and you are doing just fine. How many scans have you had so far? :plane:

    Chimuanya @muanya, hey mama, welcome to the second trimester. Are you still sleepy or you can move mountains now? :haha:   :haha:

    Mrs A @naanxiee, welcome the second trimester. Hope you are enjoying it. :hugs:   :hugs:

    cc: @nicole



    :hi: ¬†Hey ladies …

    2nd trimester is definitely sooo much better than 1st. Symptoms have subsided considerably. No more nausea¬† :yahoo: and feeling human again. AND… I STOPPED BLEEDING!!! :wohoo: God be praised!

    I still have an incredible amount of gas so the burping is out of this world, especially at night . But I will take it over nausea anyway!

    Bump is beginning to make a good appearance and the boobies have gained a life of their own! Pls where can one get decent maternity bras and clothes in Lagos???

    @oluwakemine @nicole



    @oluwakemine hmm I think I’ve become scan queen! I’m even secretly addicted to the scans now. I was scanning every week since 6 weeks. Mainly cos of the bleeding. Now down to every 2 weeks since a month ago.

    Its so reassuring seeing the baby grow and hearing that heartbeat  :heart:

    also beginning to feel the baby move :headspin:

    cc @nicole



    Wow, this is beautiful Dee Dee @deedee, :heart: I’m glad to know you are enjoying your pregnancy now, especially ¬†the fact that bleeding has stopped. The changes in your body are just part of the “perks” of being pregnant. Enjoy it.

    There are quite a number of places, both online and offline to get things you need for your pregnancy wardrobe. Where do you shop normally‚Äč?



    Awww, I told you the 2nd trimester would be better,¬†Dee Dee¬†@deedee¬† :heart: :heart: . Also so happy you stopped bleeding and that you’re feeling baby move! That is one of the most beautiful feelings ever¬† :heart: :heart:

    My dear, as one scan addict to another, my dear carry on ojare  :haha: . It gave me so much joy to see my babies on that screen, wriggling away! And to hear their heartbeat  :heart: . Incomparable joy! So happy hun  :rose:   :rose:

    Sending much love to our other 2nd tri mommas  :cloud9:   :cloud9:  Princess @princess, Bims @bimbo, Chimuanya @muanya, and Mrs A @naanxiee  :heart:   :heart:



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    Hello mamas in the second trimester :plane:   :plane:   :plane:

    Blessed @blessedheart, how’s this trimester? Hope it’s treating you nicely. :hugs:

    Nene @neni, how are you and the baby doing? :angel:

    Adaora @adaoraa, welcome to the second trimester, the second time. Hope you are doing great. :heart:   :heart:

    cc: @nicole @pearl



    Doing better, thanks. Though this pregnancy seems a little more challenging than my first probably because I have a toddler now. I remember I was usually very tired and would just get home in the evenings and do nothing but now, there’s a little girl to take care of. Then, tummy looks really big to me and there’s still 4 WHOLE months to go

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