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    @nicole RSVP for gender reveal…i just found out today and i am so proud i guessed right. Let me kukuma set up a registry.

    Oya lets do this half way to go.



    Yay for @dawnm RSVP’ing  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Also another RSVP from @mumy-ruth  :yahoo:

    Our Gender Reveal Block Party is about to go down  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Should we do it on this thread, or should we create another specially for it?

    @beautifulameera hun, it’s never too late to join the party. You’re only a few weeks away from finding out  :cloud9:



    @mumy-ruth hun, I’ll answer your question here. I can understand why you’d love a Princess  :pink: after all your Princes  :cloud9: . And your youngest is 12? Wow! I pray you get the splash of pink you desire hun.

    Nowww, as for the Old Wives Tales about having a girl, here is what THEY say:

    1. If you’re having a girl, you’re more prone to morning sickness. They say if you’re carrying a boy, you have little or no nausea or sick feelings, but with a girl, you’re  :sick: all the time.
    2. If you’re having a girl, you crave sweet things, while with boys you crave spicy
    3. With a girl, you put on more weight from pretty early on. With a boy, your weight is mainly the bump
    4. When you are carrying a girl, you look a mess, while boys give you the pregnancy glow
    5. If your nipples get really dark, then you’re carrying a boy
    6. If you have low sex drive, then you’re having a girl. If you can’t get enough of your man, then it’s a boy.

    These are old wives tales oooooo. I have to state here that I have debunked quite a number of them with my own pregnancy…in fact both pregnancies. What do you ladies think?

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    Ameera M.

    Hello ladies, how is everyone doing ??



    Hi lovely ladies. Here I am, bumping at 22 weeks  :cloud9:

    How has everyone been?

    Ameera ( @beautifulameera ), thanks for checking hun? I’ve been doing great, except for some nighttime heartburn. But my energy is back 100% which has led to more work at the office  :mail: . But I give God all the glory  :cloud9: . How have you been?

    Ayotunde (@ayobad), Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ), Dawn ( @dawnm ), Adetola ( @adetola ), @foma, Mumy Ruth ( @mumy-ruth ), how is everyone doing? Hope we’re all doing 2-second trimester-awesome  :yahoo:

    To those who RSVP’d for the Gender Reveal Block Party, click the link and come share your gender-tastic news :blue: :pink: :cloud9: .

Viewing 5 posts - 166 through 170 (of 170 total)

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