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    Amina ( @ucheo ) hun, I can’t believe I missed this post  :dohh: .

    LOL! That bump teasing is so real! The way it just popped out of nowhere sha! And never mind the weight gain. At least, I’m not :haha: . I’m huge and I don’t care anymore. No better excuse to eat what you want, guilt free. After baby, we will deal with weight gain  :bodyb:



    Hi lovely ladies. I hope everyone is doing great  :heart: .

    I turned 18 weeks today and just thought to share my bump  :cloud9: . Share yours if you can. That would be lots of fun  :rose:

    Ayotunde (@ayobad), Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ), Dawn ( @dawnm ), Adetola ( @adetola ), @foma



    Hi Nicole  @nicole …Hi Ladies Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ), Dawn ( @dawnm ), Adetola ( @adetola )….still having the ligament pain….i don’t even know again….always in the evening. Standing up is hard, turning on the bed is war. Bump is now pretty obvious :hi: lol.

    So a few of my colleagues say pele to me for no reason….i get so irritated, like did i fall down??? :scratch: I just try to ignore tho…

    Baby is kicking like a lot now….so i think i can stop my weekly scan (my account balance would be happy) lool.

    Currently 25weeks….just super super grateful, sometimes i cant believe i actually have a bump and then i feel that kick and i thank God.

    pls dont mind my epistle…. 🙂

    Congratulations to Oye (@oye1)!!!



    Ayotunde (@ayobad) , :haha: at colleagues saying ‘Pele’. I’m suffering the same thing too. Nigerians…you just gotta love us. It’s sorry for everything  :haha: . Enjoy the attention my dear. That’s what I’m doing  😉

    So sorry about the lingering ligament pains dear. I have a feeling mine might return later, but I’m just enjoying this break while it lasts. Getting out of bed is also a challenge for me, more out of feeling heavy. Thinking of getting a bump band to support the stomach in few weeks.

    And you were paying for your scans? You’re not using a hospital on your HMO? That must have been an expensive something o, scanning every week. Well, I was like that with my twins. My doctor called me a ‘social scanner’  :haha: . I just had to see them as often as I could. With this baby, I’m happy to see every 3 weeks or so. Starting to feel small kicks, but still mild at this stage.

    It’s such a huge blessing  :heart:

Viewing 4 posts - 151 through 154 (of 154 total)

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