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    Ameera ( @beautifulameera ), real crossing leg and watching TV  :haha:   :haha: . The bubba is always so active during our scans, we were amazed to even get this chilled out image! But we bless God!

    And yes oh, 2nd trimester is supposed to be the easiest trimester. I’m looking forward to some of that strength and vitality oh, because 1st trimester wasn’t a walk in the park at all!



    Hi gorgeous ladies! How has everyone been? Hope you’re having a way better 2nd trimester than I am!

    I’ve had intense round ligament pain! So intense it has actually landed me in hospital. I type this from my hospital bed. The pain I’m feeling is mainly in the red area highlighted in the skeleton above. Has anyone else had this?

    With my first pregnancy, I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever…even though a few of my friends did complain of it back then. But, from everything I’ve read, the odds of it occurring get higher with subsequent pregnancies…something about one’s ligaments and muscles being weaker from previous stretching. Then again, it might also be age-related.

    How did I wind up in hospital? It started as a dull ache on Thursday…which I ignored. On Saturday, after over a week of bedrest from my cerclage, I was feeling very strong, so off I went to the salon, supermarket, etc. By that evening, my pelvic area was literally on fire! A sharp persistent pain, mainly on my right side, and then intermittent contractions. It was so bad that I didn’t get a wink of sleep on Saturday or Sunday. So first thing this morning, I came to the hospital. Even though my scan showed everything is fine down there, and I wasn’t contracting as I’d thought, my doctor insisted on keeping me here to monitor me…and also help me manage the pain.

    Has anyone else had this? Ayotunde (@ayobad), Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ), Dawn ( @dawnm ), Xtie ( @emeka ), Adetola ( @adetola ), Oye (@oye1)





    I have had the ligament pains during this pregnancy but not as bad as yours.

    It happens when the tummy is about expanding to accommodate the baby.

    It is generally advised to rest and stay in the same position for a little while till the pain passes before changing positions.

    Please rest well. I would guess you have it a lot because it’s been a while since your last pregnancy. 😗



    Thanks Oye (@oye1) hun. Girl, it’s no fun at all!!!! I also think the gap between pregnancies is a culprit.

    Na wa for this old age belle oooo!



    the pain is unbearable! i start feeling it in the evenings, went to my doc, said it is ligament pain…getting up from the bed is war 😥 . i hope you get better fast please rest well  :hugs:



    Ayotunde (@ayobad) no be small tin oooo  :wacko: . I too taya for the matter!

    Thanks hun! Also get loads of rest as well :hugs:   :hugs:


    Ameera M.

    Awwww @nicole sorry about the pain… i hope it passes soon…please continue to take good care of you and get enough rest. :heart:   :rose:   :hugs:



    Sorry about the pain @nicole. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Hello ladies, Ayotunde (@ayobad), Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ), Dawn ( @dawnm ), Xtie ( @emeka ), Adetola ( @adetola ), Oye (@oye1), hope you are doing good.



    Thanks Ameera ( @beautifulameera ) hun :hugs: Back at home now and trying to take things easy. Back at work on Friday, so hoping I have considerable relief by then. How have you been hun?


    Thanks @oluwakemine



    Hey @nicole ….sorry about the pain. I have it too, comes at night plus the gas. I barely sleep had 2 be put on sleeping pills for a week so i dont get addicted lol.

    For where ….my eyes are still open till late.

    Hope everyone is feeling okay. They say 2nd trimester is the best



    Wait wait.wait..wait…have I been out of circulation so long that `I have missed the memo that Nicole is preggers.. :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: …wait you guys take me back to the beginning now :friends:   :friends: Congratulations Nicole!! :hug:   :hug:   :dust:   :dust:   :dust: omg!!! @nicole



    Dawn ( @dawnm ) my dear, it is supposed to be the best oooo! My last pregnancy, my 2nd trimester was such a breeze. A stark contrast to this one. And I’m with you on being up all night! I now know all the late night shows on TLC and C&I, because na that time my eye dey shine pass! I really hope the pain eases, because it aint no fun.

    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses  :heart:   :heart:



    Dooshima @ddo , my dear ooo! Totally a big surprise! Got a shock :bfp: sometime in early June. My dear, that’s God for you! Old age sometin! I just hit the 16-week mark, and I bless God, aches and pains and all  :cloud9:

    How have you been hun? And the little Prince? Blowing him lots of   :kiss:



    Hallo lovely ladies. So that’s me today. 17w+1d  :yahoo:

    How is everyone doing? The good news is that my round ligament pain is gone, like totally gone! I’m so relieved, because it was HORRIBLE! I’m under no illusions it’s gone forever, so I intend to just enjoy it while it lasts  :haha:

    How is everyone doing? Are we enjoying that 2nd trimester glow?  B-)

    Ayotunde (@ayobad), Amina ( @ucheo ), Jaykay ( @jaykay ), Dawn ( @dawnm ), Adetola ( @adetola )



    Hi ladies..  the 2nd trimester has been good so far.  The added weight sha.


    Plus everyone teasing me about my baby bump.  :haha:


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