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PCOS Survivor Gets Pregnant At 41

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     I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early twenties. I had the usual symptoms – cystic acne, hair loss, severe hirsutism, irregular periods, weight gain, depression and infertility.

    I have tried all of the expensive medical treatments for this condition, consulted numerous medical experts and spent countless hours researching this topic… and in the end gave up hope in ever becoming a mum.

    Two years ago, at 164cm and 86 kilos, I decided to become a little healthier by gentle walking and better food nutrition.

    My exercise increased to walking around 5 kilometres a day (usually a morning and afternoon stroll), ipod dancing for about 10 minutes and just being more active.

    I began to eat more fresh food, cut back on carbohydrates, began drinking soy coffee and tried to stress less.

    At the beginning of 2009, I weighed 73 kilos and had my first regular period cycles (3 cycles at 10 weeks apart).

    In June, I found out that I was pregnant for the first time.

    At 41, I’m due to give birth to my miracle child in six weeks!!!!


    Editor’s comments: Congratulations, Jo!

    Sometimes it only takes a little extra TLC to your body in order to restore a normal cycle. Some studies have shown that a weight loss of just 5% is sufficient to get your hormones back into enough balance for you to have a normal cycle and to ovulate.

    There’s no question that better nutrition (such as eating more whole foods and avoiding refined, manufactured foods) and get some additional exercise actually works. Besides restoring fertility, such measures also do much to avoid the possible long-term consequences of PCOS, which include diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    Culled from http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/pcos-survivor-and-pregnant-at-41.html

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