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    It’s Ivuoma’s @reggy‘s anniversary :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: :wedding: :wedding:  Wishing you the best of the years ahead, our own comedienne to badt :haha: :haha: . Have a blast!!! :icecream:   :wine:   :drunk:

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    Happy anniversary darling Ivy!

    We love you loads, and wish you a LIFETIME of love and happiness  :heart:   :heart:



    How are you ladies doing today.

    Dooshima @ddo, that was an amazing review you did. Thank you. Pretty much feels like I have read the book already. As for the stretching your faith people, help me ask them, how many times, they have stretched their own faith, when faced with challenges in their own lives.  Abeg, to each her own.  B-)

    Elsie @elsiano, how’s the no carb diet coming along? Day what are you now. Disciplined is one word, I will use to describe you oh!  😉

    Pearl @pearl, how’s the 2WWonder is. Loving your positivity.  :heart:   :heart:

    Marikas Mum @marikas-mum, saw you some time ago, when you branched here :haha:   :haha:  How are you doing though? Missed you here.  :hugs:

    Machy @machylicious, how are you doing ma’am? Hope fine. Sending you loads of  :dust:

    Emaimo @emaimo, how body?  :heart:   :heart:

    Ivuoma @reggy, hope you had a great anniversary. God’s blessings on your union for all times.:wedding:  :wedding:

    Enjoy the rest of your day ladies.

    cc:@ruqayyaimam@oluwasehun@bola@adoma@oluwateetee@omotayo@adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @nicole @beebee




    @oluwakemine: Thanks for checking…Doing fine…I have been :coffee: :mail: :sleep: and :munch:
    Hoping you are fine as well. :hug:



    Between all of those activities, the days will go by @pearl :hugs:

    Feeling awesome here, even though, it looks like I’m allergic to everything this weather is bringing this year o.  :muaha:   :muaha:



    Sure…Hiya, do take good care of yourself dear. :friends:   :hug: oluwakemine



    Hi ladies :heart:   :heart:   :heart: Please join this sister, Ify Oluku and let’s talk TTC but this time on twitter. She’s a life coach, which will come to bear in this discussion, as we gain more coping strategies.

    cc @marikas-mum,@ruqayyaimam@oluwasehun@bola@ddo@adoma@oluwateetee@omotayo@adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @pearl @nicole@elsiano@machylicious@emaimo @beebee @reggy



    Hummm…NLP/Life Coach…I reserve my comment for now.@nicole @oluwakemine



    I see you have gone to search for her Pearl @pearl, I can always trust you on that. Till Friday, we are on Twitter.  🙁



    @oluwakemine: LOL…When I read ”Fertility Solutions…” I was like :coffee: and where has the solutions been all this years that our family here don’t know (The Fertile Chick Family). :unsure:

    I have searched ooo in preparation…because the fear of disappointment can make me blast that individual saying things that aren’t inline/intune with what it is/ possible tips suitable for us Nigerians. Read her timeline from A-Z, searched Followers and Following…:wacko:

    **rant over** till Friday.

    By the way @nicole…I noticed of recent that NLP practitioners/Life Coaches are on the rise. And I know you can enlighten and calm me down with my skeptics. l have heard a lot of them speak from NLP to Life Coach – Futurist – Thought Revolutinary…etc (Na wetin them call themselves o :haha: ), Organising conferance upandan, attending ranges from 5k – 8k – 10k – 20k – 25k – upwards. Abeg what is all those. Help! OR am I missing something. Please, help! (Would like to hear from @oluwakemine on this matter as well).



    Pearl @pearl, I’m coming on this matter of life coach and NLPs. We will talk after Friday evening.  :heart:   :heart:



    Hi ladies! :heart:   :heart:  Looks like infertility is taking the front seat this week. Here’s an event from one of our partners, Beibei Haven. A few of our members went to their hangout earlier this year. They have a walk coming up. Let’s join them and remove more of the shroud surrounding infertility in our society.

    BeiBei Haven Fertility walk is an avenue for everyone to participate in raising awareness on topics relating to fertility issues.

    There is so much silence surrounding Infertility, it affect so many Nigerians but no one want to talk about it making those having to go through it feel so alone and ashamed. We want couples going through it to know that they are not alone. If you know someone struggling to conceive come for the walk to show you care. Anyone can participate either as a walker and/or donor. Funds raised through the WALK will go towards offering free fertility treatment cycles to low-income earners.

    The foundation has partnered with 3 of the best Fertility Clinics in Nigeria who have generously offered to give free fertility treatments. All free Fertility Treatments from the clinics and as a result of donations will be done with them.

    Georges Memorial Clinic (http://www.georgesmedical.com)

    The Bridge Clinic (http://www.thebridgeclinic.com)

    The Olive Branch (http://www.olivebranchhm.com)

    Each step of the walk is a reminder that no one with fertility challenges should walk alone.

    The objective of this initiative scheduled for the morning of the 16th of July 2016 is to remove the stigma around infertility, support couples going through fertility challenges and educate the populace on the reasons why some couples struggle to conceive as well as options available for them.


    BeiBei Haven Foundation is a non-governmental  driven by its mandate to support women and/or couples through their journey from trying to conceive to parenthood. We support those struggling with Fertility issues; Miscarriage and Genotype challenges.

    Want to come for the walk? Register at http://www.beibeihaven.com

    Interested in donations or sponsorship?

    Go to http://www.beibeihaven.com / call 08127985641

    Find out more about the Fertility walk by following us on Instagram @beibeihaven

    Kindly encourage low-income earners to apply for a free fertility treatment cycle by texting (free treatment; name and number to 08127985641).

    cc @marikas-mum,@ruqayyaimam@oluwasehun@bola@ddo@adoma@oluwateetee@omotayo@adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @pearl@nicole@elsiano@machylicious@emaimo @beebee @reggy




    Hi ladies, how are you doing today? Did anyone check out the twitter fertility talk on Friday?  Would love your feedback.

    It will be really nice, if we show up for the  Beibei Haven Fertility Walk I posted last week. There’s strength in numbers.

    T-shirts are also available for the Fertility walk for a token of 2000 naira, which is part of their fund raising for the free IVF cycles, they are giving to couples, who can’t afford it but need it.

    So, if you are interested, kindly holla :mail: at me soon, we can sort out the logistic on time. :yes: :yes:

    cc @marikas-mum,@ruqayyaimam@oluwasehun@bola@ddo@adoma@oluwateetee@omotayo@adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi,@pearl@nicole@elsiano@machylicious@emaimo @beebee @reggy



    Sadly, am out of town and would not be able to participate in the walk.

    However, as for the chat I did attended and here are my opinons;

    1. Host was late for the chat. 🙁 (African time) :unsure:
    2. Personally, host doesn’t seem knowledgeable about her said field nor topic of chat.
    3. Host was too spiritual for me. As @nicole once said “stretchers club (memebers)”.
    4. Above all its seems like a waste of time but it is not because It made me realise that those who seems/think they know do not have a clue of what fertility is not to talk of possible solutions.

    @oluwakemine @nicole @emaimo @bosa @ddo @reggy



    I see Nicole’s @nicole christened Stretcher’s club are gaining membership by the day.

    We’ll miss you at the walk. Pearl @pearl. As for that twitter chat, i forgot about it, as I was busy at that time but later read through when I saw your mention on twitter. Honestly, I tried to keep an open mind but the more I read, the more, I knew this was not the right. What put me off pata pata was when she said, children were rewards. Haba, rewards for what?  :negative:   :negative:

    In all, I could sense, she had not walked this route and most likely, doesn’t even know someone who has. No empathy.

    My conclusion is, she means well but the delivery was quite poor. Good luck to her.

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