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    Hi ladies,

    It’s been so quiet here¬† ūüė•


    Hope everyone is doing great.

    @yetty, how are you hun? Hope 2016 has been treating you well! Are you on another clomid cycle?

    @marikas-mum, @pearl, @ruqayyaimam, @oluwasehun, @bola, @ddo, @adoma, @oluwateetee, @omotayo, @adoma, how are you, gorgeous cysters? How have you all been? How have your treatments been going? Are you on any new plans? Diets? Fertility boosters? We look forward to hearing from you  :cloud9:   :friends:



    Huge congrats to you, darling @yetty  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    We look forward to hearing all about it  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:



    Good morning, lovely ladies  :heart:

    How have we all been? I think about you ladies all the time, and always say a prayer for everyone. I hope our cycles are going well.

    @pearl, the pictures you shared yesterday really hit home for me. It’s a testament of what we go through in this (in)fertility journey! God help us!

    I’ve been struggling lately. My sugar cravings are on another level. I am struggling to reign it in this time, and it’s beginning to tell…on my weight especially. Today, I decided to make a mango smoothie, so that I don’t have to reach for a bottle of Fanta, or my usual roll of Mentos sweets, at work. Wish me luck¬† :wacko:

    @marikas-mum, @pearl, @ruqayyaimam, @oluwasehun, @bola, @ddo, @adoma, @oluwateetee, @omotayo, @adoma, @femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @oluwakemine, @adaezewrites



    @nicole wishing you luck. :hug:

    Fortunately, I just discovered something about Mango of recent which I am also trying out and its helping. :wohoo:

    Eating a hard ripe big mango in the morning can help you stay full for a long period of time. And Mango as also shown to help in weightloss.

    So am guessing with your Mango smoothie…you are on the right track. :good:

    cc: @marikas-mum, @ruqayyaimam, @oluwasehun, @bola, @ddo, @adoma, @oluwateetee, @omotayo, @adoma, @femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @oluwakemine, @adaezewrites



    Oh, fantastic @pearl  :wohoo:   :wohoo: . Please share any tips you might have hun! I need all the help I can get  :wacko:   :wacko:



    Good luck with the mango smoothie. @nicole. I wish I could get a handle in my sugar craving too.

    How are you ladies doing? @marikas-mum,@ruqayyaimam, @oluwasehun, @bola, @ddo, @adoma, @oluwateetee, @omotayo, @adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @pearl @adaezewrites


    I’m good :good: …the weather is really hot though. Mango smoothie? Are mangoes in season?



    Thanks @oluwakemine hun. It was actually quite good  :wine:

    @adaezewrites, they sure are  :yes:   :yes: . My favourite fruit for dayssssss  :drunk:   :headspin:



    Hi Ladies!!

    It has been a long while!! Got a job in Brighton and it hasnt been easy resisting all the snacks, free tea and coffee and chocolate that goes around the office!! :wacko: I feel you Nicole! Sugar craving is real mehn! What I have discovered that hits the spot is boiled plantain….I never thought the day would come but I think I prefer it to fried plantain now sef. It tastes extra sweet when boiled and definitely keeps you full for longer.

    No new diet per say…except for drinking some Aloe vera juice or Apple Cider Vinegar every morning..it really gets the system going! :wine: …working towards having some FT over the summer and need to dropp a bit before then!


    Have a great week ladies! :bye:



    Yeah, Dooshima @ddo, we missed here o. Welcome back. If you are not dieting, I guess you are on an exercise routine, ‘cos summer is just around the corner hun. How is your job going?¬† :heart: ¬† :heart:



    @ddo, how I have missed you¬† :hugs: ¬† :hugs: . Congrats on the new job hun! And ah yes, thanks for reminding me about good ol’ ACV! I need to get that back into my routine ASAP!

    As for boiled plantain…yes, I take it…but I wouldn’t say I prefer it to fried plantain oh¬† :wacko:. I know it’s the better option, but tastier? Mba¬† :haha:.

    How are you dear? I hope the weather is getting better? :heart:



    Hello ladies, hope you’re doing great today.

    cc @marikas-mum,@ruqayyaimam, @oluwasehun, @bola, @ddo, @adoma, @oluwateetee, @omotayo, @adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @pearl @nicole @elsiano @machylicious @emaimo @beebee



    Here’s wishing Nicole @nicole, a friend, who walks with you through one of life’s roughest path, a happy birthday. It’s such a blessing that you’re in our lives.¬† :cake: :cake: ¬† :icecream: ¬† :icecream: ¬† :wine: ¬† :wine: ¬†

    cc @marikas-mum,@ruqayyaimam, @oluwasehun, @bola, @ddo, @adoma, @oluwateetee, @omotayo, @adoma,@femaleigboarchitect, @sisiseyi, @pearl @nicole @elsiano @machylicious@emaimo @beebee


    Happy Birthday Nicole @nicole wishing you the very best. Long life and lots of amazing things.



    Thanks so so much @oluwakemine and @adaezewrites :hugs: :hugs:.

    GOD bless you both! I had a wonderful day :heart:

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