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    Hmmmm! Sometimes, it takes a big jolt to give some of us the wake up call we need  :dohh:


    Maybe because I’m not actively TTC, I have gotten a bit careless about managing my PCOS. My diet hasn’t been as strict, my exercising is minimal to none, and I just have been living my life quite carelessly. Of course, my ballooning weight has been an indicator of the fact that I have let myself go, but it wasn’t enough of a red flag for me…until this weekend.


    That’s how I was at the salon oooh! Hmmm. This my hair I thought I had restored from the brink of PCOS shedding. Alas, the shedding has returned as my stylist showed me a rather large bald patch in the middle of my scalp. It was a big wake up call for me!


    So, I’m back on the wagon now, and have started this journey to keep me accountable. I’m thinking of trying this Meal Plan the wonderful @temi was kind to share  :heart:   :heart:. I’ll be updating my Weight Loss Journal as I go along :yes:


    @pearl hun, what do you think of these hair growth supplements, Hairfinity and all that? :unsure:



    What a wake up call that is Nicole @nicole.

    I’m sure, Temi @tems meal plan would help you gain grounds, as it is quite healthy. I feel like Hairfinity is mostly hype, so many celeb endorsement. What does your hair stylist think you can do to boost hair growth and reduce the breakage? Thank God, you got a full head of hair, to cover up at least.

    Godspeed with the resumption and finding time for some exercise.



    ”…large bald patch in the middle of my scalp.” 🙁  :nope:

    ugh…so sorry about all this @nicole, as for the Hairfinity; personally, I wouldnt advise anyone based on my own research and perspective but if you belief it will work for you its just fine. However, imagine if you take hairfinity for 2-3month and your hair and nails are all growing, glowing, thick, longer, and fine and when you stop taking them what do you think will happen.owo jo na :dohh:

    Futhermore, I will advise you take vitamines/multi-vitamines (containing A,B,C,D,E,Niacin,Biotin,Iron,Magnesium,Zinc) regularly, eat good and clean + take lotsssssssssssssss of water.

    And if you really want to jumpstart into weightloss…my personal tips though, the time you eat dinner is the time you will eat breakfast but your breakfast will be grated ginger in 500ml of warm water **don’t be afraid, trust me you will not die :haha: ** have something moderate for lunch and dinner but do not over eat nor eat after its 7pm; which means your next ginger water is 7am, moderate lunch for 12noon max 1pm and dinner 6pm-7pm. Hope you get the gist. :unsure:

    As for your hair, I do not know if you are natural or relaxed but whichever the case maybe reduce manipulating it too much, reduce all forms of heat i.e straightener, blow dryers, hair dryers, relaxers, perms, hair paints, hair colours, etc. Result to sheabutter, virgin coconut oil, water and protective styles.

    Should in case you have any question feel free to ask.

    wishing you speedy recovery and success. :heart:




    :haha: @pearl you won’t kill me oh! Real owo ja na :haha:. For real oh! After I read about that Hairfinity, I’ve decided to just do things the natural way abeg. Eat right and take the right supplements (Pregnacare and Wellwoman have all the necessary vitamins, as well as Biotin, which is one of the things that support hair growth).  And thanks for the weight loss tips, doll! I’ve already banished meals after 7pm, and will start the ginger water tomorrow. But wait oh. Is the ginger water the ONLY thing I will have for breakfast??? Ha! That one harsh oh  :wacko:   :haha:

    As for the hair care, I relax my hair only twice a year, and this has really helped my hair. I think me relaxing on my healthcare just made the hair more prone to damage. I have on protective styling most of the time (do we follow each other on Instagram?), so I try to protect the hair from all that hear damage. Ah well, I’ll just take better care.


    @oluwakemine, my dear real wake up call oh! Wake up call of life! You’re right…that Hairfinity get as e be. I won’t be bothering with it. I’m definitely getting more serious with my healthy eating, so hopefully, not only will I soon be a lekpa, I’ll have some shiny, sexy hair to go with it  B-)


    This PCOS sha! O ga ju!



    hmm this topic! Next to the bible..this is the most important thread for PCOS girls :good:   :good: …so prior to my cycle I had to loose some weight and get my BMI under 30. Moved 8.5kg and really the short summary of how it was done is ” eat clean and train dirty”..the results were instant.

    1. Water water is your best friend..at least two big bottles daily..drink it like you are fetching from the spring of eternal life in John 4:14. B-)
    2.  Increase the ammount of protein you have in all three meal…my meal plan looked like this A. Protein Shake for breakfast..( buying protein replacement powder can be expensive..there are cheaper options such as making a normal smoothie , adding fruits/vegetables with high protein contents ( Uguw, pineapple and a scoop of oatmeal because Buharinomics) . For lunch I would have any meats and vegetables..and dinner would be more of that or another protein shake..or green tea and cucumbers.
    3. Work out…I was in the gym or workout at home 5-6 times a week..wasnt doing anything fancy…the most effective exercises were any form of walking/jogging…for PCOS girls High impact exercises and cardio can be counter productive.  Skipping was my best friend to get my heart rate up..I would include at least 1000 in every workout..then I would walk on the treadmill..slowly but on a high incline..burns calories like crazy. and moderate weight lifting…
    4. 4. Sprinnkiling cinamon in food..and having one of these in hot or cold water in the moring or evening.. ( slice of lemon, drops of ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar) or Aloe Vera Concentrate or ginger)

    Truly these are very simple things..but please we are all human..even I have fallen off track and plan to get my butt back on the straigh and narrow once i’ve had a successful ET. Stay strong everyone!



    @ddo, you had me literally laughing out loud at “fetching from the springs of eternal life” :haha:. For real oh! Here is my problem with drinking all that warra, when I’m on the road as often as I am, I don’t want to start looking for where to wee oh! I kent shout. But I know, I know. I have to find a way abi. But I agree 100%

    As for the protein, so you mean my fruit smoothie in the morning isn’t enough? Chai. I draw the line at those green smoothies sha. I gatsta be able to enjoy drinking the thing na! I agree with having more proteins than anything else with major meals, but just tell me I don’t have to say goodbye to my fruit smoothies  😥  😥

    Cinnamon on rice sha? Haaaa! I LOVE cinnamon, but I can’t imagine mixing it with savory foods oh! I do add it to my moringa tea though (which has done absolutely narrin for me, but that’s another story). But I’m definitely going to resume guzzling ACV or ginger sharp sharp.

    Girl, if I lose 8kg, all my issues are over oh. All oh! Chai, you’re my superstar hun! I am following your footsteps!

    This PCOS struggle is real! I’ve had a busy couple of days, but I’ll come update tomorrow about how I’ve been faring in my renewed attempts to reclaim my life.  :yes:



    That’s how I started a thread and refused to update it. Na wa for me ooooo  :dohh:   :dohh:

    So update on hair-gate! My stylist was very happy with my progress on Saturday. She said the patch has started filling. Ope oooo  :wohoo:   :wohoo: . I thank the Pregnacare Conception I started taking more seriously, because if it’s as per food…I still dey struggle.

    During the week, I’m good. But on the weekends, I’m oh-so-bad  :dohh:   :dohh:

    But that’s not even the reason for this post.

    Why oh why are plantain chips not deemed a healthy snack? They seem healthy to me  :blush: . I’m eating this delicious pack, and I am so angry that it won’t give me any brownie points for the day  :growlmad:   :growlmad:

    In other news, for breakfast, I had a pineapple & banana smoothie…and for lunch, I shall have moi-moi. So not too bad, no?


    @oluwakemine @ddo @pearl @nadia



    Definitely, no brownie points for you today Nicole @nicole. You got things going nicely and then plantain chips :haha:  But i guess, the others can minimize the damage.

    Na real ope, regarding the hairgate. Lol @hairgate.

    How’s your day going?



    Not so bad @nicole.

    Glad to know your hair is improving; but do not forget to be gentle on it aka less manipulation. 😉



    Na hairgate na, @oluwakemine :haha:

    @pearl, thanks dear. I try to do mostly protective styling with my hair, but I’ll surely make an effort to have even less manipulation on the scalp  :yes:




    Yep, I’ve officially gone over to the dark side :haha:

    The KETO diet. I first encountered it a few months ago, when someone at my Nail Tech’s studio was talking about it. I Googled it, and it sounded interesting, so I thought hey…why not. But I spoke with our resident In-house Nutritionist, Temi, who discouraged it, so I dropped the idea.

    But like a bad coin, it just kept coming back. Everywhere I turned, there it was…and there have been so many testimonials about how it’s supposed to work…especially for PCOS gals like me.

    In the last 15 years, I have steadily put on 20kg. I am 20kg heavier than I was in 2001…and it’s scary. I’ve tried all sorts of diets, but none of them have worked…instead, the weight just keeps climbing. And I’m quite fed up of it. I’m fed up of looking like a whale in my pictures. I’m fed up of avoiding occasions where I might run into old friends. I’m fed up of all the “You’ve added o” comments. I just want my looks back.

    But what I’m even more fed up of is the way my out-of-control lifestyle has set my PCOS into overdrive. I’m done with the hair loss and patchy skin. Gosh, I’m so done.

    As I turn 40 next year, I’m ready for a radical change. So come January 2nd, Nicole will be officially on the KETO diet  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I’ll be updating my meal progress in my Weight Loss Journal, but will be documenting my health progress here…so watch this space  B-)


    cc: @oluwakemine @pearl @ddo @bosa @nadia



    Lol @I’ve officially gone over to the dark side.

    You are quite right, Keto diet is everywhere now, and there has been some interesting results. One of our members dropped 10kg in one month on the diet :yes:   :yes: So, I guess it works.

    But I disagree with you looking like a whale in pictures, besides, you can stay the same shape and size forever. For the hair loss and patchy skin, I will say, go for it. :good:  @nicole

    Hope Temi doesn’t catch us at this B-)



    @nicole what’s the Keto diet in summary? And is this sustainable? The problem with many of these plans is when stopped, the weight comes on. It is truly a life style which is quite difficult to manage especially with all the temptations around us.

    Please check out liveandblossom on facebook or instagram, she suffered a food disorder and like @ddo quoted eats as the bible suggests so get ready to see verses in the bible in a different light as regards food. Her recipes are quite interesting and she ensures the products are gotten here in Nigeria. I think she’s a tad extreme cos she makes her milk, no white sugar etc but she looks too good for 3 kids.

    Goodluck dear, its a mind thing so we just need to train ourselves accordingly.. :good:



    @oluwakemine, real let Temi not catch us :haha:   :muaha:


    @bosa hun, I understand your apprehension. Trust me, I felt the same way at first. But I have been researching the diet like a maniac, and the more I read, the more comfortable I am with it. It’s a total lifestyle overhaul…and not just for a pretty minute. It includes foods that I enjoy and that I can realistically make a part of my permanent lifestyle. I really need this kind of discipline, because if not, 90kg will come and meet me, and I will be here looking like lucozade  :wacko:

    I used to be HOT oh  B-) . In my 20s, I was one hot babe  😉 . But I have spent the better part of my 30s in a body I neither recognize nor like. Nne, I want my life back…abeg! As I enter a new decade, I need to get my sexy back…yes ke! Iya Beji or not! My 40s have to be much better than my fatso 30s! I’ve tried other diets, and none has given me the kind of positive vibe as I’m getting from this Keto. Something tells me this one will do the trick.

    Oh, and it’s an LCHF diet (low carbs, high fat). It involves no starvation, and meals allowed are tasty and enjoyable. Just wish me luck :yahoo: :yahoo:



    Me, I’m just waiting for update. Godspeed @nicole :heart:   :heart: More positive testimonies and Keto diet may just have more followers.

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