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Nicole's Metformin Adventure

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    Hmmmm….Metformin!!! So after years of feeling ‘above’ the drug and like my own level of PCOS didn’t need it, here I am…about to go down that road!

    When I was TTC, because I still had a regular period and my weight gain wasn’t astronomical, I didn’t think I needed it. After all, I wasn’t diabetic, so why would I need a diabetic drug? And then the girls came, and I felt I absolutely didn’t need it.

    Well, after years of struggling with what I now recognise to be insulin resistance (weight gain that just won’t stop, hair continuing to fall off), Dr. Faye and I have agreed that I should try Metformin. Actually, one of my close friends was in town from the States last week (for her dad’s 80th), and she was the one who asked why I wasn’t on it. She also has PCOS, and with similar symptoms to mine. Though she also had a long wait, she did conceive her boys naturally. But she is back on the drug to control her insulin resistance, and she said she feels so much better generally. So, I ran it by Dr. Faye, and he agreed that I should start on 1000mg a day, and see how it goes.

    So…I start next week because I’m on a juice diet this week  :wacko: . For more deets on that, you can check out my Weight Loss Journal. There will be references between this journal and that one, so get ready  :haha:

    But I’ll be honest, I’m extremely nervous about starting it. The nausea, diarrhoea, mehn…it scares me senseless. But ah well, I won’t know until I try huh?

    I’ll be back next week. Wish me luck  :awww:


    Ameera M.

    I HATE drugs from the depth of my heart i prefer to take 10 needles daily than swallow a single tablet that’s how bad my phobia for tablet and syrup is. Then i found out i had PCOS and had to be placed on Metformin, the side effects are extremely discomforting. i found out that the best way to take the medication is last thing at night so you can sleep through the side effects. i am also a bit relieved that the tablet doesn’t smell like most drugs.

    Does this mean that PCOS patients are going to be on Metformin for life?



    Thanks so much, Ameera @beautifulameera hun. And thanks for your tip about when to take it. My only challenge is that as I have to take it twice a day, at some point, I’ll have to face the music with those side effects.

    Please define discomforting. Is the diarrhoea that bad? That’s what I’m scared of the most  :wacko:

    Alas, as most PCOS ladies have Insulin Resistance, Metformin might have to feature in our lives way past our TTC days  :dohh:


    Ameera M.

    The diarrhea wasn’t that bad but for me the bloating was on another level and extremely discomforting. i resolved to taking the tab at night and that worked. I understand you have to take it twice daily, i pray you don’t experience any side effect.



    Thanks Ameera @beautifulameera hun  :heart:

    But bloating :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:  ??? Isn’t that what I’m running away from, this PCOS bloating? Don’t tell me the Metformin will make it worse  😥 . Did you lose weight on it?



    June 12, 2018

    DAY 2

    So, today is my Day 2 on Metformin…and I’m still waiting for the diarrhoea and nausea and bloating. I feel so normal. Is this normal?  :scratch:   :unsure:

    I tried to convince the Pharmacist to sell me the sustained release pills, but she refused! Said I should stick with the normal for now. That’s even because I thought the SR would give me less side effects. But here I am with absolutely none!

    Na wa o! I’m actuallly getting scared  :wacko:



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Well… I just joined this group this evening and the first post staring at me is the metformin adventure… And I feel guilty in a way. Why? Because I’m supposed to be taking metformin too Buh I stopped because I couldn’t just cope with the side effects. Initially when I discovered I had pcos, I was placed on microgynon… Buh after a while, my weight gain was on the increase so I was told to add metformin to it. Really… I hate drugs and having to use microgynon everyday was a huge challenge but thank God it was small sha. And including metformin scared me because I was to use 1500mg in a day… That’s three times daily.</p>
    Believe me, it wasn’t easy… I had several side effects… Bloating, body weakness and pains etc. I get tired at the slightest task. The hunger I battled with was not from this world…lol… I couldn’t perform my daily activities with ease…

    So I decided to drop metformin and just continue with microgynon… But I’m getting bigger day by day… Acne level has increased a lot too.

    The metformin adventure post has set quest on my mind on whether dropping metformin was the right thing to do.



    This is sure going to be an interesting thread as it will take me back to my teen years and ttc-ing.

    I have never been on metformin because I wasn’t diabetic nor pre-diabetic however just like @ifeoluwafunmi I was on Microgynon, Primolut N, Provera, Orgametril and some others I can not remember their names which I interchangeably used for years depending on the challenges.

    Currently on Lynestrenol (Orgametril) for reoccuring bleeding.

    **The weight gain is coming from either the hormones you are taking or water retention or succumbing to craving like sleep and food.**

    I will use myself as a case study.

    Firstly, I am a picky eater and hardly eat but I love to sleep. Infact I was once considering going for a sleep competition :haha: with the idea of wining that’s how I love sleep.

    Sleeping and the pills (hormones) are top reasons why my weight is skyrocketing.

    Talking about side effect, I get bloated as well but I try getting it under control with ginger tea which is slices of ginger infused in hot or warm water and drink. When cravings sets in I drink water and more water and more water.

    I am not religious to fitfam but I can tell you that my lifestyle mirrors theirs yet the weight keeps skyrocketing which leaves me wondering there is more to PCOS and we are in this for life.

    @nicole, @beautifulameera.



    Thanks for sharing @pearl…  Pls I would like you to shed more light on water retention. Also will metformin make me lose weight?



    Thanks @pearl for this. Very great information, especially for newbies like me. I too have never really been diabetic or pre-diabetic, but with all the markers of weight gain, hair loss, et al, I reckon that’s why my doctor gave me the go-ahead.

    But did it halt your period? I’ve been expecting  :witch: since the beginning of the week, and it has been a no-show.  :unsure:   :unsure:

    Oh…another update. The nausea I said I wasn’t feeling descended on me fast and hard. I just hope it eases up after a while.  :sick:



    @ifeoluwafunmi hun, so sorry you struggled with Metformin. Frankly, so am I! The nausea has been REAL, and the way I’ve been eating has been mental. I actually read that it would reduce my appetite, so I don’t even understand. So I feel you hun. Especially with 1,500mg a day! I’m on 1,000mg and I’m struggling.

    That said, I think it might be best to speak with your doctor about it. Sometimes, it does make the difference for some PCOS patients. Also, what is your diet typically like?



    Thanks @nicole… I’m actually a bit far from my doctor but I should see him around August tho. I just have loads of complains…. Lol

    As regards the periods, metformin didn’t halt it but I was also using microgynon too, so with microgynon…. I get to see my periods.

    About my diet… My diet is just like any body out there. My doctor didn’t suggest any change in diet since I’m not TTC I guess.



    @ifeoluwafunmi hun, I would strongly suggest you try a low carb diet. Everyone I know, myself included, that has tried it all noted significant improvement in PCOS symptoms. Have you heard of the KETO diet? It’s truly amazing  :yes:   :good:

    As for the missing period…hmmm. Let’s just say I’ve found out what’s causing it  🙂  🙂



    So…the most unexpected thing happened…

    Still speechless  :wacko: . So I’ve suspended the Metformin for now. But I’m utterly speechless!



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@nicole come and tell us oo. Y did u suspend metformin?</p>

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