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    @bosa: So sorry for the late response. Prince is doing fine. Yes, we have made a request already and gathering all documents necessary. Still watching the murmur because even the expert of the expert thinks it might be innocent and normal for him. :yes:

    He hasn’t tried Amala yet but he loves anything solid that looks like ”okele” + his favorite soup Okra and hake fish. He has tasted Semolina, Wheat, Eba, and Mielie Meal.

    Those milestones don’t get to me again because I have come to realize that they will reach them at their own pace which in turn relives me of worries + his paed thinks he is reaching some faster than other kids.




    Went to the paediatrician yesterday without having an appointment just to check whats up and even though Prince is growing I was somewhat disappointed in his weight; with all the foods I am given, it seems like the young lad is just growing at his own pace. Well, fingers crossed to see what he will weigh next month.

    He was also pulling on his ears which made me very worried but it turned out to be nothing other than him just discovering he has ears. :wacko:

    How is everyone doing, hoping you are all fine.

    cc: @nicole, @bosa, @oluwakemine, @smiley, @ddo, @bibi, @fruityfruity, @jasmine, @ldike.



    @pearl hun, don’t be worried about his weight, especially as his doctor isn’t. As long as he’s healthy, he’ll put on weight in his own good time  :cloud9:

    And LOL, I was about to tease you about being an over-worrisome mommy, but I remembered I too was like that. They will pull and tug at every part of their bodies, so get ready :haha: . @bosa was right about you just starting the journey. So much more to come  :yes:   :yes:



    @pearl glad the visit went well. So no worries on the murmur? Their growth phase is so unpredicatable, sometimes they grow rapidly when their appetite isn’t even as great so yea in their own time, at their own pace. I recall a nasty Pead scaring me that my boy was so overweighted and would need drip passed through his scalp if he ever got ill. Thank God we never experienced that, he was so overweighted he had bad bow legs, a few months in school he got so skinny, we started praying for the weight, legs straightened as well.



    @nicole: ahaha…let me over worry. If it was somewhere else he was pulling I won’t make an ish of it but his ears having preauricular sinus and him pulling on them scares me to death.**Afraid of the unknown. 😥 ** Funny enough Oga has unconsciously been looking at people ears and seeing those holes on people.**He goes we are not alone.** :haha:

    @bosa: Personally, no worries about the murmur as we have seen lots of doctors and specialist who have assured and re-assured us that ”it is innocent and normal for him” but there is this old woman doctor who checks on him and sounds worried about it, so we all reached a compromise of checking the murmur every six month. :growlmad:

    Your comment was spot on, they indeed grow more when they eat less and I wonder where the calories are coming from. ”…nasty paed…” Why is there always a devils advocate when it comes to kids growth and well being; Your experience got me :wacko:   but then again kids have their way of resolving things.

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