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    Gosh! It feels good to be back here. I have missed you all!
    @pearl, thanks for checking on me. I sorta ran off. How is Bobo doing? I read he is selective with meals. But Okro + Rice???  :scratch: Damn.

    @nicole, @oluwakemine & @bosa,  good morning to you Sisters. How have you been? I hope your families are doing fine.




    @smiley: Good to have you back. How are you doing and hoping everything is fine with you. Bobo is doing fine and trying to do odeshi for teething symptoms. :haha:




    Drum rolls………………………………… :wohoo:

    Someone is trying to crawl and would not lay on his back anymore. **Put him to bed while he sleeps and be sure to meet him faced down and head slightly to the side. This is another sleepless phase for me as this can be dangerous in my opinion or what do you think Ladies.**

    Parenting sure does not have a manual. :yes: So he has been trying to crawl before now unknowing to me. I thought he was just playing and having fun **he crawls on his back and pushes himself up with his legs and head, he also rolls around like an armadillo.** Now we are trying to teach him how he should crawl safely.**

    He has become very picky with food and will always go for sticky and slimey or yogurt.

    On the other hand mama is just relaxing and taking things easy.

    How are you all- @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @jasmine, @bibi, @fruityfruity, @ldike.



    Yay for approaching a milestone, @pearl  :cloud9: . Well done momma!

Viewing 4 posts - 1,081 through 1,084 (of 1,084 total)

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