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    @nicole, its been going on fine and he has not been sick from it yet.



    @pearl seems our boys love immunisations :haha: ….I didn’t have to do that paracetamol before immunisation protocol also, but for many others it’s the standard. Sometimes, i wonder if maybe because that process started, the babies got used to it and reacted when they do not get the paracetamol before immunisation.

    Before you blink, you’ll have him crawling soonest. Baby proofing commences. :yahoo:   :kiss:





    Maybe @bosa. :unsure:

    Indeed Baby proofing commences soonest because you never know when it will happen.

    Its a while I read from you, hoping everything is fine with you and family @bosa.




    @pearl thanks for asking, we are very well. We had a photo shoot at my folks last sunday I am yet to recover from. I have a new found respect for models, I smiled and posed till it became all plastic. it was so long from 1pm-8pm….My last response was on our 9th Wedding Anniversary, I feel so ancient…..I recall my parent’s 10th Wedding Anniversary party and vows renewal so to be hitting that mark soon its scary…. :haha: In all, I bless God for the last 9years…it’s been a constant learning curve.

    How is the young prince doing? :rose:



    Awww @bosa; nice to hear from you. Yes, its a constant learning curve and I can only imagine the smiling thing for pics.

    Prince is doing just fine after nursing and food strike over the weekend. It wasn’t funny as his doctor said its normal and he will be fine and yes he is indeed doing better now.

    @nicole, @oluwakemine, @ddo.



    @pearl hunger strike indeed…. :haha: He will be fine, they have such moments, then the growth sprout when they are constantly eating. It is continuous, my boy just recovered from such a phase last week of having only hot chocolate for breakfast to this morning having 4 slices of toast and asking for more :scratch:

    How are you doing Mama? What interesting things have you been researching? Pls share.

    @ddo how have you been?



    Hoping you all had a great weekend.


    Baby just discovered he has ears and feet and has been pulling on them. Pulling on the feet is not an issue but the ears is a no no no. He is not allowed to pull on his ears because he has an hole on both ears and pulling could cause the holes to be infected. 🙁 Now I am looking for ways to discourage him from rubbing or pulling on his ears. At least if not totally a little will go a long way :scratch:

    Has anyone experience(s) with holes in the ear?

    Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead while awaiting your responses. Thanks.

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @ldike.



    Hi @pearl, you and lil prince are doing great. My daughter loathes injections ehn! Like she can tell from the day before that she will be going for immunisation :yes:   lol. I don’t have experience with holes in the ear, how did that happen though, if I may ask . But I will just say keep redirecting him, each time he tries to pull in his ears,soon enough he would get it, hopefully.

    @bosa I laughed at your ‘modeling’ blues. And I agree, taking pictures is so much hard worn for me too. 🙂



    @ldike: Tiny little holes on or around the ear is medically called Preauricular ear pit/ ear pit or Preauricular sinus.

    I see this mostly on Igbos growing up and the myth surrounding people with such is that “they are wicked” but never ever thought it was a congenital malformation that occurs 6weeks in utero.

    When Prince was born I noticed it as I checked for all physical features if complete or not because most of my ultrasound scan was showing like he had a cleft lip  and I thank God that wasn’t true when I saw him although the ear pit was no issue then as I have once seen it before but I never thought it could or may pose as a risk to so many other things i.e draining fluid, getting infected, blah blah blah until recently it started getting red and when I press upwards its drains out fluid. 🙁

    It really shouldn’t be an issue but when one keeps rubbing or pulling on it it can get infected. I have googled out of google and I was surprised to see the wonders of nature.

    He has on both ears the left is inactive and the right is very active.

    The downside of it is that one can remove them surgically but the cons removing them outweighs the pros from my research. 😥



    @pearl I never knew that was a congenital issue, I’ve seen quite a number of people with it and always admired it….With the number of people we see here, I’m assuming it doesn’t pose grave problems in future. I guess surgery is out, its to get him to stop pulling which is a tall order as babies love to pull.

    Raise this with his Pead and let’s hope there is a way out. No experience on this but will a hat work? I have a friend whose daughter was born without eyes (Anophthalmia) wears this hard hats which also covers her ears, she usually hits her head with her toys so this prevents that.

    @ldike na your face be this? How are you doing? How’s work, school, princess and hubby doing? All settled? Yes oh modelling blues indeed, the pictures are lovely so that’s a consolation.

    @nicole, @oluwakemine, @ddo, @smiley,

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    @pearl, my older daughter has those same holes in her ears. I used to be really worried about them, and read myself blind on it. But it hasn’t affected her at all in her almost 7 years on this earth. Still speak with his Paed, but I wouldn’t worry too much hun.

    @ldike my love, chop kiss  :kiss:   :kiss: . How are you hun? How is my baby Nicole? I’m sure she has started blowing forne now  :cloud9:

    @bosa, nooowwww you see what I suffered last year during my own photo shoot  :haha: . That thing no be yam at all at all!



    Thank God I found this platform, I do not know how I would have handled all this unforeseen issues.

    @bosa: You have always admired it… :haha:   :rofl:   :rofl: Now you know better 😉 Your reference got me shouting ”Blood of Jesus” Only God and Nature knows why all this things happens. 🙁

    Ironically, I have always admired people with crossed eyes not until I grew up to understand its a medical condition called Strabismus. I quickly rejected it with the blood of the lamb. :haha: #things we do not know. :yes:

    @nicole: Really! Just like yourself I overlooked it but when he discovered he has ears and pulls on them, he has stressed the hole hence why its now draining. 😥 It shouldn’t pose any significant problem if not touched or tampered with.

    I wipe the draining hole with alcohol(spirit) using100% cotton bud after draining them or after shower.

    I will sure bring this up with his paed even though she once mentioned that I need to watch out for those holes and alert them when they are red or swollen. Neither of those has occurred but its draining. :wacko:

    Thanks for the quick response ladies. :heart:   :heart:

    cc: @Idike.





    @pearl I know right? Rejected with the blood oh, I always admired ears with multiple piercings (yet never had the liver to get any) it just looked so cool. Crossed eyes never appealed to me i guess because I already suffer myopia.

    Thank God for your observation, hopefully the holes remain fine till his next paed’s appointment. So what to do about this tugging…..will mittens help?



    @bosa: Hopefully the holes remains fine till next visit and pending the time socks as mittens would help. 😉




    Been under the weather. :sleep:

    Last week Monday I was very bloated and feeling heavy **weighed 82.5kg** so I decided to fast and luckily for me Ramadan is in **I am not a Muslim** but decided to join.

    Luckily, the Monday fast played a role in feeling light and then came spotting on Tuesday, the spotting increased by the days with intense fasting to punish the weigh in figures and its working pretty well as I have lost 2.5kg :yahoo:

    Spotting turned to heavy bleeding so I am guessing this is Menstruation. Its over a week today and I am still bleeding.

    I just hope this isn’t one of those bleeding that lasts for weeks running into months or the one that  lands me in the hospital. #fingerscrossed

    Has anyone ever experience this?

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @smiley, @ldike, @bibi, @ddo

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