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    Hi Pearl @pearl, hope the tips shared with you has relieved Prince’s stiff muscles?

    Bo’s @bosa, I had same experience with my non-existent boobs too. At least, they were good for something. :haha:

    Mommas, please calm your inner accountants oh. It’s not our babies fault that everything is so expensive.

    cc: @nicole @ddo




    The appointment went well on Wednesday as we have seen some improvement however it took a new turn after the session and the physiotherapy booked us for another session for next week.

    I had to stop the whole process.

    I asked her if there are any other tips she has to offer and she said NO; also somethings weren’t adding up for me because a session of thirty minutes to one hour is not enough to deduce if a child is performing well or not. Also, she started asking so irrelevant questions like ”Prince is light skinned is the father light skinned, he’s got a big eyes as well blah blah blah” Ladies, I was shocked and short of words. I tried my best to calm down and responded ”the Father is dark skinned and that I am the one who’s light skinned except for my face that is dark, the Father has gotten a big eyes as well.”

    I do not appreciate people asking me questions outside what they are suppose to do. She is a physiotherapist not a dermatologist or optician.

    She also called DH at work telling him that the therapy I cancelled was necessary, that it will help him when he wants to obtain his drivers license, DH was like…You are already comparing a 4months old baby to an 18years old adult. DH went berserk and told her to send us all the document they have and withdrew from the physiotherapist.

    In my mind, I was like so she called DH to report me or what.**clapping, clapping…” I am happy she got a nice response from DH. :haha:

    Moving forward, we have decided he will be sleeping on his sides at night hoping that will do.

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ddo.



    @pearl, I’m glad the session went well. But when you said things took a new turn, I hope it was nothing major.

    LOL, I know how annoying those extra questions can be :haha: . I’m sure she just allowed her curiosity get the better of her. And for her to call your DH, will I call that one over sabi or over concern?! Worrying about what Prince will encounter in 17+ years from now?! Na wa oh! Let’s just say she cares  :rose:

    And I’m secretly doing her ‘ntoin’ for getting isho from DH. I hate it when people try to feel smart by going to my DH instead of me. I really hate it. So undermining!



    @pearl great news…. :good:

    Don’t mind her, I suspect she was trying to make “small talk” but the oversabi of calling DH is like “say what?” Was that supposedly report to the Husband to bring call you to order????? And the doc is FEMALE!!!! Arrant rubbish, @nicole truly I’m so petty i am actually dancing with glee and doing plenty “ntoin” for the serious ELA she got her way…. :yahoo:



    Goodnews to start the week…


    We started eating solids last week :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo: and we love love it. :brat:

    Ate banana for starters followed by one meal combo of apple, mango and banana then broccoli. So far we are loving the meals but they seems not so filling as I thought, well maybe due to the fact that they are new and not eating so much yet. 😉

    Meal ideas are welcome from big mummies and chef(s) of the fertile chick, can’t wait to trying new meals. yummmmmmmmmmmmm

    Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead.

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @reggie, @fruityfruity.




    :wohoo: :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:

    This is HUGE, @pearl. A big milestone! Congrats Mommy  :heart:   :heart:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    I have to dust the cobwebs in my brain to remember some more early meal ideas, but I’ll most surely share a.s.a.p!

    Soooooo happy for you  :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Prince is now a big boy!!!!



    @nicole, thanks. He is sure a big boy now. You need to see him the way he was eating fast fast, if the spoon is too slow then crying begins. :haha:   :haha: Looking forward to the meals. Thanks in advance. :rose:



    Awww bless  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Been a minute @oluwakemine, hoping you are doing fine. Missing you. 😥



    Image result for Missing you too

    Pearl @pearl, I missed you too a lot :heart: :heart: . And I really felt like scolding myself for missing this update about Prince.Wooow!!! He is a big boy already :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   How time flies. God is watching over His own even amidst all the doctors’ reports.

    As for that early baby meal, I will not lie, I stuck to the simple and ready-to-eat meals, because I’m not adventurous. However, I can look up some links online. Do you know one Maky Benson on Instagram? She wrote a book on baby meals.

    Here’s a link that might help: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/stage1_homemade_baby_food_recipes.htm

    If I find more interesting links, I will add.

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