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    This your narrative got me laughing and then angry Pearl @pearl. Thank God, it ended well.

    You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself with this breastfeeding business. What’s important is that Prince is getting fed. But still ask the doctor tomorrow. As for a connection between PCOS and low milk supply? I really don’t know.



    @pearl your posts are always so hilarious….I so feel you…especially the part about how we expect the milk will just start flowing like the rivers of Babylon..*yimu* :negative:   :negative: lies lies lies! infact I now joke that my breast were just big for nothing :haha:   :haha: because I got zilch..nothing..nada..I was on those breast pumps for 1 hour every three hours in the NICU and the most i ever got in one sitting was 40ml..it was like manna from heaven!You can imagine going thru all that stress..we tried hot water towel..looking at Damola’s pictures..tucking his blankets and used clothes into my bra..there is no Fenugreek or lactation product I did not charter..the next step was to offer some drug..but that’s where I drew the line..I cannot come and kill myself..fortunately the nurses and doctors in the NICU were very supportive and understanding..apparently its quite common with NICU mums..because A) we are under stress duh! and what hubby said about PCOS having an effect is true..because the doctor told me that as well.he said they also see it in a lot of IVF mums..( and truly all the friends I made on the NICU who had IVF..we all had Breastmilk production wahala..some were able to get it flowing well..the rest of us took our SMA prescription to pharmacy ) :)…also said BM production is an issue they notice for woman that have those steriod injections to mature babies lungs in my case for early delivery….I had romanticised BFeeding too..but if I look at all our chat history and groups on this blog since we became sisters…I dont think anyone every prayed to breastfeed o…we just wanted kids 🙂  🙂  🙂 ..soo prayer complete on to the next..!! You will enjoy weaning…I loved it…make sure you take lots of videos when he tries new things it’s hilarious…it’s ridiculous how much babies can eat..by the time i buy his groceries im like..if at 10 months you are already eating £10-15 groceries every week… :mail:   :mail:   :mail: ..pray for me saints…that the accountant in me is weaken and my son doesnt have to get a job by May B-)



    :haha: :haha:   :haha: Dooshima @ddo. Praying for you that the Madam accountant in you calms down oh, because we are not even going to be talking about a job for over a decade. :plane:   :plane:

    From your doctors’ observations, that means hormonal medications can affect pregnancy. Just imagine that drugs taken over 40 weeks comes up to affect breastfeeding. Well, thank  God that there are options.



    We had the immunization yesterday with doctors consultation.
    We are now weighing 5.1kg…so happy and grateful everything is working as planned. I discussed the breastfeeding challenges with the doctor yesterday and I was shocked that it wasn’t a concern since we had moved to baby formula and he is eating well, peeing well and pooping well. Honestly, I was shocked.
    In fact from the look of things, nothing concerns them with my health rather they are more concerned about the baby. 🙁

    Remember the flat head I talked about sometime ago…We have been referred to a physiotherapist. I just made the appointment this morning which has been scheduled for next week Wednesday. Hoping he/she has something tangible to say/offer else I will tell them straight up their services is not needed.

    I blame World Health Organization for the flat heads in babies.They were trying to solve a problem while creating another. :growlmad:

    @ddo: Thanks for your input. All I can say is WHOA! Those facts you dished out just puts my worries at bay. Thanks dear.
    Haha please o…don’t unleash the accountant in you.
    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine.



    Oh boy, Prince is on a roll  :angel:   And why are you just catching on that Boss is now the center of attraction? :haha:   @pearl. I remember @bibi complaining about same thing while pregnant. I guess it’s one of the realities of motherhood; suddenly, moms don’t matter as such.

    See how much you shared here about the breastfeeding ish, only to be told it’s fine as long as baby is doing fine. I guess you can wean baby without feeling any guilt, whenever you’re ready.

    As for that flathead whatever, let’s hope the specialist has something helpful to say.

    How did Prince cope with the immunization? Hope he’s not cranky.

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    Yes ooo, @pearl. It’s most surely all about the Prince from now on, so get used to it :haha: . #Motherhood

    I’m glad he is putting on weight nicely, and fingers crossed the Consultant will have something useful to say about the ‘flathead’. Maybe it might round out later on?



    @oluwakemine: He only cries for few minutes and smiles at the nurses after each session but gets cranky when you touch the area or he hits his leg himself which disappears the next day. He hasn’t fallen ill so far and I make sure I check his temperature after each diaper change and give paracetamol when too high. Tho I have only given him twice, which I think is not bad at all.

    @nicole: Hoping they have tangible tips and reasonable solution. Tomorrow is the appointment. fingers-crossed.





    Hopefully they will, @pearl hun :hugs:

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter  :rose:



    Yes I did @nicole, better than Christmas I must say. Hoping yours was wonderful as well. Happy Easter in arrears. :wine:



    Update! :yahoo:

    Yesterday was a busy day as we visited child physiotherapist.

    Although it was same tips she gave as the pediatrician but I must admit that the visitation was worth it. She pointed out so many things while giving tips and tricks and thank God myself and DH are getting a hold of it.

    So apparently he was looking to the right and not looking to the left because he somewhat had a stiff muscle to the left and hates its when been turned to the left hence why he’s gotten a flat spot on the right.

    The flat spot became obvious yesterday because hes hair is growing and there is little or no hair in and around the flat spot. 🙁

    We have immediately incorporated the tips by the physiotherapist to our routine; he no longer sleeps on his back rather sides guided with towel wrapped aluminum bottle containing warm water, this method includes when taking him out in a stroller and when playing.

    Before our visitation, I had already googled online about the flat head challenges and almost making an attempt to buying ”baby pillow for rounded head” and I am happy I didn’t buy it because I went to a physical shop and bought the pillow out of emotion/need to get the flat head corrected in no time but on getting home I fast realized the pillow wasn’t worth the price and not knowing if it will get the job done I became very skeptical as my other mind was telling me I can make the pillow myself without spending a dime.**Ijebu girl** How can I buy a pillow worth 25euros, pillow that I can fold on my palm, pillow that you won’t use for long, white pillow that will get dirty, it better works magic o, if it does not work nko… :haha:   :haha:

    Told DH about my thoughts and he agreed. I traced the pillow on an A4 paper and immediately returned the pillow back to the store. On getting home I made mine which I must admit is far better than that of the  store as I made the pillow to fit into his head while leaving the right spot less filled with pillow filling and a hold in the middle.

    The pillow will be used when he needs to sleeps on his back i.e during diaper changes, relaxing or been carried to feed.**my body is doing me like I won a jack pot.**

    Overall, asides stiff neck which was reasonably pointed out I do not see any other challenges because trying to make the head look in a particular way is just pure cosmetic and will even out as the baby grows and starts crawling.

    Hoping all the tips and tricks improves the stiff neck before the next appointment which is next week Wednesday. #fingerscrossed

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @ddo, @smiley, @bibi, @fruityfruity, @bosa, @reggy.




    Pearl @pearl oh :haha:   :haha:   You are a champ joor. So, that is how 25 euros would have gone like that. Thank God for you smart thinking. :good:   :good:   :good:

    And it’s nice that something worthwhile came out of the doctor’s visit. How will the stiff muscle be treated? Gentle massage or what?



    :haha: @pearl I feel you my Sis! Why waste money on something you can even do yourself! So glad the doctor’s appointment went well, and you now know what to do to alleviate things. Just follow the tips the Physiotherapist gave, and I’m sure all will be well.  :hug:

    Wonder mommy toh bad! I just knew you’d be a natural at this  :cloud9:



    @oluwakemine: Yes! that is how the money will just go like that and I am so sure it will so pain me. :yes:

    You guessed right, gentle massage by a chiropractor but that is if the tips given to us does not improve it hence why we are going back there next week Wednesday.

    @nicole: Hoping everything turns out well.

    Wonder mommy toh bad!…lol…the price of diapers and formula alone makes me think and rethink before buying anything. I now understand what @ddo meant by ”…pray for me saints…that the accountant in me is weaken and my son doesnt have to get a job by May.” :haha:   :haha:   :haha:



    LOL @ddo…..But very good observation, we never pray for breast-milk oh….I guess because we all assume its automatic. Funny how I had no plans to breastfeed ‘cos i have tiny breasts i say. So didn’t expect much milk, my friend also who practically doesn’t need bras, had a good milk supply like me. Whereas our other busty friend struggled……so truly maybe those big breasts do not automatically translate to great supply…We bless God for formula ojare.

    @pearl great weight gain for Prince charming…..I trust you, ever so resourceful :good:

    May God bless our babies richly….. :angel:



    Amen to your prayers @bosa.

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