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    Looking forward to the exciting days Pearl @pearl :yahoo:



    Pearl @pearl sweetie, I’m so glad the rash is gone! My dear, the drama that comes with infants…God help us women!

    My girls had fungal infection on their tongues oh! Both their tongues were now white. I was like warrisdis now  :wacko:   😥 . Thankfully, the drug they gave us worked, but I know how dramatic it was. So happy you were able to find a remedy for the little Prince  :heart:

    Looking forward to the breastfeeding story  :munch:



    Wishing you all a blessed week. :rose:   :rose:   :rose:   :rose:



    Have a great one too Pearl @pearl. Looking forward to updates.



    Who remembers the ”painters shenanigans” before Prince was born.

    Okay, he was suppose to come April this year but he came three weeks ago saying he wants to start his work proper before we said Jack he had brought big machine that will transport him to the roof/up and down the building which replaced his metal scaffolds and ladder he came with previous year. I was like he means business now, DH was like ”too soon to conclude”. 🙁  :unsure:

    The machine sat there for a week occupying our front garden, pavement and car park :growlmad:   :growlmad: we didn’t see him. He came last week Monday and started with the front of the building by scraping old paints, did some sandpapering including little repairs and applied first paint. He came the next day again to continue scarping the front of the building and also applied the second paint to the place he previously painted. Painted the front on Wednesday and till I speak he is no where to be found. 😥  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥 The back has not been touched at all. 🙁  :growlmad:

    I hate the fact that because he brought a bigger machine I thought he was going to be serious and do the right job but he just confirmed what DH said ”not to soon to conclude” and how unserious artisans can be.

    It is like artisans learn unseriousness, dishonesty and non-nonchalant attitude with their work. 😥

    Really mad at him and his company; luckily DH has transferred his case to me as he said he doesn’t have time for him again.

    Trust me ladies he is in trouble as I will make life difficult for him just as he had done and is doing because his bill wasn’t cheap. I will make sure he does everything stated in our contract without skipping anything. No over looking of minor error(s).

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @smiley, @bosa, @ldike, @ddo, @bibi.




    @pearl glad the rashes is good but please be careful with Funbact A….I’d say you should stop now it’s gone for a bit. I have had at-least 2 dermatologists say it’s a tad too harsh for babies, hence it works pretty fast i guess. I also got frustrated on 1% Hydrocortisone and used FunbactA for faster relief. The rashes returned when i stopped so we had to do cold turkey and stick to the creams dermatologist prescribed, i wont lie i had some days i still used Funbact A. But yea, as tempting as it may be, not in his body cream but sparingly and when required. It also lightens the skin, remember it is a steroid, long term exposure isn’t helpful.

    That your Painter is behaving like our Nigerian Artisans! This is the required JD for Nigerian Artisans, I think they take special courses in Irresponsibility. It is not a curse, but that is why many of them do not progress. I had a very good carpenter, kept introducing him to many. He did fantastic work for my mum, she gave him more…till today her 250k is with him, job not delivered!! I went gangster and was going to clear his shop but my Mum said to leave him. He claimed his Mum was ill so he used the money bla di bla which we found out was a lie…..He is in a terrible state now as many he owes, have cleared his shop so he’s lost machines, orders, he just runs about….They hurry to leave companies they work for, without learning the business skills required to run theirs.

    I do not envy that painter at all, he has no idea what is coming his way…. :haha:



    It’s a new year and this painter hasn’t changed. #rubbish.

    Now, he deserves everything that is coming to him. @pearl. Don’t go easy on him oh. How many month is it going to take him to finish his work? Big machine and rubbish attitude.

    Doesn’t he have any superior officer you can call to report him to? This attitude is not good at all. B-)



    post disappeared twice @nicole @oluwakemine 😥  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥



    Wrote a lengthy post and it disappeared. 😥 Will try summarize. 🙁  :mail:

    Good to have you on here @bosa. Missed you Plenty. :rose:

    Thanks for the concern and tips. I will hence forth stop with the mixed Vaseline and stick to only Vaseline.

    As for the Painter.

    I would want to say Artisans are same everywhere but will still give some the benefit of doubt.

    It is not a curse rather its the reality. Most of them if not all of them thrive on referrals and how do you refer someone who gave you a bad service or product. :unsure:

    @oluwakemine: We did that and no sensible result came out of it. Hence why we are taking it up.

    Please, Bosa do not envy him because he has no idea what is ahead of him. Asides from DH not communicating with him any longer after he sent them a mail last week and they didn’t reply. He has gotten a lawyer involved as he is tired of them.

    Fingers crossed and hoping he comes this week because its about to get messy. :yes:



    So sorry about that Pearl @pearl. I wonder why that’s happening again. B-)   B-)



    In that case, oga painter, you are on your own. Whatever comes to you is well deserved. :gun:   :gun:   :gun:

    cc: @pearl



    It’s like these artisans are the same everywhere, Pearl @pearl  :growlmad: :growlmad: . So very annoying. My dear, don’t hold back! Make sure you give him all you’ve got! Why come and park his equipment in your dormot?! Is it to give the appearance of seriousness or what?!

    And I’m fully in support of legal redress, if need be!



    haha @nicole, you are right, the machine was to give him appearance of seriousness which I thought at first. Really annoying something. 🙁

    He is yet to come as we speak. :growlmad:   :growlmad:



    Like play like play we are going in for our 4month immunization tomorrow and hopefully after that we can start tasting some adult food. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Avocado for starters follow by carrot. Exciting days ahead to becoming a Master chef. :wohoo:   :headspin:
    So after the birth of Prince I was somewhat on pressure from the nurses to breastfeed.
    Honestly, I had it in mind to breast feed exclusively for the first six month as WHO had recommended but I fast realized that breast feeding isn’t for everyone and not every woman can breast feed their babies. :yes:
    Note: we had no problem with latching, holding baby or positioning; thanks to doctor Google and YouTube rather we had challenges with milk supply.
    The nurses didn’t help the situation as well as they brought a double sided breast pump expecting me to pump every three hours and/or when he is awake when in fact my body is telling me to sleep. 😥
    This lead to frustration as I was trying my best and the nurses thought it wasn’t trying enough.
    I would not have been frustrated if time was given and wasn’t pressured plus the fact that they would not give baby food rather they prefer an hungry crying baby to suckle on an empty breast of a tired mother. :growlmad: I do not think there would be any woman who after over a decade of trying to conceive would watch her child hungering, crying and starving away and be comfortable. :nope:
    I went MAD which lead to feeding him with formula after coming into agreement with them. :wacko:

    When DH came back from paper runs(declaration of birth by the nearest local government) I told him what happened. Of course he noticed I was unhappy which was unlike me, he also noticed my attitude towards the nurses.
    I narrated my experience “pressure pumping empty sore breast, hungry frustrated crying baby, forcing baby to suckle on empty breast,…” he was like I needed to take things easy with them.
    **fast forward.**
    After 4hrs DH witnessed my narrated experience and all hell was let loose. :haha:
    Honestly, I had to laugh out loud. :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:
    He went berserk with the nurses and was already making a claim of deliberate starvation while they look for work to do and bills to collect.
    He called in for a consultation on best baby formula and ordered it straight up. Made the baby food twice the amount of what he required **you know, baby was starving. lol** and fed the baby himself. :haha:   :haha:   :haha:
    The lactation nurses avoided him till we left the clinic. They tried helping afterwards, what I would refer to as ”eye services” but DH wasn’t in for that as they had made his baby suffer starvation in his first week of life. :baby:   :haha:
    Look, our idea of breastfeeding was as soon as baby is born and baby suckles on breast for a while milk begin to gush out like water from a fountain but we were proved wrong.
    After Prince was delivered he was low on sugar and coupled with low birth weight he had to be given a formulated formula to met his needs asap but that didn’t last for more than 72hours.Along with this were some other diagnosis which we aren’t sure if this is normal for him or might require some treatment or correction in later years which we were been referred to a private specialist clinic for.
    Although we were proved wrong about our understand on breast feeding, we weren’t disappointed and did not give up.
    Settling for the baby formula was the best in his first two weeks.

    We got discharged from the hospital, cried my life out in distress that night and DH couldn’t help it, he had to research and research and research about the supposed diagnosis.

    As I asked DH about what Google was saying he was just reassuring me everything will be fine. Prince is a warrior and unique than ever recorded.

    I was like yimu while crying…just let me know how bad this is.**hopefully everything will be fine and which ever way, details will be penned.**

    That same night 2nurses visited to help out with taken care of Prince and myself. One even suggested she cook for us which we agreed to.
    It was the next day that one of the nurses advised on what to do concerning the breastfeeding “massaging with hot water and drinking some herbs made specifically for breast feeding.”

    I gave the massage a try and yes! yes!! yes!!! It worked.

    Yippee…here comes the milk.The nurses where present for the next 2weeks helping out and filling a book given to DH from the local government…that’s a standard procedure here.
    As he was sucking on one I was pumping on another. Great, you would say but this breast milk fast became a nightmare. :growlmad:   :nope:
    One week I was lactating, the other week no milk. :growlmad:
    Baby was eating like there was no tomorrow. Eating 60ml in a sitting. :baby:   :baby:   :baby:
    Let me spare you further details… :mail:
    We combined both breast and formula for two months and as we speak we are currently on formula alone even though he recently started using the breast as a pacifier to sleep. :haha:
    I am not optimistic that milk will flow as experienced previously as I have pumped and pumped and pumped and no milk came out but yeah who knows what my body is doing. :unsure:DH is trying to link PCOS with little or no milk supply while breastfeeding and I honestly have no idea what he is talking about.**I think its just an excuse to make me not feel bad as I wanted to breast feed.** I will discuss this with the doctor and nurses tomorrow so fingers-crossed to hear what they have to say.
    CC: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @bibi, @fruityfruity, @mimi1, @temotighoken, @reggy.



    Awww bless  :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    @pearl I’m so glad it all worked out in the end, and I can imagine the kind of pressure you were under. The truth is breast feeding just isn’t for everyone!!! But thank God you found something that worked for you  :hugs:

    And 4 months already!!!! See how time is  :plane: :plane::yahoo: :yahoo: for solid food loading  :yahoo: :yahoo:

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