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    @oluwakemine @nicole it seems I need to get this underwear control. I keep seeing ladies looking so firm and some days wonder whats happening…. :haha: so this is the secret? I like the picture @nicole sent, it seems pretty easy. Not like those with hooks from top to bottom.

    @oluwakemine home ke. Junior rocker is at school, he even called me yesterday morning to “report” his dad for keeping him at home then agreed when Husby agreed to stay home with him. I had meetings scheduled for today but couldn’t even make them. We had a vessel sailing and i hadnt sorted out the contract, that also has been postponed. So yea, I could have been on my bed. I have learnt the hard way, others book their return flights early in the day and go home from the airport. Over sabi me booked 5.20 flight and it took almost 3hours to get home. That truck thing eh, I am officially tired.  They will run marathon with trucks as their buddies, i do not plan to step out of my house that day.




    :haha: :haha:   :haha:   So Junior called you to “report” his dad, so you can talk to your husband oh @bosa, children sha :angel:   :angel:   :angel: Seems like the week went away from you oh. Anyways, the postponement will help you get everything done. More strength for you oh.

    Whether they even run on top of the trunks doesn’t even bother me again. Whatever! B-)   B-)



    Bos @bosa love, welcome home :hugs: . How was PH? So sorry Junior was under the weather, but glad to hear he’s better now and had a fun day with Dad. Bless!

    As for those trucks, my dear, I have no words! You won’t believe that at the 5:40am that I’m on the bridge, traffic is still slow moving around the beginning of the bridge! Only God knows what happens at 7am! That’s why I intend to continue going early even when the kids are on mid-term next week. Who wants to waste lifespan in traffic. Pele about the traffic upon returning to Lagos love. Thank God the weekend is almost here. And I hope those tankers DISGRACE that yeye Ambode during this marathon. Yeye man. Don’t even get me started on the garbage situation in Lagos. A MESS!!!  :yellowcard:

    So how did you manage with the vessel and contract? Hope you were able to get ample rest today dear. I remember too well those Lagos-PH commutes, and it aint no fun  :nope:

    And yes ooooh. The underwear is the business. You just wear it like payint :haha: . Seriously though, you slip it on like panties (well, more like squeeze sha. The squeezier, the better), and everything is nice and moulded. I’m addicted now.



    It is called ‘packaging’ @nicole @oluwakemine @bos. Hmmmmm you ladies are doing well…



    Thanks ladies @nicole @oluwakemine. I want this underwear oh, where does one get them from?

    @oluwakemine yet oh he called with his dad’s phone to report him :haha: asking me what he will do at home… :wacko:

    @nicole the project slipped by a few days which was just in good time. All sorted now. I would say i got to rest-ish, got home and went for my step classes which was awesome, lifted some weights afterwards…lol i felt much better, down side was i slept off watching Tinsel about 9pm. Was up by 5am this morning to rush out to avoid the Toll increase protest which i hear hasn’t started but the police presence was something else.

    Let’s have a lovely day and great weekend ladies @pearl @oluwakemine @nicole @<span class=”bbp-user-nicename”>fruityfruity</span>



    403 forbidden… :growlmad:   :growlmad:   :growlmad:



    Testing! Testing!! Hoping my MSG gets posted…#fingerscrossed.

    cc: @oluwakemine, @nicole, @bosa, @fruityfruity, @smiley.



    Hello @pearl how are you doing and Prince charming? See, you don’t even comment on the fact your DH has gone back to work. I trust you, ever able…. :good:

    On Asthma, I know right?? For me, it’s ironic as I discovered that I actually do better when i exercise. I should do the research actually but i have less wheezing bouts as opposed to when I am quite sedentary. I use nose masks though thanks to Apapa which i use here from the jetty to office and vice versa. I think the air also is way cleaner at that time…..I am done by 5.30am so a handful cars on the bridge at that time, less pollution i guess.

    However, I use the seretide inhaler  and Flixonase nasal spray in the morning before jogging. Depending on how clear my chest is; i may use the salbutamol inhaler just before the aerobic class in the evenings, some bad days I use during the class or give up. However, those were more frequent in the early days, it seems as though my lungs are also training so they have more stamina now…. :haha:



    Whao… @bosa, Lucky you. Mine gets induced with stress, exercise and sometimes too much excitement. 🙁 I get to use my inhalers everyday in Lagos but when I travel to other parts of Nigeria like Ibadan, Abuja, etc I hardly use it. Lagos stress and Pollution… :growlmad:

    DH returned to work mid January and trust me I am loving it.

    I made a moby wrap to carry Prince when I want my hands free. I also back him with a fabric I got and use one of my pashmina scarfs to tie the bum.**I had to improvise sharply.** :haha:   :haha:

    I know @oluwakemine will call it gangsta move… :rofl:

    Quick question: Prince has this rash all over his head, face(cheeks) and neck since birth although all the doc. we have seen said its hormone that it will go on its own; I am just wondering has anyone experienced this and was anything used because its seems to reduced one day and comes back another day.

    cc: @nicole, @ddo.



    @pearl Lagos stress induced mine when i returned to Nigeria….to think I didn’t own an inhaler while in England. I wonder if those doctors scammed me or truly believed i would outgrow it. My asthma was quite bad as a child, I was in and out of hospital I praise God everyday my son’s is quite mild.

    pashmina scarfs to tie the bum” that’s great…..you started early, by the time we started backing….he was wise enough to scream down the house so he never liked it.

    Sorry I can’t help much on the rashes. We had for a while, he was given a cream which I can’t remember the name. However, it was on and off so his Pedi. advised we ignore it and now I can’t even remember how it cleared. My yoruba maternal grandmother claims there is this red leaves they used to bath the baby. We didn’t have the leaf so we didn’t get to try it. :yes: @oluwakemine do you know the name of the leaf?




    Pearl @pearl, you know me so well.  :haha:   :haha:   It’s gangsta move for sure but a momma’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. With DH out of the house, you need your hands biko. Hope Prince is doing fine, asides the rash.

    My babies had the rash too for a while. Since I or my mom, were not so versed in herbs or inclined to,  we used ori (shea butter) and when it happened with the younger twins, it was the same ori but I mixed in some coconut oil, just to spice up the smell. I didn’t notice when the rashes left honestly but I know they did.

    I remember that pinkish plant @bosa but I don’t know the name.



    Hello Pearl @pearl, it’s been a minute. How are you and Prince doing?



    Hello Ladies, Its good to be back after small break on my journal **excited**…Lots and lots of gist I can not wait to share. Really happy to be back as I have missed everyone. Thanks to @oluwakemine and @nicole for a job well done during the break. God will bless you both tremendously . :heart:   :rose:   :hug:

    Moving forward from our last conversation from the rashes.

    At the time I posted the question seeking for help here it was just on his chin, I woke up the next day to rashes on the cheeks and ears. My heart sank for a while and started crying. We took him to the doctor but all the meds and cream they gave us didn’t work at all so I decided to take things into my own hands. Firstly, it was shea butter mixed with coconut oil and that worsened the situation. Later was fatty vaseline which didn’t do justice to it too.

    DH was already getting frustrated and we decided to risk it by applying Funbact-A from head to toe literally that was his body cream for a week and you will not believe it disappeared in no time. :yahoo: After a week we decided to mix half bottle of Funbact A with a jar of vaseline and that has been his body cream till today.

    Although they said its hormonal at first then came allergic reaction/dry skin but then again with the rate at which I saw this happen to other kids **Goggle** I have since thrown that to the bin because does that mean all the kids have allergic reaction :unsure:

    More gist to come…breastfeeding **hint/spoiler alert.** :yahoo:

    cc: @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @ldike, @fruityfruity, @bibi.



    Image result for excited

    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:   Pearl @pearl, welcome back. Let me savour the fact that you are back now and then read gist.

    Thank God, the rash is gone now.  :heart:   :heart:



    Yes the rash is gone @oluwakemine. Its good to be back.

    Exciting days ahead. :wohoo:

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