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    Thanks @bosa.

    I think massaging the head during bath-times is basically for cosmetic reasons. I do not see any other reason for this doing or is there? :unsure: @oluwakemine, @nicole, @ddo.




    Its been a great transitioning so far and I must confess its not an easy one as people use to describe it but in all I am grateful and thankful.

    Quick question: How soon after having a baby did your menstruation show up?

    I already said goodbye to menstruation immediately I was pregnant and in all honesty I am not expecting to see it after having a baby due to PCOS. I have had enough of the :witch: resetting myself to teen years, so when I think its necessary for her to come I will ask for OCP(Provera).

    cc: @oluwakemine, @nicole, @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @fruityfruity, @bibi, @ldike, @reggy.



    Pearl @pearl, sorry but I know you will do just fine. :heart:

    To your question, in my own case, I started seeing my period almost immediately, no break but it wasn’t full on bleeding as well. It was just enough to let me know the  :witch: was back on.

    Since you have the option of inducing it, then by all means wait oh. You are breastfeeding, you can wait until you wean Boss or whenever you feel.

    Who the witch epp sef?



    Who the witch epp sef? :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:

    @oluwakemine: Inducing is not right away dear. Inducing will only come after 4 to 6months of not having a period. I have been bleeding on and off since the arrival of Prince and I am not sure if what I am currently experiencing is period(bright red and currently reducing in volume) hence the question and taking yourself into consideration I think its period. :yahoo: Bleeding is about to be over. :yahoo:

    I will be seeing my gyn soon but before then I just want to have an idea of whats going on. Thanks for the response. :rose:   :heart:



    For Vaginal birth i think we tend to bleed longer. That is not a period, it is just the uterus cleaning out and as you breastfeed the uterus contracts so more bleeding. For me, I think that stopped by week 6 and i finally had a period after he turned 4 months. I recall i was devastated…. :haha: I had friends tell me :witch: came from 6 months or later. I was wondering why mine had to come so early, then i ran to the hospital for copper IUD. I was using the old wives tale of while breastfeeding and before :witch: shows, you can’t get pregnant.



    Tell me about that feeling of devastation Bos @bosa 🙁  🙁  It was just like, can’t the  :witch:   :witch:   just extend the holiday? I’m really happy for moms, who get a long break from the witch after birth. No such luck for me. B-)

    Bleeding within the six weeks postpartum falls under what Bos described above. That’s just the aftermath of birth. It’s over six weeks now right Pearl @pearl?



    Jezus…After been excited that bleeding will soon end @bosa. 🙁  :growlmad:   :nope: Yes its over six weeks @oluwakemine.

    Talking about getting pregnant while breastfeeding or after birth…I have been asked severally about birth control to prevent pregnancy soon and I honestly can not describe the feeling. I just have this strong feeling I can not get pregnant naturally i.e without fertility treatment taking into consideration years of trying to conceive and PCOS.

    My other mind is saying ”don’t be naive” but then again…I am not in for a second. One is enough.

    I will be visiting my gyn tomorrow and hopefully we get to talk about this.



    Pearl @pearl, I’m that your other mind too saying, “Don’t be naive.” True, you had challenges with conceiving before but your have passed that stage now. Your body has got a feel of what it’s like to be pregnant and may just decide it needs an encore without your conscious permission. Better to be safe than sorry. Talk to your gynae about your options please.

    “I am not in for a second. One is enough.”  Really Pearl? I thought so too some years back, give yourself and Boss sometimes, before you conclude. Please talk to your doctor about the BC bit biko.



    @pearl I am so so feeling you..it’s like we need a side bar discussion :rofl:   :rofl::af:   :af: appeared out of nowhere for me…I was shook..because with pcos history I’m not used to her appearing without being coaxed by provera or something..I actually cannot remember the last time my period just appeared in the last 5 years..for someone that used to flow like a small stream in Benue..it’s been raging like the Atlantic Ocean at Bar beach..I’m like okay first period since birth..but na wa..and then for the first time i’m experiencing period cramps! Like I actually cried because it was so painful..i had to take buscopan and use a hot water bottle..the ENTIRE 9 yeards for pain management..honnestly I’ve repented deeply for every class mate and co-worker I’ve ever laughed at because they had period cramps and had to go home…like bruhhhhhhh the people dealing with that monthly.. :wacko:   :wacko: I’m booked in to see my GP tomorrow as well to discuss contraceptives…its so shocking that i’m not interested in a number two yet…I think i’m just burned out..after all the pinching..prodding..tablets..injections..NICU… :unsure:   :unsure: then hubby made a comment about how..if your period just came..maybe you will just get knocked up…hian… :scratch:   :scratch:   :scratch: now fear is catching me that it might actually happen! something i wanted to happen naturally for so long..now that i’ts a possibility i’m running… :headspin:   :headspin:   :headspin: ..my concern with contraceptives is the weight gain side effect. ..I gained all of 4.5kg in my 7 months of pregnancy only to put on about 10kg in the NICU weeks..Comfort eating is real.. :unsure:   :unsure: I digress…right now the situation is not cute..anything that will make fat stick is not welcome..but another 9 months course too is……sigh..in the words of Hon. Obiagohon…this is a big higgyhaga!! :headspin:   :headspin:   :headspin:



    @pearl, ooooh I’ve missed so much!

    About the head thingy, I was told the same thing about it then…but my older daughter was so much more comfortable on her stomach so I too broke the rule  :blush: . No regrets though. And after hearing about how Dami Adegbite said her mom moulded and shaped her legendary bum that way, omo I’m a believer oh  :haha: . And I’m with your hubby, if na so, all of us for Naija go dey waka with flat head.

    As for breastfeeding as a contraception, my dear caveat emptor oh! Buyer beware. That is the old woman’s tale of liiiiife! I know too many women who resumed from maternity leave pregnant. So, start thinking of a contraception plan while you’re at it. And get that thought out of your head about not being able to conceive naturally. Soooo many of us PCOS girls conceive naturally after pregnancy. #Fact  :yes:

    My period came about 4 months after too…and it also burst a myth for me. I too thought I would have a longer holiday from  :witch:   :af: . Such a bummer, abi @bosa and @oluwakemine  :negative:



    The  :af: :af:   just knows how to show  up at the most unwanted times.

    Dooshima @ddo, you got me  :haha: :haha: :haha: :rofl: with your  :witch: :witch:   tales. You really need that side bar, you and Pearl, considering you have a lot to talk about. :yes:   :yes:

    You see Pearl @pearl what I was talking about , your body after baby is different from the one before and until you know what it’s up to, better to be safe. It’s ironic sha how we can go from wanting natural conception to running away from anything that looks about it

    Dooshima, for the contraceptives, look for one that’s most suitable for your body. I had same reservations before I got on one but I never had to deal with the side effect of weight gain or any side effect for that matter.

    How’s our young man doing?



    @oluwakemine: You are right! Better late than sorry and on an another child…Nah! my decision has been made before Prince was conceived. Trust me, I am done. One has always been what I wished, prayed and planned for and I am adhering to it, no other.

    @ddo: ”…honnestly I’ve repented deeply for every class mate and co-worker I’ve ever laughed at because they had period cramps and had to go home…like bruhhhhhhh the people dealing with that monthly.” lol, this is why I am always very careful with people. You never know what they are going through except you walk in their shoes.

    Interesting to know AF showed up for you in no time and its becoming regular. Unlike your DH, mine is 99% sure AF is gone back to her schedule and she is not even going to be invited anytime soon.

    Talking about OCP and weight gain; I think it has to do with increase in appetite and fluid retention. Which of them are you on though.

    @nicole: You have missed a lot but I do understand. Hoping you are doing fine.

    About the head thing, I read your post and honestly I have found myself unconsciously looking at everybody’s head on the street and on TV. :dohh:

    Yourself and @bosa have burst my bubble about  :witch: :af: . 🙁 And yes Oluwakemine The  :af: :af:   just knows how to show  up at the most unwanted times. :growlmad:







    Just got back from the hospital and goodnews. I have officially been cleared/discharged from seeing the gyn and all files have been transferred to my GP except if there is any issue that GP can not handle will I see the gyn. :wohoo:

    We also discussed about contraceptives, getting pregnant, period and PCOS.

    I told her we do not want any baby again and DH is taking steps about that however she suggested various options for myself and I had to settle for pills to have period when it doesn’t show up.

    Provera isn’t the right pill for me since I do not want to get pregnant, on that note she prescribed Ethinylestradiol/levonorgestrel which I can always call for when I need it.

    Just when I thought I was done visiting the hospital, I was referred to an Endocrinologist. 🙁  😥 Which kind wahala be this, Now I agree with DH that if one is not careful they will recycle one round the whole system. 🙁

    This sums up to visiting the lung specialist and Endocrinologist in the hospital. 🙁

    Wo! I am off on vacation. :plane: Till when you see me again hospital. I need a break from hospital trips like crazy.

    cc @oluwakemine, @nicole, @bosa, @ddo, @ldike.



    Whoop whoop! That’s a huge milestone, @pearl hun! So happy for you :hugs:

    My dear, you need that vacation abeg! Time to rest from all those doctors, and enjoy your Prince :cloud9: . I know it’s a bummer as you still have to see the lung specialist and Endocrinologist, but slowly slowly, you’ll get there. Happy for you hun  :hugs:

    How’s our gorgeous boy doing?



    What a whirlwind of a hospital visit Pearl @pearl. Thank God, you can enjoy in peace now at least until you have to see the other specialists again.

    Nice that you sorted out that birth control business today. :heart:   :heart:

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