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    A little late…wishing everyone a happy new year. Hoping this year will bring lots of blessings and testimonies. Its going to be a year of divine favour in Jesus name.



    A little late???  😉

    Happy New Year Pearl @pearl and lots of love to the Boss. :heart:



    2018 started earlier for me with a crucial information which educated and enlightened me about something I had never thought about in my entire life.

    Went to the drug store yesterday to buy baby formula but there was non at my favorite store, had to go to another store but same store located elsewhere. I had it in mind of getting 2cans of baby formula but due to what happened earlier I made up my mind to buy 3cans when I find a store who has the brand I was looking for in stock.

    Luckily, the new store had lots of them in stock. With happiness and excitement I picked up 3cans and on checking out to pay I got the shocker of my life.

    The lady at the counter said I can not buy more than 2cans. I was like :growlmad: what do you mean. She said repeatedly, I can not purchase more than 2cans of baby formula in their store nor buy more than 2cans of baby formula per day. I was shocked. She started quoting laws…I was like, haba, come on, I just want to have extra at hand so I don’t have to be coming often to the store. And she goes…Purchasing more than 2cans in a store or in a day is an offense punishable by law.

    Punishable by law…That got my attention.

    Well, I purchased 2cans and left the store unhappy but was curious. Got home and told DH my experience, he was marveled as well and we had to google & research as to why we can not buy more than 2cans of baby formula and most importantly why it is punishable by law.

    Apparently the Law was made to curb hoarding and most importantly terrorism as baby formula can be used to make bombs. Still in shock of how some human being misuse opportunity but yeah life goes on and lesson learnt courtesy my new boss; Mr Prince. :heart: :rose: :kiss:

    Have anyone experienced this before?

    cc: @oluwakemine, @nicole, @bosa, @ddo, @smiley, @ldike, @bibi.



    Hmmmm!!! Wonders shall never end, baby formular can be used to make bombs? :nope:   :unsure:   B-)   :sadangel:   :sick:   That’s just sick. One mind solves a problem while another creates disaster.

    This is the first I’m hearing of such a thing, much more that it is an offence punishable by law Pearl @pearl. At least, it is not an offence to feed one’s baby.

    How are you doing, aside from the midnight shift?



    Goodness! 2 cans at a time…I get 8 at a time  my young man is a consumer :wacko: ..pele…I can see how they could make that law with all the fear of terrorsim in Europe..but sheesh even baby milk is not safe? ok now they should package it like Milo/Peak Milk refil packs at home..it it possible to order from Amazon maybe? I use Amazon pantry for diapers and you can set it to automatically deliver a quantity to you every so often.(2 weeks/month). At least that will save you having to run to the store all the time…Auto-mate whatever you can o in this obodo oyibo! @pearl




    @pearl, these oyibo people can be extra sha. Bomb loun loun. I wonder if they have such restrictions on other potentially harmful items like ropes, scissors, et al. So what if I have 20 children in my house, and I need more than 3 cans. Na wa oh! And punishable by law??? They have a lot of time abeg!

    I agree with @ddo, try the Amazon option. That was what I did for the first few months when my girls felt they could only take Similac Sensitive or nothing. I couldn’t find it here, so had to order. And I could order in the dozens. That should be better, because you can’t be trudging to the store every other day now, haba! Pele my love.

    Welcome to mommy hood!  :heart:   :heart:



    @oluwakemine: I was shocked just as you are about the baby formula. Thank God feeding baby isn’t a crime. Night shift is going well due to co-sleeping method and me listening to midnight radio program/gist.

    @ddo: let me shock you…the only thing you can do on Amazon here is buy books, e-books and e-movie. Trying to buy outside i.e from another Amazon doesn’t guarantee they will ship here, in fact from experience they don’t and even if they do…the control, tax and amount is something else. :wacko:

    @nicole: My dear, they have the time. The same goes for Alcohol aka Spirit for cleaning wounds and disinfecting, you can not buy more than 2bottles at a time.

    Note: I just found out that this discourse of ours about baby formula is an international standard set by the manufactures and supported by individual government.

    My curiosity now is who are the people selling them in bulk or more than 2cans online for individual usage or does this law not affect them. Just thinking… :scratch:



    Note: I just found out that this discourse of ours about baby formula is an international standard set by the manufacturers and supported by individual government.  Pearl @pearl, I stumbled across the same information too. Apparently, this is a serious issue in some countries around the world. Between hoarding to it’s bomb-making capabilities, baby formular is a hot topic.

    They should come to Nigeria and let’s talk about that hoarding, which is mostly a result of parents not wanting to run out of baby’s food at the most unlikely time, as well the very volatile nature  of our markets; pricing and availability.

    Co-sleeping is a lifesaver but biko have plan B, before Boss :baby: thinks your bed :sleep: :sleep: is his right oh.



    @pearl I think the govt is trying to say breastfeed ya child and stay in your house! :hugs: but the struggle is real, apparently the same thing applies in the UK! Apparently people were buying an exporting to China..they should have included NIgeria too  :blush: .guess I am super lucky little man gets his milk on prescription so they give me more tins


    meanwhile I  just figured out what this emoji means :sex:   :sex:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl: literally laughed till I cried!

    @oluwakemine you are so right about hoarding! i remember a few years ago my friends daughter was like Apatamil or bust….of course as over zealous new parents trying to please their beloved dictator..they went to charter and cargo like 4 12 box cartons from the US because it was so hard to source in abuja and expensive..and lil  madam decided Apatamil was yesterdays news when it arrived :headspin:   :headspin:   :headspin:

    but why is nothing essential for children cheap! Like why is a lil onsie the same price as a good top from primark….in the words of Jo….I wannnnaaa know!!!!



    @oluwakemine: The same reason you gave was why I wanted to buy more than 2cans; I do not want to run out nor have to visit the stores too often.

    Co-Sleeping and Plan B…I am thinking very fast and will appreciate suggestions. He is already thinking like that and wouldn’t want to sleep in his bed; he wants to be carried and rocked to sleep in our bed. 🙁  😥 Hand pain and back ache o…need to come up with Plan B ASAP.

    @ddo: Do not get me talking about breast feeding… :growlmad: :growlmad: :growlmad:I personally think its over rated, looking for someone to proof me otherwise.

    You are very lucky your prescribed baby milk guarantees more than 2cans. We were on those and girl, they never gave us more than 4tiny bottles a day which made DH angry; DH said they were starving the baby to get more jobs to do. :unsure:

    He was first on a special feed given by syringe with a tiny hose due to low sugar and other challenges but later graduated to those tiny bottles I mentioned above…At the moment we now bottle feed him with the same content as above and breastfeed in-between.

    Baby essentials: I do not have a reason why they are expensive considering the duration they will be used for. I look out for sales in stores when it comes to diapers and about clothes… :dohh: I have been forced to buy the ones as expensive as and adult jeans trouser. 🙁



    I wish I had an answer for  why baby essentials are so expensive, and  I really don’t know oh mamas @ddo and @pearl. Perhaps, it’s because manufacturers know that they are essentials and parents have no choice but to buy them.

    There may be some truth in your hubby’s assertion that they are starving baby on purpose but thank God, it’s out of their hands now Pearl. Why do you say breastfeeding is overrated? I have never done exclusive breastfeeding, I had always supplemented with baby formular but I do know babies, who were and are being exclusively breastfed and I do see a difference in their growth rate. Anyways, what matters is that, babies get fed.

    Dooshima @ddo, that baby girl is a real boss mehn :haha:   :haha:   :haha: After all that trouble and she turns up her nose at the stuff. And for this, :sex:   :sex:   :sex:   it took you so long. :haha:   :haha:   :haha:

    Have a great week ladies and hello to the boys. :blue: :blue:



    Happy New Year Family! Its good to be back here.

    @oluwakemine, thanks for keeping in touch all the while. @nicole, @pearl, @Bos, thank you for keeping me abreast of events happening here. I miss this house so much.

    Mentally, its been crippling. In other aspects, God has been faithful!

    Eskis ma, Baby formula and bomb? How evil minded can people be? I sincerely pray our Islamist sect dont know about this yet. Hoarding is so bad in China. Read this from BBC “People caught smuggling milk powder will face fines of up to HK$500,000 ($64,000; £43,000) and risk up to two years in prison.”

    @pearl, some people see breastfeeding as a big deal o. I read just yesterday of a lady whose Hubby told her he would get her a vehicle if she breastfed the son for 6 months. She did and true to his words, bought a sleek red Toyota Camry for her.And there are others who cannot buy for their wives even though the children are breastfed for a year. Lawd have mercy.

    How is Bobo doing? Hope he is growing up nicely. Pls give him a peck from his Fertile Chick Aunty. :haha:   :haha:

    In other related matters, Aunty @oluwakemine, can we adults too do photoshoot with our parents?




    Awww, seeing those pictures brought back memories, @pearl  :cloud9: . Those one-feed and then troway bottles. As for why things are so expensive, my dear, that’s something I can’t wrap my head around  :wacko: . As for the co-sleeping, my dear…the sooner the better. I left it late and I’m still paying the price. I’m just trying to evict my tenants at the age of 6+. I’m told it’s best to get them to adjust early, no matter how hard it is for mommy and child. I wish I’d taken that advise myself :dohh:

    How is the lil’ man today? Please give him big wet kisses from me  :kiss:   :kiss:

    @becca hun, Happy New Year. We’ve really missed you. And GOD will always be faithful hun  :heart: . We are planning other yummy giveaways, so stay tuned  😉



    You got me :haha:   :haha:   at that adult and parents photoshoot  Becca @smiley. Like Nicole said, keep your fingers crossed for more of our giveaways. If you know anyone, who would like the giveaway, please share with them.

    That Daddy who bought a car, because his wife breastfed their child for six months must be a booby man himself. :baby: :baby: All sweet jare.



    @oluwakemine: Maybe because the breast milk isn’t enough for Prince that’s why I said its overrated; we still have to give formula after 2hrs non-stop on breast milk. :growlmad: Personally asides from anti-bodies and building immune system I don’t see any difference in a breast fed baby and a formula baby because formula feed is formulated just like breast milk. I may be wrong though. :unsure: Talking about growth rate…I would have breast feed Prince exclusively but breast feed babies are always underweight at the beginning and catch up later which was why we/they introduced formula knowing fully well we had weight challenges from utero.

    @smiley: Well, good for those who see breast feeding as big deal. So far a baby is not starving I am good to go for any type of feed that promotes healthy growth and what baby needs.

    This breast feeding case is just like giving birth where some women consider vaginal birth superior to CS…If someone likes they can vomit their child, so far mama and baby are doing fine and both are healthy, I don’t care if its Vaginal birth or CS. #MyOpinion.

    ”can we adults too do photoshoot with our parents?”… :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:

    @nicole: We are trying our best and doing fun/crazy stuff to wean him off our hands and bed. Playing white noise/hover sounds just to get him to sleep in his bed, rocking a stroller in the garden at awkward time… :dohh:   🙁 As I am typing I am playing white noises, the whole street knows we have a baby. 🙁 Myself and DH have unsubscribed from his attention seeking cries. I console myself by saying ”crying is good for his lungs.” :yes:   🙁

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