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    Exactly my thought @bosa, if the gods have compromised thus far, they can do more with the right incentives. 😉  😉

    See mama pulling strings and denying junior rocker of vacations because you can’t explain Nigeria :haha:   :haha:   Bos @bosa, the Lord is your strength literally. So, when are you joining the mohawk crew, it would look good in a family photo oh?  Use kinky hair to do a faux mohawk, hmm, momma 🙂  🙂

    Orange Island? :wacko: :wacko: Abeg, lemme come and be going. :sadangel: Dey have sell Nigerians, abi na Lagosians and collect change B-)   B-)

    Enjoy your day ladies @nicole @pearl @ldike



    @oluwakemine with this recession, where is the vacation sef? I actually :rofl: Mohawk with kinky indeed….I admire it from afar, that is enough for me… I am still quite old school shey you know? My son can’t have mohawk for Christmas oh, max 2 weeks afterwards off to the barbers to shave it all off. I am just watching them, they have no idea!!!

    Speaking of old school, I am amazed at the way these teenage girls dress these days. I know i was a rebel but my Yoruba mother used her cane well, in UNI i can’t recollect how many clothes she seized. So when i see these young girls in church dressed like *no words* i am perplexed. :scratch:



    @pearl, so glad the gods have been appeased in your favour :hugs: . 3 months isn’t bad. Earlier would be better, but we can live with 3 months. Congrats on the win hun :hug:

    Yes ooo. @ldike welcome to the world of girls. I know what my little mommas do. Little divas. But she has no choice na…a whole fine geh like her mommy :heart:

    @bosa, Orange Island though? Like @oluwakemine, na to just  :sadangel:   :sadangel: . No words really.



    You’re old school now @bosa but the fashion these days is just something else sha  :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   You are spoilsport oh Bos #teammohawk




    Re orange – entry for now is one side street close to the Admiralty house, so an entire estate will pass through the already busy admiralty road and way.

    The Orange Island project is the reclamation of a 150 hectare island, construction of an access land bridge and infrastructure to service the island. The Project will eventually be a fully serviced community located 1 kilometer off the headland of Lekki Phase 1.
    Orange Island is a joint venture between Orange Island Development Company, and the Lagos State Government. http://www.orangeislandng.com



    Mehn! All these estates and reclaimed lands… sometimes you wonder how these people think. So those of them that have paid will now start praying for a miracle so that their money doesn’t disappear. Na wa o

    As for the paintings you need to hear me and hubby discussing about them, he can’t understand why they are so ugly, and I will be playing good cop and telling him that  maybe doesn’t have an artistic eye :haha:   meanwhile we both now that they are so UGLY!

    Truly lil Nicole is growing up so fast sometimes it feels unreal… with all this diva drama that comes with girls… God help me.

    Meanwhile that’s how I am now craving baby no 2 :baby:



    Hmmm, I just knew this day would come Linda @ldike.  😉 The baby craving can’t​ be helped, so it’s normal. Any plans yet or you are still at the level of thinking? A new year is just around the corner.

    Lil Nicole is the real diva. :pink: Thank God for girls on, otherwise, this world may be very boring.

    Bos @bosa, that link was illuminating but that part about praying for already paid plots to be allocated, God save person from Orange Island, Lagos State and Nigeria.

    I thank God, I have not seen much of the horrendous artworks, except the one at Maryland which they can’t seem to settle on a colour for. Today, it’s gold, tomorrow, it’s grey but then it’s​ not falling too far from the indecisive brains behind it. B-)

    Good morning ladies @nicole @smiley, @pearl, hope you’re​ chilling and​ appeasing the gods oh :haha:



    ”…except the one at Maryland which they can’t seem to settle on a colour for. Today, it’s gold, tomorrow, it’s grey but then it’s​ not falling too far from the indecisive brains behind it.”

    haha @oluwakemine you made me LOL…

    I honestly have no idea what the urge is in building estates on the lagoon. Its quite depressing. :nope: @bosa and about the dressing, its saddening but yeah who am I to say they shouldn’t wear what the society wants them to wear. :unsure:

    @ldike: Guess we should be expecting great news come 2018. :baby:   😉






    Was carried away with the happenings in Zimbabwe. :coffee:

    Update: 35weeks pregnant. :yahoo:

    Went for check-up yesterday and for the first time was told a good news. Baby is growing and although still small he has improved more compared to previous weeks. He weighs a little over 2kg.

    **Basically, the weekly appointment is to monitor if the baby is growing or not + monitoring the placenta and measuring amniotic fluid.**

    #Projecteat has really helped and I also added homemade coconut oil to my diet lately; really happy and we all are just hoping and waiting for the best.

    Next appointment is next week.

    A midwife still comes visiting once in a week for check up and help in doing some house chores.

    Quick question: The doc. and midwife keeps asking about discharge/pain of any kind but how do I differentiate from amniotic fluid discharge, regular discharge and urine when every time laugh I get a little urine and panty liner gets wets. :unsure:

    Talking about pain…I get some sort of pain, more like a pressure on my pelvis and back but its on and off or when I stand for too long. Should this be a concern. :unsure:

    cc: @nicole, @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ldike, @ddo, @smiley.




    :haha: Pearl @pearl.

    I think the urge to reclaim the Lagoon is mostly because of the limited land space in Lagos Pearl and there’s just too many people in the city so something must give.

    How are you doing though?



    @ldike Meanwhile that’s how I am now craving baby no 2 :baby: Before nko? your lil diva is now a big girl ke, you have to be broody…

    @nicole with a mum like you, your girls have to be OVER DIVAS!! (if there is a word like that)

    @pearl but they should even respect God. Some days i wonder if they were in the same car with their mothers as they drove to church. I remember after SSCE, i was 17 oh yet my mother made me wipe off my nail hardner (not polish oh) HARDNER – colourless, but she said she didn’t buy it for me but for herself so I shouldn’t touch it till i got into UNI. Now when i see them with weaves and minis, i assume they are in Uni only to hear sss 1 or jss 3….. :scratch:

    35weeks…..Oh we bless God, from that scary message you sent at 20weeks to this day, our Lord is a good God… :wohoo: #Projecteat continues :icecream:   :munch:

    On discharge, sorry can’t help you much. I had no discharge apparently until water broke. So that mucous plug discharge that they say happens weeks before baby comes, i have no experience. On the pain, it could be the Braxton hicks also, I hear its like a pressure or tightening of some sort.

    I trust God will grant my miracle to experience these things once in my life at least. My pregnancy was so different, I’m usually listening when women start to talk about these things as all i experienced was an active boy moving around constantly…..

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Zimbabwe drama @pearl. Seems they finally they woke up from their long slumber. Quite chuffed, when a coup is not a coup!


    Have a fabulous day ladies @pearl @oluwakemine @nicole @ldike



    35weeks pregnant, baby growing awesomely, this is just great news Pearl @pearl :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    As for the discharge, it can be a mixture of all three and with urine leaks, it becomes harder to determine which is which. However, the weekly amniotic fluid check should pick up if it’s leaking or not. Anyways, all of  this will not matter shortly, as  36 weeks is just around the corner.

    And the pressure sounds like Braxton Hicks It’s just your body preparing for D-Day.

    Zimbabwe, Mugabe, coup that is not coup, welcome to Afro drama series :haha:   :haha:



    “I trust God will grant my miracle to experience these things once in my life at least. My pregnancy was so different, I’m usually listening when women start to talk about these things as all i experienced was an active boy moving around constantly…..” Bos @bosa, please be careful what you pray for oh. So you want to experience all of these things so you can share? Okay o, I hear you. Healthy baby(ies) and mom is my prayer for you. The pregnancy drama…not necessarily. :plane:   :plane:

    Enjoy your day too.



    @bosa: The braxton hicks is so real. My protruded navel suddenly goes in and tummy widens becoming hard like rock after which I get relieved slowly. On the mucus plug, I can not help but only imagine what it should look like or the feeling as I lost mine too early and was dilated 2cm without knowing.

    As for zimbabwe…fingerscrossed and waiting for whats next and I must commend their army for containing the situation; that alone redefined what a coup is which might be emulated by some African countries.

    @oluwakemine: You are right, that’s one of the reasons why the weekly appointment was scheduled because asides the braxton hicks and back pain I do not feel anything nor have an idea what those things they are asking are.





    @oluwakemine not the bad things, just the basic ‘cos it made me wonder and worry if all was well. Imagine a Nigerian doc screaming when you say you haven’t experienced any false contraction, i was sent for lots of tests. All i wish to experience is braxton hicks and unplugging of the mucous plug….Thankfully, my US doc allayed my fears and just kept teasing i shouldn’t tell my sister pregnancy was that easy. He thought my amniotic fluid was much (which i agree as i lost so much water when it broke), baby small so these may have cushioned the effect of the BH. He had to ask me during labour to confirm i hadn’t felt the contractions before, same answer i gave him – nope!! For the plug, I hear some start to have discharges several weeks before baby comes so this is the sign that baby is coming. Or even the show, that is the bloody one right?

    @pearl so did you have a discharge when you lost the mucous plug? Completely agree with you on the coup redefinition.

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